Iowa SR-22 rates for auto insurance applies to drivers who have at some point demonstrated reckless driving. An SR22 form is a voucher that an insurance company must submit to the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT). The form proves the driver has auto insurance as well as how much and when the policy was enacted.

Not all drivers need SR22, and the IDOT outlines the guidelines under which it may be required. In most cases, an SR22 form is required to reinstate driving privileges due to license suspension. Described below is essential information on SR22 insurance and how it impacts your driving privileges.

What is Iowa SR22 insurance?

Insurance companies charge Iowa SR-22 rates to drivers who are required by law to obtain it as a part of their auto policy. As a policy add-on rather than a policy itself, an SR22 form demonstrates to the Iowa Department of Transportation that a driver has sufficient liability coverage as required by state law.

The form contains information about the amount of liability coverage, the policy start date and whether or not the policy is active. A driver may not drop SR22 insurance without prior notice to the IDOT, as doing so could result in additional penalties and fines.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Iowa?

Most drivers do not need Iowa SR22 insurance, as the IDOT bases the requirement on traffic-related offenses. The IDOT determines who needs SR22 insurance forms and provides that driver with all the information about the requirement. According to the Iowa drivers manual, the IDOT requires the insurance for a variety of reasons, with the most common being:

  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) citation for a blood alcohol level .08 or higher.
  • Committing a vehicle offense that is punishable by a felony conviction such as vehicular manslaughter
  • Suspension due to out-of-state convictions

Drivers questioning who needs SR22 insurance should consult the driver’s manual or speak with a member of IDOT staff for more information. In general, the state notifies drivers if they will need to purchase the insurance. The state also provides information on any necessary fees and the steps required to restore their driving privileges after a driver’s license suspension.

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in Iowa

Iowa SR-22 rates for auto insurance cease once the driver has completed all requirements to restore their driving privileges. Once a driver is eligible to remove SR22 from their coverage, he or she must present what the state refers to as proof of future financial responsibility.

In essence, motorists must prove to the IDOT that they have appropriate coverage in place to meet financial obligations for future driving incidents. Further, drivers must pay all applicable fees to reinstate their privileges.

License and registration privileges apply to the vehicles for which motorists have provided proof of insurance. Thus, drivers must show proof of insurance for any vehicle registered in their name to cover all relevant cars. Drivers who are required to purchase SR22 insurance may qualify for a Temporary Restricted License (TRL).

With a TRL, motorists may receive limited driving privileges to operate their vehicle for approved circumstances. Acceptable reasons for a TRL include driving to work, school or medical appointments.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Iowa

In Iowa, SR-22 rates are not set by the Department of Transportation. Insurance companies offer SR22 insurance quotes and provide the necessary coverage. Given that drivers who require this particular coverage are known for severe or repeated traffic-related incidents, many insurers do not offer the coverage.

Those that do may charge a premium for the added feature to offset the potential financial risk for these drivers. As such, motorists should contact multiple companies for quotes. Some insurance companies offer SR-22 coverage as a rider to an existing policy.

In some cases, they may require drivers to purchase an SR22 policy that contains the necessary coverage. Drivers who have questions on the specific amount of coverage needed should contact the IDOT for more information.

How to File SR22 Insurance in Iowa

An Iowa SR22 form may only be submitted by an insurance company. The Department of Transportation does not accept SR22 forms from drivers, and motorists should request their insurer to file it on their behalf.

Once submitted, the insurance company is required to update the Department of Transportation of any status changes on the policy. Should a driver cancel the SR22 policy, the insurer must notify the IDOT immediately.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in Iowa

Regardless of the cost of Idaho SR-22 rates, drivers must maintain the insurance for the duration of their conviction. If a motorist has a lapse in SR22 coverage, then the insurance company notifies the DMV by submitting a form SR26. Once the DMV receives notification that insurance has lapsed, the state notifies the driver with information on how to resolve the issue.

Drivers who fail to submit an SR22 form or proof of financial responsibility must post security in the way of money certified check, cashiers check or surety bond. The IDOT will only reinstate driving privileges after the suspension period and after the motorist has met the appropriate insurance requirements.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.