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How to Apply for a Motorcycle License in Hawaii

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You can apply for a motorcycle permit and license at any licensing station in Hawaii. Unlike other states which have a statewide DMV licensing of drivers for all vehicles including motorcycles, licensing in Hawaii is handled by the city or county governments though the laws are generally uniform across the state.

In order to apply for a motorcycle license you must first apply for a motorcycle permit.

New Applicants Over 18

When applying for a Motorcycle permit/endorsement you will be applying for a Class 1 (scooters below 5hp) or 2 (motorcycles above 5hp) license. Listed below are the requirements to obtain a motorcycle license or endorsement:

  1. Complete the application form- original must be submitted in person; no photocopies are allowed.
  2. Have your picture taken.
  3. Give a thumb print.
  4. Pay an application fee.
  5. Pass the vision test.
  6. Pass the signs and traffic laws examination. See practice tests for more information on the written exam.
  7. Book an appointment to write your examination by calling 1-800- 532-7700 OR please see your local licensing station for hours and locations.

New Applicants between 15 and 18

In addition to the above requirements, applicants under 18 must:

  1. Provide a parent/guardian signature on the form.
  2. Present proof that you have finished driver's education and driver training OR present your Hawaii driver's license. Please see Driver's Education and Driving Schools for additional details.
  3. Provide proof of birth date and legal status documentation.
  4. Present your true full name.
  5. Present your social security number.

Instruction Permit (Learner's Permit)

Once you complete the aforementioned prerequisites, you will be given an instruction permit valid for 90 days. This permit will allow you to practice driving a motorcycle. It cannot be renewed unless you attempt a skills test during this period.

Instruction Permit Restrictions

With your instruction permit you are not permitted to:

  • Drive on the highway.
  • Drive after dark.
  • Ride with any passengers.

Applying for a Motorcycle License

15-17 year olds are issued licenses valid for four years. From the age of 18 you are eligible for a six-year license till the age of 71 after which you have to renew every other year.

  • Complete a motorcycle driver training course approved by the Hawaii department of Transportation.
  • For more information on this course please see Hawaii motorcycle safety education program or its equivalent from another state and present the course certificate to your local licensing station or take the motorcycle driving test by scheduling an appointment at a licensing office.


There is an application fee of $1, a written test fee of $1 and an additional $10 toward issuance of an instruction permit. The charge for a road test is $5. The regular license (first time and each renewal) costs $6 for two years, $12 for four and $18 for six years.

Additional Information

Submitted by Chamorros1 (not verified) on 14th Aug 2011

I had a arizona lisence which

I had a arizona lisence which had a motorcycle endorsment. I took a course in Arizona and received my MSF card.. While I was in Iraq my lisence expired and when i got back to Hawaii I had to go through the whole license procedure as if I was getting one for the first time.. I tried showing the clerk my MSF card and asking her if I can add my motorcycle endorsement and she said that HI does not accept any motorcycle courses other than Leeward's.. Shouldn't I just be able to at least take the written test at least ro add my endorsement? I even had my old AZ license there proving I had the endorsement along with my MSF card..

Submitted by ME3 (not verified) on 26th Dec 2012

oh and in case you didn't

oh and in case you didn't know, the laws in Hawaii are very different than in any other State because obviously the conditions are very different. And if ignorance is your bliss then bliss away but due to the intergrational use of coral on public streets; it can affect your driving so an Alaska riders course would not work so well here. Also every State has different requirements and LAWS. But that's ok, blame everyone else because you failed to find out first before you went all the way down there. Piss poor planning on your part. The clerk is just doing her job, you dumb HAOLEEZ just keep asking to get your jets tuned, when you goin learn.. aue.. respect da LOCALZ, period.. end of story!

Submitted by unopinionated on 11th May 2015

ME3, you are so full of hooey

ME3, you are so full of hooey on ALL counts:

1. Hawaii's laws were cut and pasted, quite literally, from California's statutes and are largely harmonized with them. No need to reinvent the wheel or the laws. The laws of all Interstate highways are Federal Laws (think H-1,2 and 3 and on bases). Due to the Premacy Clause of the Constitution State laws must comply with Federal laws. The State of Hawaii is not going to make up 'very different' laws for state and county roads (like driving on the left side)! After all, laws are made to be logical rather than just to be creative and different: The laws of physics are the same in HI and the mainland and vehicles operate the same way in both locations. Duh! The laws are 99.999% the same. That's not 'very different' and the conditions are not very different, either. That would be like saying the surfing conditions are vastly different. So stupid, you! If anything, moron, having experience riding in Alaska or the lower 48, where there is 'black ice' and wildlife entering the road unexpectedly would make mainland riders more qualified than those in HI. Mainland riders put on many miles as opposed to local riders who think 30 miles is a long trip. ROFLMAO

2. Requirements and Laws are probably more stringent on the mainland than in HI, if anything. I was shocked when taking the written test at the HI DMV and saw not only spelling errors but also errors of fact........and these tests were so old they were dog-eared, tattered, marked with childish graffiti, racist remarks and answers circled due to people not knowing how to read directions (you). The State DMV employees are largely incompetent, complacent, belligerent and hired because of nepotism.......and that incompetence makes them hateful and scared of more competent mainlanders. They didnt care when I pointed out the errors. If ONLY the clerks would actually do their job but they are in over their heads and that is why they get defensive when someone points out their errors or the nonsense of a rule. Too much pride, not enough education.

