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Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Montana

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Montana residents are not required to carry insurance on their motorcycles. However, insurance is always recommended when it comes to getting coverage for yourself.

Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Here's how Montana defines two-wheeled vehicles:

  • A motor vehicle with a seat/saddle for riding purposes, and designated to travel on not more than three wheels is a motorcycle.
  • A motorcycle with an engine that produces five-horsepower or less is a motor-driven cycle. Motor scooters belong here.

If you're uncertain of the state's registration and insurance laws regarding two-wheeled vehicles, you can call the Title and Registration Bureau at (406) 846 - 6000.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

If you choose to buy liability insurance for your motorcycle, here are Montana's minimum requirements for private passenger vehicles:

  • $10,000 for property damage.
  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury.
  • $50,000 per person per accident.

Remember that you always have the option to maximize your insurance package with additional types of insurance. You can get motorcycle insurance right here on this page, by using the form you see at the top.

Helmet Requirements

Motorcycle riders under 18 must wear helmets. Those over 18 don't have that obligation.

Financial Responsibility

In case you choose to purchase motorcycle insurance here are the options:

  • Self-insurance. To qualify for this you must have at least 26 vehicles registered under your name.
  • Getting a surety bond with an authorized in-state broker.
  • Making a $55,000 cash deposit with the State Treasurer. For information, call (406) 444-2032.
  • Liability insurance.

Proof of Insurance

If you choose to purchase insurance you are advised to carry proof when operating your motorcycle, should accident happen. The acceptable forms of proof are listed below:

  • An insurance identification card issued by your insurance company.
  • A cash deposit note or certificate.
  • A surety bond note or certificate.
  • A self-insurance certificate or card.


As it was mentioned before motorcyclist are not required to maintain coverage. Anyway lets see the state penalties imposed upon drivers caught riding with no proof of insurance:

  • First Offense:
    • Five points added to driving record.
    • A fine of up to $500.
    • A possible jail sentence of up to 10 days.
  • Second or Subsequent Offense:
    • Automatic license suspension for 90 days.
    • A minimum fine of $350.
    • Possible jail sentence of up to 10 days.