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Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated Hawaii Driver's License or ID Card

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If your Hawaii driver's license or identification card has been lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can apply for a replacement or duplicate license at your local driver licensing office. Hawaii does not have a single statewide department for driver licensing, but it is managed separately by each of the four counties.

Instructions for replacing a lost, stolen or mutilated Hawaii driver's license or identification card:

  1. Locate your nearest Hawaii driver license office in the Honolulu, Islands of Maui, County of Hawaii or County of Kauai. Be sure to note the days and hours of operation.
  2. Bring proper identification. The state of Hawaii requires that you present one piece of ID with name and date of birth such as a certified birth certificate, a marriage certificate, alien registration or military ID, and one ID with proof of social security number when applying for a duplicate driver's license or identification card. For a complete list of acceptable IDs, refer to your county's driver licensing website.
  3. Bring the correct fee. Normally, there is a $5 cash fee for replacing a lost, stolen, or mutilated license. Please contact your local driver license office in your county to confirm the fee before applying in person, since fees may vary.

Instructions for Hawaii residents who are temporarily out of state:

Hawaii residents who are temporarily out of state and unable to apply in person may apply for a temporary duplicate license or identification card through mail or fax. Such persons may include military personnel or students who are either out of the state or country, among others.
You will have to mail a letter of request, along with the fee, to the Driver Licensing Department of your county. The letter must include your name, social security number, date of birth, mailing address, email, reason for loss and signature.
Once the request if received and processed, a valid-without-photo license will be mailed to you. Upon return to Hawaii, you should visit a driver licensing office in person to obtain a permanent replacement license with your photo.

Additional Information

  • If your license or identification will expire within the next six months, you can renew your license or identification card instead of applying for a replacement.
  • You cannot apply for a replacement driver's license or identification online.
Submitted by rugame2me (not verified) on 18th Sep 2009

I lost my driver's license

I lost my driver's license and it will expire in Dec 2009, my husband is in the military, stationed in Japan and his curretly delployed for 6 months. Being for him away from us it's hard for me to go to back home with 4 children. We are planning to come home in May 2010 when he returns from his deployment Is it possible to renew my driver license by mail? I did it once and I didn't know that I have to go in person to obtain a permanent replacement license with my photo. I hope you can consideration to renew my driver license by mail.

thank you.