3. 'Intergrational' isn't even a word, you dimwit! WTF are you? You're just like Oswald Bates from 'In Living Color' making words up to sound smart when you actually just look stupid. You fool no one but yourself. And, t'rowin' pidgin around just make you look mo' lolo, brah!

4. The roads are not made up primarily of coral! My family has been in the concrete business in HI since the '30's. Whether you go to the quarries in Aiea, Kaneohe or Leeward you will see that the quarries are using Basalt and Granitic Magma........JUST like the mainland. Basalt has a Mohs Scale of 7 (hardness). Coral is down around 3. So, STOP making things up. You make the rest of us in Hawaii look really bad. Just shut up. Your knowledge base fits on the tip of my middle finger with room to spare.

5. Haole is a racist term so check your Local Privilege. It's 2015, not 1970 you little racist smelly troglodyte.

6. Your biggest problem is that you have been delusionally imbued with this sense of being Special and Different simply because you are on a remote rock in the middle of the Pacific. But there are thousands of islands in the Pacific. In the whole scheme of things you are really quite inconsequential and you simply cannot compete with the rest of the world based upon any skill or knowledge you have so that is why you have to bully and put down others. You think that you are 'Ali'i but they were guilty of raping the island of Sandalwood to fund their extensive travel, palaces and silk garments in one generation after their parents had been naked, sleeping with their sisters, whoring out their daughters to sailors for nails and cooking their enemies for their mana. It's nothing to be proud of. If you truly knew your Hawaiian history and land and had a conscious awareness of what you didn't know then you would be humbler, nicer and more likeable.

If you can't be correct then be nice. If you can't be nice then shut your mouth and focus on your many shortcomings because I have no compunction about straightening you out, cuz. I will 'tune YOUR jets'.

Submitted by thesheep (not verified) on 29th Apr 2013

Respect is learned. And given

Respect is learned. And given you are so xenophobic ( look it up) you don't deserve any. Hopefully you and your "buddies" don't live off UNITED STATES FEDERAL BENEFITS! And if you do not like our country, keep on paddling on boy!

Submitted by qwerpderp (not verified) on 13th Jan 2013

Trying to act like a smarty

Trying to act like a smarty pants over here. Using big words trying to be sophisticated, I bet in person he/she can't even speak proper English or articulate his/her words. I'm technically a local and I dislike the other ones taking pride and saying they have "aloha". Sir/Ma'am, if you don't like "Haoles" here, go sign a petition to get all of us off this island. See this island go to shit. I hope North Korea takes over, get over yourself. Better appreciate our country even took this little hole called paradise as a state. You wouldn't even have that computer to talk bad to us on, let alone be speaking English, if pidgin is even considered English... Piss poor education ME3.

Submitted by thesheep (not verified) on 29th Apr 2013

No license and NO INSURANCE

No license and NO INSURANCE OR CURRENT TAGS. The cops look the other way depending on your color in Hilo.

Submitted by ME3 (not verified) on 26th Dec 2012



Submitted by ME3 (not verified) on 26th Dec 2012

bumbai you learn Haole

bumbai you learn Haole

Submitted by qwerpderp (not verified) on 13th Jan 2013

This retard... I bet he is

This retard... I bet he is Filipino.... Shame, a lot of Filipinos think they are local. I am ashamed of a lot of my own blood. I wish I was a different race, let alone be on this pride-infested rock. Btw, Haole means no breath in Hawaiian. Means anyone who is not from this island. That includes Filipino, Samoan, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Caucasian, Mexican, Portuguese, and technically Hawaiians are too (they surfed their way over here on to these islands). They just don't like white people. So much racism on these damned islands.

Submitted by HawaiianByBlood on 9th Jul 2015

Actually "haole" is a "white

Actually "haole" is a "white person, american, englishmen, etc" according to , a hawaiian language translator. The term "hāʻole" means without breathe. and the term hāʻole means that people who dont do the "honi" or "hongi" which many hawaiians and polynesians do. educate yourself

Submitted by thesheep (not verified) on 29th Apr 2013

This is an DMV site, only

This is an DMV site, only locals get employed in the state of Hawaii, You ought to imagine that yes, he/she is a darned filipino/japanese mongrel who does not like her/himself very much and is envious of nice looking and smart white people.