Figuring out the best SR-22 rates in South Carolina is important for many drivers across the state, but finding the right information can be difficult. Although all South Carolina drivers need at least some basic auto insurance coverage, not everyone needs this unique form. Also known as a financial responsibility/liability form, this coverage is simply a short form that indicates your intent to drive safely in order to end an ongoing driving suspension.

To find out who needs SR22 insurance in South Carolina, it is also important to learn more about what exactly it covers, and how you can go about getting it. By working closely with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Department of Insurance (DOI), you can make sure that you are covered properly and are following all of the most recent laws. This article will help South Carolinian drivers to learn more about this special type of auto insurance coverage, and how they can get it quickly and efficiently.

What is South Carolina SR22 insurance?

To understand how to get SR22 insurance in South Carolina, you must first be aware of the individual parts that make it different in comparison to a normal auto insurance policy. As a simple form, this type of insurance is distributed by different DMVs across the country. However, if you need this coverage as a South Carolinian, you will not actually go straight to the SC DMV to get it. Instead, these forms are filed by working with whichever private auto insurance company you prefer.

These companies procure your SC SR22 form and will assist you in filling it to the specifications of the SC DMV. They will also collect your monthly insurance premiums, which will then mostly go to the SC DMV. Then, after paying these premiums for a set period, you will be able to end your driving suspension.

Who needs SR22 insurance in South Carolina?

You should get an SR-22 form in South Carolina if you have lost your driving privileges due to any number of driving incidents in the state. While these incidents are generally the same across the country, consulting the South Carolina DMV about your specific driving suspension is recommended. However, some of the most common reasons that your SC driver’s license could be suspended include:

  • Driving an uninsured vehicle at the time of an accident.
  • Receiving many traffic violations in a short period of time, or not paying any traffic fines that you have been given for an extended period.
  • Being convicted of a DUI or other such driving misdemeanor, or being a part of a driving felony such as vehicular homicide.

If any of these apply to you, you could benefit from this special liability coverage in South Carolina.

Reinstating Driving Privileges with SR22 in South Carolina

SR22 in South Carolina was designed to provide residents of the state with a reliable way to move on from a driving suspension. In doing so, it does also allow for a conditional, or temporary, license to be assigned to those applicants that have been accepted by the South Carolina DMV. Using this temporary license, South Carolina drivers can often continue driving, pay their monthly insurance premiums every month and eventually have their traditional driver’s license reinstated after around 12 months.

However, this timeframe can rise considerably if any more driving incidents occur while you are paying these premiums. In order to avoid a lapse in your insurance coverage or being caught driving on a suspended license, getting this liability coverage as soon as you need it is a good idea as a driver in South Carolina.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Getting many SR22 insurance quotes is the final step towards getting your driving privileges back as a South Carolinian driver. Although some insurance companies will offer flashy discounts or extremely low monthly payments, it is important to consider your options carefully. Responsible South Carolina residents should choose the insurer that gives them the best service for the lowest rate.

Because you are relying on your insurer to get your information compiled properly and submitted to the SC DMV as quickly as possible, the lowest rate may not always be the best choice. Once your SR-22 financial liability form has been submitted and accepted by the South Carolina DMV, you will be able to pay your insurance premiums every month and begin working towards your eventual completed suspension.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in South Carolina

SR22 insurance in South Carolina is an extremely important resource for individuals and families who need their vehicle to go about their daily routines. While it is never an enjoyable event to have to pay an additional insurance premium every month, it is the only legal option in terms of driving while suspended in South Carolina.

Choosing not to get this coverage can be especially problematic if you choose to continue driving while suspended. Without a South Carolina SR-22 policy, you could experience the following punishments by the SC DMV if you are caught driving on a suspended license:

  • Significant fines, or arrest
  • Your vehicle to be repossessed by the SC DMV
  • A longer suspension, or even your driver’s license being completely revoked

Therefore, in order to make sure that you are driving legally and safely as a suspended South Carolinian driver, getting this special form of auto insurance coverage is your best option.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.