With a North Dakota motorcycle license, you can legally ride your motorcycle in the state. However, there is often more to getting a motorbike license than meets the eye, as the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) has created specialized driver’s licenses for those who wish to drive motorcycles in the state. Driving a motorcycle can be fun, but it is also sometimes trickier and more dangerous than driving other types of vehicles.

ND DMV motorcycle credentials allow cardholders to use any two- or three-wheeled vehicle in the state that meets certain size and horsepower guidelines. Additionally, younger drivers can also begin gaining motorcycle driving experience by getting a permit, taking a study course and more. This article will inform North Dakota drivers on how to legally begin driving a motorcycle in the state, so that they may begin taking advantage of the many open roads that the state has to offer.

Motorcycle Permit Requirements in North Dakota

The North Dakota motorcycle permit age is lower than in many other states, which reflects the state’s lower-than-average driver’s license age. To meet age requirements for motorcycle permit credentials, applicants must be 14 years of age or older to get a permit through the NDDOT. However, drivers who are 14 to 15 years of age will have more restrictions on their documents than older drivers. If a permit holder falls within this age range, then he or she must hold a permit for at least two months before applying to get full operator’s license credentials.

Required Documents

To get a motorcycle permit in North Dakota, you will need to present the NDDOT with some documents that help to verify your identity and qualifications. The documents that you should prepare for your motorbike permit application include:

  • Documents showing your identification, such as a birth certificate, passport or citizenship papers.
  • Documents showing your Social Security Number and information, such as a Social Security card or pay stub.
  • Documents showing your ND address, such as a tax form, mortgage, school transcript, credit card statement and more.

North Dakota Motorcycle Permit Rules and Restrictions

Wondering, “What does a motorcycle permit allow you to do in North Dakota?” is quite common, and the answer to that question will depend on your age and information on your driving history. For the most part, motorcycle permits in the state are relatively restricted for new motorcycle drivers. Before taking their skills test, North Dakota drivers will need to mind the following regulations set by the NDDOT:

  • Permit drivers must only operate a motorcycle in daylight hours.
  • Permit drivers may not use motorcycles that are higher than 250cc of piston displacement.
  • Permit drivers must wear a helmet and are not permitted to carry passengers.

How to Get a Motorcycle Permit in North Dakota

You can acquire a North Dakota motorcycle learners permit in person at one of the many North Dakota Driver’s License Sites scattered across the state. To do this, you will need to bring all of the documentation listed above, along with the required fee, to the DOT office nearest you.

While you are at the NDDOT, you will be able to take the motorcycle permit test and vision exam required for your permit. After you have passed these tests, you will be given your permit documents to use during the six months before you may apply for a full license.

North Dakota Motorcycle License Requirements

The North Dakota motorcycle license age is slightly older than the permit age, as you must be at least 16 years of age or older to get a full license. However, there are different rules and requirements for motorcycle license applicants who are 16 to 17 years of age than exist for those North Dakota riders who have already turned 18.

More specifically, if you have not yet turned 18, then you will still be required to drive with an NDDOT-approved helmet. In addition to taking the motorcycle road test, you will be expected to provide the NDDOT with any pieces of relevant information that you did not submit for your permit or any information that has changed since receiving your permit, such as a name change on driver’s license record.

How to Get a Motorcycle License in North Dakota

How long does it take to get a motorcycle license in North Dakota? In North Dakota, you will need to hold your motorcycle permit for at least two months before being able to apply for a new license. You can schedule and take your road test with the NDDOT at this point or simply waive that test as described below. After all necessary documents have been processed and tests have been passed, you will receive your new license in the mail. You will need to forfeit your old permit to the NDDOT upon receiving your new license.

Getting a North Dakota Motorcycle License as a New Resident

You must apply for North Dakota DMV motorcycle credentials when you become a resident of the state. In North Dakota, the DOT determines residency to begin after you have been in the state for at least 90 days. In addition, you may use an out-of-state motorcycle driving license in ND for up to 60 days after becoming a resident of the state. However, once you are ready to transfer your previous license to a North Dakota document, you may do so by taking a new knowledge and road test and submitting all required documents to the NDDOT.

Required Motorcycle Classes in North Dakota

Taking North Dakota motorcycle classes is required only for those residents of the state who are younger than 16 years of age and still wish to move forward with their knowledge testing before their 16th birthday. These motorcycle training courses are provided by a number of different organizations that are licensed through the NDDOT, and the most prominent of these providers today is the North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program (NDMSP).

This agency’s most popular ND motorcycle safety course is the Basic Rider Course, which is a popular class that North Dakota drivers can use while getting their license and it serves as an alternative to the NDDOT road test. The course itself covers a wide variety of topics, including the proper helmets, clothing and other materials to use while riding, the best ways to merge in traffic, how to properly stop, start and turn with your motorcycle and more.

North Dakota DMV Motorcycle Test Details

The North Dakota DMV motorcycle test requirements include a written general knowledge exam and a skills test. Both the motorcycle written test and road exam are outlined in the NDDOT’s Motorcycle Operator Manual, which is a free document that covers a lot of the most relevant motorcycle operating information in the state. While you do not need an appointment to take your knowledge test, you will need to schedule your road test with the NDDOT.

Motorcycle Knowledge Test

Part of the North Dakota motorcycle permit test, the knowledge exam will include multiple-choice questions on a number of theoretical driving topics. This can include identifying road signs, learning how to properly signal when changing lanes with a motorcycle, knowing how much distance should be kept with other vehicles on the road, learning about DUIs and the danger of driving while intoxicated and more.

Motorcycle Road Test

The motorcycle road test in North Dakota is the last test that is required before you can get your official license in the state. This test will require you to be riding an NDDOT motorcycle in front of a test examiner and demonstrating your driving abilities while:

  • Parking, steering and merging lanes.
  • Demonstrating proper speed limit awareness, turn signal usage and road sign compliance.
  • Driving in different locations, including the highway and residential areas.

You may also waive this test if you choose to take the NDMSP or other qualified rider safety educationND-form-1 ND-form-2Application for Mailed North Dakota Drivers License, Permit, or Identification program in the state.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a scooter in North Dakota?

Luckily for many, getting a motorcycle license in North Dakota is not required for those who wish to ride a motorized bicycle or scooter, also known as a moped. This vehicle type is classified as a two- or three-wheeled bike that is no more than 32 inches wide and has a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. You will only need a standard driver’s license or permit in order to drive these vehicles legally. You must be at least 14 years of age to comply with NDDOT laws.

North Dakota Motorcycle License Costs

How much does it cost to get a motorcycle license in North Dakota? The overall motorcycle license cost in ND is, on average, cheaper than the cost of the same credentials from other states. The costs that you will need to know include:

  • $5 for each attempt of the permit test.
  • $8 for the permit document fee.
  • $15 for the document fee if you do not already have a different driver’s license.
  • $5 road test fee.
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.