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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated Montana Driver's License or ID Card

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Replace a Montana Drivers License

Drivers license replacement in Montana for mutilated, stolen or lost drivers licenses can be obtained with the Department of Justice and its Motor Vehicle Division. To get a copy of drivers licenses in MT, you must visit your local MVD office and submit the necessary documents and fees. Montana residents who are currently in the state can apply for a duplicate drivers license in person, while residents who are out of state for military service or other reasons must complete the MT drivers license replacement procedure by mail. If you deem it necessary, you can also notify your local police department about your stolen or lost drivers license to prevent identity theft. If you would like to learn how to replace drivers licenses in Montana, explore the sections below.

How to Report a Lost or Stolen MT Driver's License

Stolen or lost drivers licenses in Montana are at high risk of being used for illegal purposes through identity theft. If you would like to avoid having your identity stolen and misused, consider reporting the case to the police prior to visiting your local MT MVD station. Drivers license replacement in MT can still be completed without a police report, but to eliminate the possibility of identity theft, make sure to notify the police immediately, especially in case of a stolen driving credential.

Replacing Your Montana Driver's License

If you would like to replace drivers licenses in Montana, you must visit a MT MVD office in person and present the necessary documents. Typically, in-state residents must apply in person, while members of the military who are on duty out of state and other out-of-state residents can use an in-mail application form to complete the drivers license replacement process. Getting a duplicate drivers license in Montana currently costs $10. Drivers must present an appropriate document to prove their identity.

In Person

Applying for a replacement drivers license in Montana in person is only valid for in-state residents. You must visit a MVD office near you and present two documents as proof of identity along with payment for the service fees. To apply, your identification documents must be in the form of the following:

  • A color photo ID card.
  • A birth certificate with a registrar's seal and signature.
  • A Military ID card.
  • A U.S. or foreign passport.
  • A Social Security card.
  • A marriage certificate, court order or divorce decree.
  • A health insurance card.

Note: When applying for a drivers license replacement in Montana, you do not need to present proof of authorized presence. This document is provided when the driver has applied for a new drivers license in Montana.

By mail

Replacing stolen or lost drivers licenses in Montana by mail can only be completed by military members or out of state residents. They must complete a special application form, enclose the necessary documents and fees and send it to the MVD. Applicants must also send two documents as proof of identity (either two primary documents or one primary and one secondary). Fees must be made payable to the Motor Vehicle Division in Montana by check or money order.

Replacing an MT License for Military Members

Out-of-state drivers license replacement in Montana is reserved for residents who are currently outside of the state or for members of the military serving on active duty in another state. The state MVD requires out-of-state applicants to fill out an MT Duplicate Drivers License by Mail form, as well as provide the following supporting documentation:

  • Mailing and residential addresses.
  • A copy of a primary identification document (Montana ID card, birth certificate, military ID card, U.S. passport).
  • A copy of a secondary identification document (marriage license, health insurance card, employee ID card, Social Security card).
  • Money order or check of $10 made payable to the MT MVD.

Note: Your Montana drivers license copy will be issued within two to four weeks and sent to the address you write on the application. Meanwhile, you can expect to receive a temporary license within 10 to 14 days from the day of processing.

Replacing an MT License for Non-Citizens

Non-U.S. citizens who plan to replace drivers licenses in Montana must visit an MVD office nearby. The application procedure and required documents are the same as for U.S. citizens, except that when presenting an identification document such as a non-U.S. issued passport, it must be accompanied by an USCIS record of arrival and departure (Form I-94) or an unexpired permanent resident I-551 stamp. The drivers license replacement fee for non-citizens is $10.

Out-of-State License Replacement

The Montana drivers license replacement process for out-of-state residents is the same as for military members. You must complete the in-mail application and send the appropriate identification document copies along with payment for the fees. You will be issued a temporary credential that will be sent to an address of your choice and the original document will be sent to your Montana mailing or residential address.

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