A salvage title is a document that DMVs grant to vehicle owners whose cars are no longer operable, like total losses. Typically, these cars are used for parts or for vehicle owners to reconstruct. You cannot apply for a salvage title online. You must apply in person at your DMV. To ensure that you are prepared for the application process, download our informative car title guide. Our guide contains everything you need to know to complete the application process quickly and easily. You will also get in-depth details on how to complete other important title transactions, such as transferring ownership, updating information and replacing your title if it is lost.

2. In Person at the DMV

To obtain a salvage title, you must provide details that relate to your car, such as its make, model, VIN number, date of purchase, odometer reading and lienholder information. You must also provide additional information about the condition of the vehicle before it can be considered eligible for a salvage title. It can be complicated to determine what kind of vehicle is eligible for a salvage title, and filling out the application can be confusing. Furthermore, arriving at the DMV without the necessary documents or with a mistake on your application may require you to return to complete the transaction.

A North Dakota salvage title may be obtained after vehicle owners perform the corresponding application procedure for their salvaged motor vehicles. The DMV salvage title is a legal document that serves as proof of ownership of a certain motor vehicle and is issued through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the North Dakota Department of Transportation (ND DOT). Motorists may obtain the appropriate title after satisfying certain eligibility criteria.

Furthermore, the application procedure for a salvage certificate of title may require vehicle owners to prepare a list of documents as part of the imposed requirements. In addition, they may also need to submit payment for the applicable fees. Moreover, they may even have to conduct a salvage vehicle inspection, if needed. For more information about the process of getting a DMV salvage title in North Dakota, continue reading the following sections.

What is a North Dakota salvage title?

A salvage title in North Dakota is a legal document proving the ownership of a salvage motor vehicle. Vehicle owners need to possess a salvage certificate of title when they own a vehicle branded as salvage. A salvage vehicle is a motor vehicle that has damage of 75 percent or more of the predetermined retail value.

If the vehicle meets the required criteria for a total loss, the insurance company will provide motorists with the necessary instructions on how to file the appropriate claim for total loss. After discovering how to get a salvage title in North Dakota and how to file for total loss, motorists may begin the application procedure.

North Dakota Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

Vehicle owners who plan to apply for a salvage title in North Dakota may have to first satisfy certain eligibility criteria in order to be allowed to perform the corresponding procedure. Overall, motorists need to own vehicles that are classified as salvage or total loss.

Moreover, their vehicles must have damages of more than 75 percent of the predetermined retail value of the motor vehicle. Satisfying these criteria will enable motorists to apply for a salvage certificate and will make them eligible to begin with the application procedure immediately.

How to Get a Salvage Title in North Dakota

The application procedure for a DMV salvage title in North Dakota is quite simple for vehicle owners to perform it themselves. However, prior to beginning the procedure, motorists will have to have an insurance company to declare their vehicles as a total loss. Owners of salvage title cars may decide to get a full or a partial settlement.

In a situation of accepting a full settlement, the insurance company keeps the ownership of the motor vehicle. However, when vehicle owners decide to get a partial settlement, that means that they have decided to keep the motor vehicle in their possession. After that, they will have to apply for a salvage title and in addition they may either sell the vehicle for parts or repair it and have it inspected in order to operate it again on public roads within the state.

When an insurance company declares certain motor vehicle as a salvage or total loss, then the owner must continue with the procedure at a local ND MVD branch. Vehicle owners will be required to return the original title to the ND MVD within 10 days and obtain a salvage title after providing the mandatory documentation and payment for the applicable fee. However, before motorists begin the application procedure for a salvage certificate in North Dakota, they can contact the local office and inquire more information about the requirements and the procedure itself.

Salvage Car Inspections in North Dakota

Owners of salvage title cars in North Dakota may be required to perform an inspection on their motor vehicles in order to repair and operate them on public state roads. A salvage vehicle inspection must be conducted by a registered business that is on good terms with the secretary of state and which repairs salvaged motor vehicles.

Vehicle owners need to complete a Certificate of Vehicle Inspection (form SFN 2486) and submit it to the ND MVD along with the original title and a payment for the $5 title fee. The department will issue a “Previously Salvaged” title that may be used along with the previously-issued license plates and registration cards.

Note: Motorists who do not want to operate their vehicles may complete an Affidavit of Refund on a Permanently Destroyed Vehicle (form SFN 2889) and submit it to the ND MVD in addition to the original title, plates, decals and registration cards. By doing so, vehicle owners will receive a partial refund of the license fees.

North Dakota Salvage Title Fees

One step of the application procedure for a North Dakota DMV salvage title requires vehicle owners to pay the specific fee for the title certificate. A payment for the salvage car title cost must be submitted to the ND MVD within 10 days along with the original title.

The salvage title value is currently set to $5, which may be subject to changes. Therefore, motorists are encouraged to discover the mandatory fees prior to making a payment to the ND MVD.

Last updated on Wednesday, February 20 2019.

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