The Iowa motorbike driving license is an official document that authorizes future riders to legally operate their motorcycles on public roads within the state. Riders can get a motorcycle license through the Iowa Department of Transportation (IA DOT). They may choose to either add a motorcycle endorsement to their current IA driver’s license or to apply for a separate license. To complete the application process for a bike license or endorsement, applicants will be required to meet certain requirements and complete several steps. Learn how and where to get a motorcycle license in Iowa by reading the sections below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Iowa

Only riders who meet the requirements set forth by the Iowa Department of Transportation (IA DOT) are eligible for a Class M license. Applicants requesting a full license will generally be required to provide the following:

  • Proof of Social Security Number (SSN), if applicable
  • Proof of identity, birth date and lawful U.S. status
  • Two proofs of Iowa residency

Motorcycle license applicants may be required to submit a different set of documents, depending on their age and on whether or not they have already obtained a non-commercial IA driver’s license. After providing the necessary paperwork, applicants for motorbike licenses may be required to pass the Class C and the Class M written test, the vision screening and the bike skills exam. If you are adding an endorsement to a standard license, you will be exempt from taking the Class C knowledge test.

Note: Applicants for a Class M endorsement or license who are younger than 18 years of age may have to submit proof of a completed rider safety course, in addition to driver education.

Iowa Motorcycle License Training Courses

Prior to getting a motorcycle license in Iowa, riders may gain motorcycle riding skills by enrolling in and completing a state-approved motorcycle driver’s education and safety course. The course certificate of completion may be submitted when applying for a Class M license in order to avoid taking the DMV skills test. While adult applicants may choose whether to enroll in a safety course or not, riders under 18 years old are required by law to complete one. The program consists of both classroom and outdoor instruction components.

Iowa Motorcycle License Tests

When applying for a motorcycle license in Iowa, motorists may be required to pass certain examinations, as determined by the IA DOT. The application process requires applicants to pass a vision screening, written knowledge test and a skills test before receiving a license or endorsement. To discover more information about the examination requirements for an Iowa Class M motorcycle license or an endorsement, contact the IA DOT.

The Iowa Motorcycle License Application Process

Applying for a bike license in Iowa is a process that motorists must complete in person at a local office of the IA DOT. The application steps for a motorcycle license differ based on the applicant’s age and on the type of bike credential that is requested.

Before reaching the age of eligibility for a full license, drivers can practice riding a motorcycle by applying for an IA Class M permit in the state. The learner’s permit can be obtained by individuals who are at least 14 years of age. The permit may be added to a standard driving license or may be issued as a distinct credential. The Class M permit does not offer full driving privileges and riders will have to adhere to certain restrictions when using it.

Motorists may obtain a bike endorsement or a license when they turn 16 years old. To get a motorcycle endorsement or a license, applicants will be required to submit certain documentation, pass several exams and pay the applicable fees. Riders who apply for a license or endorsement and hold a license to drive may not be required to complete every step in the application process. Teenage applicants, on the other hand, may be required to complete additional steps to finalize a motorcycle safety course and a driver education program. Therefore, prior to applying for a bike license in Iowa, contact the DOT in order to learn the exact requirements that apply to your situation.

Iowa Motorcycle License Fees

During the process of applying for a license, drivers will be required to provide payment for several fees. The IA motorcycle license cost may vary based on whether you are applying for an endorsement or a riding license. Drivers who are adding an endorsement to an existing license will be required to pay $2 on a yearly basis for as long as their driver’s license is valid. A bike license is available at a cost of $6 per year. The IA motorcycle permit costs $2 on an annual basis if added to a license. To obtain a learner’s permit, they will be required to submit a payment of $14.

Last updated on Friday, September 28 2018.

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