If you need SR-22 rates in North Dakota, then you are most likely looking to change some bad driving habits as a resident of the state. However, going through the process of how to get SR22 insurance does not need to be difficult or take up too much time unnecessarily. While more of a financial liability insurance form than an actual auto insurance policy, this state government program allows for previously risky drivers to regain their driving privileges so that they can live a normal life.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) is the organization responsible for controlling license reinstatement in the state. Determining how to get SR22 insurance in ND is based on a number of different factors that you can take advantage of with the proper research. By finding out the SR22 requirements put in place by the NDDOT, you can easily get the coverage that you need. This article will outline those requirements as well as inform you of the best application strategies to employ to get your North Dakota driving privileges back today.

What is North Dakota SR22 insurance?

Learning what a North Dakota SR22 form can do for you is easy, as long as you are prepared to work with the NDDOT. This special form of identification is used in many different states across America, and it represents your liability with regards to a previously suspended driver’s license.

In North Dakota, the NDDOT works with many different SR22 insurance providers in order to work out the best additional insurance payment deals for drivers in the state who wish to regain their legal driving capabilities. As opposed to an advanced insurance policy, this program mostly just comprises of a simple form and payment that is sent to the NDDOT by your insurer of choice every month.

In general, your ND SR-22 costs per month will be between $15 and $30, although some rates may be higher depending on the insurer that you choose and the severity of your license suspension. But of course, these monthly costs are in addition to the normal auto insurance premiums that you pay every month.

In any case, you cannot obtain this situational SR22 form without auto insurance. You can also obtain this special insurance form in order to cover vehicles that you do not own as well as ones that you do.

Who needs SR22 insurance in North Dakota?

You can discover who needs SR22 insurance in North Dakota by reviewing the different driving incidents that can lead to your driver’s license being revoked in the state. Some of the possible violations that can lead to this outcome include:

  • Repeat traffic violations, including receiving multiple speeding tickets in a short period or not responding to any number of traffic violations.
  • Moving violations, including receiving a DUI, citation for manslaughter/homicide, citation for driving under revocation and being convicted of those or similar driving misdemeanors and felonies.
  • Insurance violations, including not having any auto insurance while driving or crashing an unregistered or uninsured vehicle.

You should seek out SR22 insurance coverage if any of these driving incidents have happened to you as a North Dakota driver.

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in North Dakota

Your SR-22 financial responsibility in North Dakota is a tricky topic, as it is the best way for you to legally regain your ability to operate a motor vehicle in the state after one of the violations listed above. If you have lost your driving privileges in North Dakota, then you will be unable to legally continue operating your vehicle and receiving auto insurance benefits. When this occurs, you could be forced to pay large fines for having a lapse in your coverage.

To prevent this, you must go through the SR22 process with the NDDOT and your insurer and maintain making your payments for one year after your revoking incident took place. After receiving a Temporary Restricted License (TRL), making your payments and otherwise driving responsibly for that time period, you will be put into consideration for a full license reinstatement from the NDDOT. Going through this SR22 process is the only way for many ND drivers with complicated driving histories to clear their license and continue to drive legally in the state.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in North Dakota

It is highly recommended to obtain SR22 insurance quotes in North Dakota by contacting a wide variety of auto insurance companies in the state to see what your best options are. While choosing to stick with the insurance provider who provides your standard auto insurance can be convenient, it may not be the provider with the best monthly rate or long-term payment plan.

While some insurers have a good relationship with the NDDOT and are able to quickly correspond back and forth with them, others might not. Your SR22 form may take up to 30 days to be processed and accepted by the NDDOT, but choosing the right insurer can speed up that time tremendously. Thus, shopping around is the best way to choose your best North Dakota insurer.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in North Dakota

Choosing not to get SR22 insurance in North Dakota can have serious consequences for drivers in the state who have had their licenses suspended. Continuing to drive on a suspended license can come with any number of the following penalties, depending on the severity of your original suspension:

  • Heavy fines or arrest
  • Vehicle repossession by the NDDOT
  • Extended license and registration suspension

While infractions that occur in other states may have different rules and guidelines, it is crucial to contact the NDDOT to ensure that you have the correct information as a North Dakota driver. Getting your SR-22 insurance in North Dakota can seem like a tedious expense but it is also often the only option for previously risky drivers to continue driving in the state.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.