Replacing a lost car registration in New Hampshire is an important step that all vehicle owners must take whenever their original registration credentials disappear from their possession, sustain damages or become illegible. To obtain a copy of a vehicle registration certificate, decal or license plate, motorists may submit an application in person or by mail. The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is overseen by the NH Department of Safety, processes registration replacements throughout the state.

To replace car registration certificates, vehicle owners must fill out the proper application form and submit it along with an acceptable payment method for the applicable DMV fees. However, specific fees may vary depending on where motorists apply for their replacement materials. For instance, many municipality offices will charge higher prices in comparison to DMV offices. To learn more about these requirements and procedures, review the information below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in New Hampshire?

Replacing a New Hampshire DMV lost registration certificate is mandatory whenever an original credential goes missing and can no longer serve as valid evidence of a registration period. In addition to replacing a lost or stolen credential, vehicle owners must replace any registration materials that sustain damages or mutilations and can no longer be read clearly. According to state laws, all car owners must carry a registration card with them whenever they operate a motor vehicle on public roadways.

Consequently, drivers must replace lost vehicle registration credentials in order to avoid being issued traffic tickets. If the NH DMV convicts a car owner of driving without a valid registration card on him or her, the motorist may need to pay a penalty fee of $62 after the first offense, or $124 after the second offense.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in New Hampshire

When applying for New Hampshire DMV copy of registration cards, motorists must submit certain personal details and documents in person or by mail. The applicable request form for this procedure is called “Application for Copy of Registration (RDMV 110).” When completing this application, motorists must provide:

  • Information about the vehicle owner. This includes the owner’s name, date of birth and mailing address.
  • A reason for the request. Motorists must indicate whether their original registration certificate was lost, stolen or damaged.
  • License plate and decal information. This information includes the vehicle’s plate number (or bow if obtaining a copy of a boat registration card) and type, along with the vehicle’s decal number and date of expiration.
  • A description of the vehicle or boat. This includes the vehicle’s hull or identification number (VIN), year, make, model, color, body style, gross weight and fuel type.

Before submitting a replacement car registration application to the DMV, vehicle or boat owners must sign and date the form. To learn more about obtaining a copy of vehicle registration certificates, review the sections below.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Mail

To obtain NH DMV duplicate registration materials by mail, vehicle owners must submit an “Application for Copy of Registration (RDMV 110)” and payment for the applicable fee to the following address:

Division of Motor Vehicles

23 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03305

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

In order to replace a lost car registration certificate in person, vehicle owners may visit a DMV branch or a municipal agent in New Hampshire. During that visit, motorists must submit proof of identification, a completed “Application for Copy of Registration (RDMV 110)” form and an acceptable payment method for the applicable fees. In NH, most DMV offices operate between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

If obtaining a certified copy of an NH vehicle registration card in person, motorists must visit the main DMV office in Concord. Additionally, motorists may be required to provide proof of their photo identification. In any case, an identification credential must not have expired more than three years prior.

New Hampshire Stolen Car Registration Requirements

While lost car registration papers in NH do not need to be reported in order to be replaced through the DMV, vehicle owners can file a police report to protect their identity in the event that their original credentials were stolen.

New Hampshire DMV Sticker Replacement

To replace a DMV lost registration sticker in New Hampshire, motorists must complete an “Application for Replacement Plates and/or Decals (RDMV 125)” form. When filling out this document, vehicle owners must provide the following information:

  • Their license plate number, type of vehicle and phone number
  • The type of credential they wish to obtain (applicants must check the box for one plate, two plates or decals only)
  • A reason for the request (motorists must check the box for lost, stolen, destroyed or plate change)
  • The name, date of birth, signature and address of the vehicle owner
  • A description of the vehicle, including its year, make, model and VIN

When replacing a DMV lost registration sticker for a boat or vessel, motorists must complete an “Application for Replacement Boat Decals (RDMV 415)” and submit it along with their boat’s current registration card.

After completing a DMV decal replacement application for a motor vehicle or boat, motorists may mail their request to the NH DMV office at the address below. Alternately, motorists may submit their application in person at that particular location.

Division of Motor Vehicles

23 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03305

New Hampshire Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

To get a copy of car registration materials such as certificates, plates or decals, drivers must pay applicable service fees. Overall, these fees range from $1 to $15, depending on the type of credential you are requesting. As such, consider the following costs:

  • The fee for replacing a certificate of registration is $15.
  • The DMV replacement sticker fee in New Hampshire is $1. If motorists wish to replace a license plate and decal, they must pay $4 for one plate or $8 for two plates.
  • The cost of replacing boat decals is $3 per set.

If vehicle owners visit a local municipality office to apply for a replacement credential, these fees may be higher. For instance, in the city of Lebanon, the cost of obtaining a replacement certificate of registration is $19.

Note: As acceptable payment methods for these fees, the New Hampshire DMV offices accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards. If applying by mail, motorists cannot pay with cash.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.