Vehicle owners may change car registration address in Oklahoma through the state Department of Public Safety (DPS). To complete an address change on car registration, motorists need to perform a certain procedure immediately after they change the place of residence within the state. Moreover, a process of changing car registration address may be also mandatory for out-of-state residents who have recently moved to Oklahoma.

The OK DPS has a determined time limit for completing an address change, which must be obeyed in order to avoid certain penalties. To learn more information about this important process, individuals are recommended to continue reading the following sections.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Oklahoma Car Registration

Motorists need to change car registration address in Oklahoma after they move to a new address of residence in the state. Upon the move, an address update on vehicle registration may be required from vehicle owners, regardless of whether they are moving from an out-of-state or an in-state address.

Another instance when drivers may have to change their address is when the credential contains mistakes in the address information. Vehicle owners need to update these details with the OK DPS in order to keep their current personal information on file for future reference.

You may be required to obtain a duplicate registration if your credential was recently renewed or is valid for a year into the future. Therefore, individuals need to learn how to update car registration address in Oklahoma before they begin the process of address change.

Oklahoma Address Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

An Oklahoma address change on car registration is a procedure that may be completed by vehicle owners who have recently changed their place of residence. The OK DPS may require individuals to change their address within a certain time frame after the move.

The time limit for updating a vehicle registration address is determined by the DMV and will begin when you move to a new residential address. Failure to perform an address change on auto registration within the given period may result in penalties. Moreover, forgetting to change car registration address on time may prevent you from receiving a vehicle registration renewal notice or other important and urgent notifications from the OK DPS.

Therefore, vehicle owners are most strongly encouraged to perform the change within the given limit to avoid any negative consequences.

How to Change Your Address on Your Oklahoma Car Registration

When it comes to changing car registration address in Oklahoma, vehicle owners need to discover whether the procedure is different than that for updating the address on their driver’s license or ID card. Motorists should know, in most cases, drivers have the options to change their addresses online, by mail or in person at a local OK DPS branch.

However, drivers who want to perform an address change on car registration in Oklahoma must first contact the OK DPS and find out the available methods. In addition, vehicle owners who want to learn more information about updating vehicle registration address in Oklahoma are recommended to review the sections in this essay to asses if their situation falls within the most common circumstance.

If not, you should contact your local DMV for special circumstances.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Oklahoma

Individuals who are wondering whether to change auto registration address in Oklahoma or to perform a vehicle registration renewal process are recommended to first learn the difference between these two procedures. The process of changing car registration address must be performed within a given time limit from the date when drivers move to another residential address.

However, the renewal procedure is required from vehicle owners when their credential is about to expire. Vehicle owners may decide to renew their credentials instead of updating vehicle registration addresses in situations when their credential is approaching the date of expiry.

Therefore, motorists are encouraged to learn when and how  to make this personal information change before beginning the procedure in order to decide whether to complete a renewal or address change procedure. This is an important part of the process because making the wrong choice could result in additional fees if the correct process is not completed. You can find information about your registration expiration on your registration document.

Oklahoma DMV Address Change Fees

The ultimate step of an address change on vehicle registration in Oklahoma may require vehicle owners to provide payment for certain fees. In most cases, the process of changing car registration address without getting a duplicate credential may not require motorists to pay fees in order to complete the procedure.

However, vehicle owners who want to update auto registration address and apply for a duplicate car registration card may be often mandated to pay a fee for the replacement document.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.