Motorists must replace a lost car registration in Montana immediately after their original registration receipt goes missing, as all automobile owners in the state must keep this information on them whenever they operate a motor vehicle. To obtain a copy of vehicle registration receipts, motorists must visit a county treasurer motor vehicle office, depending on where in the state they reside. If drivers live in Wheatland County, for instance, they may apply for a replacement receipt at the Wheatland County Treasurer Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in Harlowton.

To replace car registration materials such as decals or license plates, the application process is similar to that of a registration receipt. However, vehicle owners must also sign an affidavit, and they may choose to surrender their damaged or mutilated license plates or decals at this time. While doing so is not mandatory, the state encourages the recycling of old or damaged license plates. To learn more about replacing registration materials for motor vehicles, review the information below.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Montana?

Drivers must replace Montana DMV lost registration credentials as soon as they sustain damages or mutilations, become unreadable, or disappear from their possession. Since these materials contain important information about the vehicle owner and the registered automobile, motorists must keep one or more copies of the registration receipt on them. For instance, a registration receipt contains important information such as the following:

  • The name and address of the vehicle owner
  • The vehicle’s assigned license plate number
  • Identifying information about the registered vehicle
  • The vehicle’s valid registration period

Moreover, replacing a certificate of registration is mandatory under Section 61-3-341 of the Montana Code, as motorists cannot operate a motor vehicle in the state unless they can present proof of the vehicle’s valid registration period when required to do so.

Additionally, motorists must replace vehicle registration materials if their original credential is lost or stolen from them. Under the Montana Code, motorists must keep their registration credentials on them or inside of the registered motor vehicle whenever they operate the automobile on public roadways.

If drivers fail to keep a copy of a car registration receipt on them, they may receive a traffic ticket if a peace officer or an employee of the Montana Department of Justice (DOJ) pulls them over and demands to see proof of the vehicle’s registration.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Montana

To get a Montana DMV copy of registration materials after the original credential sustains damages or goes missing, owners must submit their request through their local county treasurer motor vehicle office. Unfortunately, motorists cannot replace their credentials online or by mail.

To learn more about replacing a registration credential in person, review the next section.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

Motorists must get an MT DMV duplicate registration receipt in person at a county treasurer motor vehicle office, as automobile owners cannot submit a request using any other methods. When obtaining a duplicate receipt, applicants typically need to submit a driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance, their vehicle’s license plate number, and payment for the applicable replacement fee. If available, customers may submit their current registration receipt as well, but doing so is not mandatory in the state. To find the application location nearest you, click here for a list of Montana’s MVD offices.

Montana Stolen Car Registration Requirements

To get a copy of car registration materials, vehicle owners do not need to file a police report with a local law enforcement agency. However, doing so helps vehicle owners to protect their identity and reduce future instances of theft if their registration receipt, license plate(s), or decals were stolen from them.

Montana DMV Sticker Replacement

To replace a DMV lost registration sticker in MT, or to obtain duplicate license plates after the original tags have been stolen or damaged, motorists must comply with the requirements of the Montana Code. As part of this law, for instance, drivers must visit their local county treasurer’s office to sign an affidavit that indicates the loss or mutilation of their original license plates and/or decals. Additionally, applicants must pay a fee to replace these credentials.

If available, motorists may choose to recycle their damaged or mutilated license plates with their county treasurer’s office. However, doing so is not mandatory under state law.

Note: If replacing DMV stickers and license plates, you may obtain a Temporary Registration Permit from your county treasurer’s office if your new license plates are not available for immediate issuance. After you receive your replacement license plates, however, you must remove the temporary permit from your vehicle.

Montana Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

To replace a lost car registration sticker or a receipt of vehicle registration, automobile owners must pay a fee. However, these fees vary depending on the type of credential they wish to replace. For example:

  • The fee to obtain a duplicate registration credential is $2.
  • The DMV replacement sticker fee in Montana is $10.
  • The cost of replacing license plates is $10.
  • To obtain new license plates with the same background or plate number as the lost, stolen or damaged tags, the cost is $15.

As payment for these fees, applicants may pay by cash or personal check. However, some counties may also accept credit and debit cards. To obtain specific payment information, customers may contact their county treasurer’s office before heading in to submit their request.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.