The process to change car registration address in North Carolina can be completed through the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) by vehicle owners who move. The state DMV offers several methods for changing car registration address including online, in person and by mail. Depending on the method chosen, applicants may or may not receive a replacement car registration showing their new address.

Rules about address changes on car registration documents indicate that residents need to update the DMV within a certain time limit. Learn more about how to change car registration address in NC by reading the sections outlined below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your North Carolina Car Registration

Vehicle owners must finalize the address change on car registration when they move to a new residence within the state and/or change their mailing address. You will also technically change your car registration address with the state DMV when you apply for your first DMV registration card after moving from another state. To learn of other situations that may require you to update driver and vehicle records, contact the division.

North Carolina Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

The time limit to change vehicle registration address in North Carolina is currently set at a maximum 60 days after moving to another residence, according to state laws. Failure to complete the address update on auto registration within this time period may lead to certain adverse consequences.

For example, you may receive a traffic ticket for operating a motor vehicle with an outdated registration document. Another negative outcome may be the failure to receive important DMV correspondences, such as vehicle registration renewal reminders.

How to Change Your Address on Your North Carolina Car Registration Online

Completing the North Carolina address change on vehicle registration via the DMV Online Services section is the most convenient method of informing the division of your new address. Note that, when changing car registration address online, applicants will also receive an updated document showing a new physical address since they are technically utilizing the duplicate car registration service to effectuate the address change.

To successfully change an auto registration address in NC via the internet, vehicle owners will first be required to log onto the system by entering their license plate number and the last five characters of their car title number. In subsequent steps, applicants will be required to provide their new address information and a valid email address in order to receive the transaction receipt. The state DMV will reflect the online request its database and proceed with manufacturing the new registration certificate after the vehicle owner pays the applicable fee with a valid credit or debit card.

Note: If you only need to update your mailing address, then you can call the state DMV at their standard contact line to update your vehicle records by phone.

How to Change Your Address on Your North Carolina Car Registration in Person

Another method of changing a car registration address in North Carolina is filling out the application for a change of address and submitting it in person through a local DMV site. However, after submitting the address change on car registration request in writing, the state DMV will only update its database.

\To obtain a new registration card displaying the up-to-date address, you will be required to apply for a replacement registration. Note that, when notifying the DMV in person, you may also be asked to present an official form of identification, such as a valid NC driving license.

How to Change Your Address on Your North Carolina Car Registration by Mail

Residents may also change car registration address in North Carolina by mail if they cannot complete the request in person or online. Applicants will need to send the applicant to the DMV Mail Service Center in Raleigh.

However, prior to changing your vehicle registration address by mail, ensure that the form is properly filled out in order to avoid delays and/or a rejected application. Note that, in addition to your vehicle information and your new address, you will also be required to fill in your driver’s license number.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in North Carolina

Car owners also have the option to change a car registration address in North Carolina when paying their regular registration renewal fees. The process of changing car registration address and renewing your license plates in a single transaction will vary depending on the chosen renewal method.

For example, if you choose to update your record and renew your plates via the internet, then the online application will prompt you to verify your address information and change it if necessary. After completing the online renewal, you will receive your new registration certificate by mail at your new address.

North Carolina DMV Address Change Fees

Applicants must pay a $2 fee when changing a vehicle registration address in North Carolina while also obtaining a duplicate registration card.

Moreover, if you choose to update your car registration address online, then you will be required to pay the standard cost for a replacement registration since you are utilizing the division’s duplicate registration card service.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.