North Carolina FREE Practice Test Sections

The official North Carolina Driver’s Handbook is the basis for the practice questions prepared by The free sample driving test includes questions directly from the drivers handbook and covers all important manual sections. You will be tested on traffic regulations, traffic signs and special driving situations in North Carolina. After answering the questions from the free practice test, you will be able to concentrate your studies to topics that you are unfamiliar with.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are made to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe on North Carolina roads. Traffic rules and regulations make up an important section of the official written driving test. The online free practice test covers the traffic law information you will need to prepare for the official exam. Speed limits, right of way regulations, and rules for using our turn signal, are some of the traffic laws the’s Sample Practice prepares you for.

Traffic Signs

Learning about traffic signs is necessary to pass the North Carolina written knowledge test. You will be required to recognize and interperet traffic signs to pass the written driving test. The free sample practice test is an excellent preparation tool for questions about:

    • Traffic sign meanings.
    • Traffic sign identification.
    • Placards and warning signs.
    • Turns at intersections.

Discover how much you already know by taking the North Carolina Free Sample Practice Test.

Traffic Signals

Learn the purpose and how to recognize warning, guide and informational signals with the free sample practice test.’s practice tests include all traffic signals questions you will be asked on the official North Carolina written exam. Make sure you are prepared; traffic signal questions appear frequently on the DMV written exam.

Crosswalks and Intersections

Busy intersections are full of pedestrians, bicycles and various vehicles. Drive safely, and with consideration for other drivers, by learning the rules associated with crosswalks and intersections. Some of the topics covered in the free sample test made by are:

    • STOP or YIELD signs at intersections
    • Yellow markings
    • White-line markings
    • Roundabouts
    • Driving on unmarked crosswalks
    • Bicycle lanes
    • T-intersections

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather affects the safety of a driver while operating a vehicle. That is why you must learn the proper precautions to take while driving in mist, ice, fog, heavy wind or rain. The official written exam will test your knowledge about adverse weather conditions.’s sample practice test help you prepare to handle questions about:

    • Driving in rain and snow
    • Driving with limited visibility
    • Engine breakdown
    • Blown tires
    • Wet brakes or brake failure
    • Jammed gas pedals
    • Drifting, skidding, and hydroplaning

North Carolina DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To get a passing score on the official written exam, advises you to follow this five-step written driving test study checklist to prepare for the official test:

    1. Read the official NC Driver’s Handbook – The North Carolina drivers handbook contains material about on traffic rules and regulations, traffic signs, parking and safe driving. The official written exam is composed of questions from all relevant handbook sections.
    2. Take the Driver’s License Sample Test – This practice test gives you a preview of what to expect on the official NC driving test. The free sample test contains questions taken directly from topics in the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook.
    3. Read the Study Guide – Once you have taken the drivers license sample test, we recommend reading the North Carolina Study Guide. This guide contains summarized material from the official NC Driver’s Handbook. The information is divided into shorter sections to assist you in remembering important handbook information quickly and easily.
    4. Premium Practice Tests – Order a copy of the Premium Practice Test and take it as many times as you feel is necessary. Repetition helps solidify the information in your memory. It will also give you a chance to study topics that you are struggling with.
    5. Make a Written Exam Appointment – A score on the sample practice test of 90 percent or higher means that you are ready for the official written exam. You can book your test appointment and be confident you will pass on our first try!

Getting Your NC Driver’s License

A passing score on the DMV written test is the first step in getting a North Carolina driver’s license. To get your driver’s license in North Carolina, follow this 10-step process:

    1. Start with the North Carolina Free Practice Driving Test.
    2. Explore the Study Guide for extra support and back-up.
    3. Practice with the premium sample test until score a 90 pecent.
    4. Collect documents and fill out the application for your driver’s license.
    5. Make a test appointment in the North Carolina DMV.
    6. Take the official DMV written knowledge exam.
    7. Get a vision test.
    8. Pass the road skills exam.
    9. Submit required forms, documents and fees to DMV.
Last updated on Thursday, January 24 2019.