Discovering information about SR-22 rates in North Carolina is never ideal, but it is often a necessity for certain motorists who drive to and from the state. Although SR22 can often be referred to as insurance, this specialized government resource is actually more of a form that goes alongside auto insurance in certain situations. Auto insurance itself covers a wide variety of driving-related incidents, but it can have its limits with regards to negligence or illegal actions. Thus, drivers all across America may need to obtain special coverages in order to continue driving legally.

Learning how to get SR22 insurance in North Carolina can be particularly complex, as it is one of the only states that does not require such a form for incidents that occur within its borders. However, if you have ever experienced a driving incident outside of North Carolina or are moving from North Carolina to a different state, then you may need to learn about this special kind of auto coverage. This article will help to guide you through the SR22 insurance process as a North Carolina driver so that you can maintain your legal driving status.

What is North Carolina SR22 insurance?

You may end up needing an SR22 form in North Carolina for a variety of reasons, but it is first helpful to learn what the program does and does not apply towards. If you are a driver in North Carolina, then you will need to have North Carolina auto insurance according to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, if you have previously been in a qualifying driving incident as outlined below, then you may have had your NC drivers license revoked at some point.

In order to regain your driving privileges in many different states across the country, you will need a specialized insurance form. This SR22 form can be quite useful if you are moving from your home state into North Carolina or if you are a North Carolina driver who has experienced a moving violation in another state. All drivers in North Carolina must have cleared records before being issued new NC drivers licenses in the state.

Who needs SR22 insurance in North Carolina?

Establishing who needs SR22 insurance in North Carolina can be done by reviewing the different reasons why an individual might lose their driving privileges. Some of the many incidents that may lead to needing SR-22 insurance or losing those privileges include the following:

  • Getting a DUI or DWI due to alcohol or other drugs
  • Failing to respond to multiple traffic violations, or receiving many violations in a short period
  • Performing a “hit and run” or leaving the scene of an auto accident caused by you
  • Crashing your vehicle without auto insurance, or in an otherwise uninsured vehicle

You must seek SR-22 protection if any of the above incidents have occurred to you before moving to North Carolina or while driving in another state. Because this can apply to many different kinds of drivers, it is critical to understand your responsibilities as a legal driver in North Carolina.

Reinstating Driving Privileges With SR22 in North Carolina

SR22 insurance is an extremely valuable tool since different states have varying regulations and complexities in their DMV operations. Residents may need to inquire about SR22 insurance quotes if they were in a driving incident outside of North Carolina, which can have unfortunate implications. Once your drivers license is suspended or revoked, you will also be unable to renew any other auto insurance policies that you hold. This can result in lapses in coverage, which can carry hefty fines in North Carolina.

SR22 insurance allows for drivers in these specific situations to get their driving privileges back after they are revoked. Most states will allow for licenses to be reinstated over time, but others require action on the part of the license holder. Choosing to go without reinstating your driver’s license can lead to extreme consequences in the event of another driving incident, so filing this special SR-22 form of auto insurance is the best way for you to avoid any future legal problems.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in North Carolina

Getting your own SR22 insurance quotes in North Carolina is the next step once you have determined that you need the additional coverage in order to reinstate your driver’s license. The actual SR-22 application process for this coverage is relatively simple, in that it requires you to choose the insurance provider that suits your needs.

Choosing the most reliable provider with a rate that you are comfortable with is key to getting your license back quickly and without headaches. Although you could be required to pay more depending on the severity of your license infractions, most insurers dealing in this type of insurance charge between $15 and $30 for this service.

Penalties for Not Filing an SR22 Form in North Carolina

Your SR-22 financial responsibility in North Carolina can be an uncomfortable topic to address, but it is a necessary one if your license has been revoked due to an out-of-state driving incident. There are a number of potential legal ramifications for not getting this form when it is needed, including further or extended license revocation, heavy fines, vehicle impounding and even arrest.

By making sure that you follow the North Carolina DMV’s SR22 coverage instructions as well as those of the DMV in the state that your incident(s) occurred in, you can be driving safely and legally in the near future.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.