Motorists can apply for a classic vehicle registration in Oklahoma provided they own such type of motor vehicle. Obtaining an antique car registration is available through the state Tax Commission after drivers submit the necessary documents.

To apply for OK DMV license plates, motorists will generally need to present a completed application form and pay the set fees in addition to other requirements. Note that the procedure for requesting classic or vintage license plates differs slightly from the application process for a standard vehicle registration. Learn more about antique license plates rules in OK by reading the sections below.

Definition of a Classic Vehicle in Oklahoma

To be eligible for the process of obtaining Oklahoma classic car license plates, you must first ensure your vehicle classifies as a classic ride.

Per state rules and regulations, a classic or antique vehicle is a car that was manufactured at least 25 years prior. In addition to this, the OK Tax Commission issues DMV license plates to owners of vehicles that will travel state highways for exhibition or historical purposes only.

Steps in the Oklahoma Registration Process

The first step toward receiving a vintage car registration in OK is completing an application form and submitting it to the Tax Commission.

The application for classic car number plates will require you to enter specific personal information, including your driving license and telephone number, as well as details about your vehicle, such as title number, vehicle identification number, year and model among others.

When requesting Oklahoma antique car registration documents, you must also provide the Tax Commission with proof of classic vehicle insurance and remittance. Note that if your classic ride is not intended for operation on state roads or highways, proof of insurance will not be required.

Instead, you can complete a non-use affidavit confirming that your car will not be operated on public streets and highways, upon which you will receive a non-use registration decal. To finalize the procedure, you will need to present the documents or mail them to the department along with payment for the appropriate fees.

Fees to Register a Classic Vehicle in Oklahoma

Paying the set costs for OK antique car tags is mandatory in order to complete the process properly. The Oklahoma Tax Commission currently provides for the issuance of an initial one- or 10-year vehicle registration.

Depending on the duration of their DMV license plates, motorists will need to arrange payment for different fees. For instance, drivers who choose to register their classic ride for a period of one year will need to pay a $19 fee and $1.50 for insurance (if applicable), for a total of $20.50.

Applicants requesting a 10-year classic car registration in Oklahoma will need to provide payment for a fee of $86 and an insurance price of $1.50 (if applicable). Drivers who decide to send the set of documents by mail must pay a $3 mail fee in addition.

Note: Subsequent renewal procedures of your classic car license plates may be conducted either by the Tax Commission or a nearby tag office. Drivers must also remember to renew their standard vehicle registration in a timely manner in order to stay in accordance with OK motor vehicle laws.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.