The NC DMV motorcycle handbook is a highly recommended tool that you can use to help you pass the required motorcycle written and on-road skills tests. However, the motorcycle DMV book can be very useful for other purposes as well, such as helping to refresh your memory on certain maneuvers and North Carolina motorcycle laws as well. Because of this, having a copy of the motorcycle handbook on-hand can be very beneficial whether you are working towards getting a motorcycle license or you already have your license.

North Carolina has an entire motorcycle manual that is filled with important information ranging from the type of gear you should use to how to properly maneuver a motorcycle. You can also find information about mechanical issues, riding through intersections and NC motorcycle laws including the penalties for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. To learn more, continue reading the sections below.

What topics are covered in the North Carolina DMV motorcycle handbook?

The information included in the motorcycle test book is extensive and covers a wide variety of topics. The topics include the following:

  1. Preparing to Ride. This section talks in-depth about what must be done before you even begin your trip on your motorcycle. Motorcycle helmet laws are discussed along with information regarding the other gear that you are highly advised to utilize. Also, by reading through this section, you will learn about how to determine if a motorcycle is right for you, and what the basic controls are on a motorcycle.
  2. Ride Within your Abilities. The next section in the motorcycle operator manual is the longest and discusses everything from basic motorcycle control to carrying passengers and cargo. You will learn how to keep your distance from other vehicles, how to properly navigate an intersection and how to increase your conspicuity so that other motorists can see you better. This section is one of the most important because it helps you to understand how to operate and maneuver a motorcycle, and it is also good to keep in mind that likely quite a few questions on the written exam will reference information found in this section.
  3. Being in Shape to Ride. It is very important that when you operate a motorcycle, you are completely fit to ride. This means that you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and that you are also fully rested and not feeling fatigued. This section of the manual discusses the consequences of driving under the influence and also talks about how you can prevent accidents by not operating a motorcycle when you are tired.
  4. Earning your License. If you want to learn more about the tests required for obtaining a motorcycle license, you must read the last section of the DMV motorcycle handbook in North Carolina that goes over the knowledge test and the on-cycle skill test as well. This section also includes a few sample questions from a standard knowledge test that you can use to practice for the exam.

Can an NC motorcycle DMV book help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

Reading through the DMV motorcycle manual is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the motorcycle exams. If you are nervous about passing both the knowledge test and the skills test and want to pass them on your first attempt, it is crucial that you study the manual thoroughly beforehand.

The written North Carolina motorcycle knowledge examination is based on the materials found in the manual, which makes the manual a perfect motorcycle license or motorcycle permit study guide.

Additionally, the information you read in the NC handbook for motorcyclists will help you to better understand how to actually maneuver and operate a motorcycle, which in turn will help you immensely with the on-cycle skill test. In fact, most of what you will be tested on during that test is explained in the last section of the manual.

This includes knowing how to adjust your speed and position to the traffic situation, how to accelerate and turn safely and how to complete normal and quick stops. By reading the handbook you can understand what specific maneuvers you should practice beforehand so that you are properly prepared for the test.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for an NC motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

In North Carolina, there are motorcycle safety driver’s education programs that you can enroll in to further your education on operating a motorcycle. Basic rider courses are best used in conjunction with studying the motorcycle guidebook and can provide you with a lot of hands-on motorcycle riding experience from trained instructors. These courses are just one of two popular choices for helping you to prepare for the motorcycle tests.

The other popular option that can be used to help you understand the information in the DMV North Carolina motorcycle handbook is practice tests. The handbook includes a few sample questions that are based off questions that may be found in the exam, but there are many other full-size practice tests that you can access for additional practice. These practice tests are frequently found online or through a motorcycle training program and are great for helping you to study the materials and get familiar with the testing format.

Who else can benefit from an NC DMV motorcycle handbook?

While you may believe that the motorcycle handbook is only beneficial for those interested in obtaining their motorcycle license for the first time, the handbook is also beneficial for those who already have their motorcycle license as well. Although the manual is a great resource used to help someone prepare for the exams, it can also be used by more experienced riders if they want to refresh their memory on certain motorcycle laws in the state of North Carolina.

Anyone can benefit from reading through the manual; even those who do not ride motorcycles at all and instead drive cars because it can help make others more aware of how to safely navigate the roads alongside motorcyclists.

How to Get a DMV Motorcycle Test Book in North Carolina

You have a couple of options in obtaining a motorcycle DMV manual in North Carolina. You may either get a copy at your local NC DMV as long as they have hard copies at that particular location or you can get a copy online. To gain access to the online version of the Motorcyclists’ Handbook, head to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) site found here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.