The process to change car registration address in Pennsylvania must be completed by vehicle owners who move to another residence within the state. Residents can complete an address change on car registration through several methods permitted by the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

These methods include online, in person and by mail. While each process varies slightly, drivers will have to submit the same information to update vehicle records with the agency.

Residents changing car registration address will be required to complete different steps depending on the method chosen. Find out how to change car registration address in PA by reading the sections outlined below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Pennsylvania Car Registration

Changing a vehicle registration address in Pennsylvania is a transaction that must be finalized on any occasion a car owner moves to another home within the state. However, the address update on auto registration must also be completed under other circumstances as well.

For example, vehicle owners who relocate to the state with out-of-state registration documents will technically change their address when they obtain their first Pennsylvania registration card. Drivers will also have to complete the process in the rare cases that you are issued a certificate of registration with an incorrect address.

Pennsylvania Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

Vehicle owners must complete the Pennsylvania address change on vehicle registration within 15 days of any changes in their residential address. If they fail to update auto registration address within this time period, then they may be subjected to certain fines and penalties.

For instance, failure to keep driver or vehicle information current may result in the issuance of a traffic ticket, since motorists are prohibited from driving their vehicles with outdated records. Consult with the state DOT about other potential consequences of failing to update your address information on time.

How to Change Your Address on Your Pennsylvania Car Registration Online

Changing an auto registration address in Pennsylvania via the DOT Online Vehicle Services portal is the fastest method of informing the department of your new address. However, to successfully change your car registration address online, you will need your car title number and your license plate number in order to log onto the system.

After accessing the online application, the system will prompt you to provide several types of information, such as your personal data, driving license number, odometer reading and new address. You may also be asked to confirm your car insurance coverage.

You will effectively complete the process via the internet once the system locates your records. At this point, you can utilize the option to request a duplicate registration card that will display your new address.

How to Change Your Address on Your Pennsylvania Car Registration in Person

If you are unable to change a car registration address online in Pennsylvania or you prefer to make an office visit, then you can always inform the state DOT of your new address in person. To report an address change on car registration through a nearby DOT location, vehicle owners will be required to utilize the DOT change of address application.

Note that when changing your vehicle registration address in PA with the application, you have the option of updating the vehicle registration record of up to three different vehicles with the same transaction. Before delivering the address change application to your DOT agent, ensure that every applicable field is properly filled out. However, prior to processing your request, your DOT agent may ask you to present an official form of identification.

How to Change Your Address on Your Pennsylvania Car Registration by Mail

To avoid making an office visit for purposes of changing your car registration address in Pennsylvania, you can also fill out the application and mail it to the DOT Post Office Box address in Harrisburg. To avoid delays and/or a rejected request, ensure that the application form is properly completed. As soon as the state DOT receives your request to change car registration address in PA, it will update its database correspondingly.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Pennsylvania

Vehicle owners also have the option to change car registration address in Pennsylvania when renewing their registration documents. Changing your auto registration address and completing the registration renewal transaction at the same time can easily be accomplished via the DOT Online Vehicle Services platform.

In such cases, you will be asked to verify your address and request a modification if necessary, prior to paying your renewal fee. To learn if you can renew your tags at the same time via other methods, inquire with the state DOT.

Pennsylvania DMV Address Change Fees

While the Pennsylvania address change on car registration is a procedure that can be finalized free of charge, vehicle owners will still be required to pay a certain fee if they are conducting additional business with the state DOT simultaneously.

For example, if you update your vehicle registration address and request a duplicate registration certificate, then you may be asked to pay a nominal service fee. Also, renewing your tags and changing your car registration address in PA at the same time is a process that will include the standard renewal costs. There is a $6.00 fee associated with obtaining a duplicate registration card.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.