Vintage vehicle owners may apply for Alabama classic car registration by completing certain requirements set by the state Department of Revenue (DOR). Motorists who plan to register custom cars need to be the owners of the vehicles. In Alabama, custom or antique vehicles are better known as vintage vehicles if the vehicles are older than 30 years. When registering a vintage car, drivers are required to satisfy the eligibility criteria and to provide documentation or payment of the applicable fees in addition to the regular car registration procedure.

Applying for this type of registration is a necessary procedure to complete immediately after buying and titling your vehicle at a local DOR office. In addition, drivers will also be required to obtain vintage registration plates as part of the registration process. Moreover, the vintage car tags are a permanent registration to the vehicle and they must stay on it when the owner sells it to another party, otherwise the new owner will face a transfer penalty.

Definition of Vintage Vehicle in Alabama

Prior to applying for a classic car registration in Alabama, drivers must know the category and the specific regulations that apply to the registration procedure of such vehicles. In Alabama, antique or custom-made cars are referred to as vintage vehicles.

The average vintage car age in AL is 30 years old and this type of car may be a private passenger vehicle, truck or truck tractor with a weight below 26,000 pounds, a motorcycle, or a fire truck. In addition, a vintage vehicle must have the original design or similar body parts which will make it look authentic and will validate the make, model and year of the age it originates from.

Steps in the Alabama Vintage Vehicle Registration Process

The procedure of applying for a vintage vehicle registration in Alabama may be completed through the AL Department of Revenue (DOR). When registering vintage vehicles, drivers are usually expected to appear in person at a local AL DOR branch and satisfy the set requirements.

To begin the historic car registration procedure, vehicle owners need to apply to the judge of probate or commissioner of licenses by submitting special application forms. These are provided by the Commissioner of Revenue and may be found at your local DOR office.

In addition to the application forms, drivers must also submit a payment for the registration fee. Drivers will obtain an Alabama antique car tags upon successful completion of these requirements.

Along with the registration, owners will also receive permanent vintage license plates for their vehicles. The classic registration plates must remain on the car permanently, even in a situation when the owner decides to sell the vehicle to another party.

The new owner will be required to complete an Application for Transfer of Vintage Vehicle License Plate when transferring the ownership and car registration to their vehicle. Note that drivers may be required to submit the plates to the institution that issued them and obtain regular license plates, if the vintage vehicle has been substantially modified.

In addition, a vehicle with vintage personalized number plates will not be used as a commercial or special vehicle, or for transporting passengers and property.

Fees to Register a Vintage Vehicle in Alabama

The final step in the Alabama vintage vehicle registration procedure is to provide payment for the applicable fees. Drivers who are registering classic vehicles at the AL DOR will be required to pay a $10 fee, as well as possible title fees and additional taxes.

The exact fees may be found written on the application form that you must complete as part of the registration procedure. Note that fees are subject to change without notice; therefore, drivers are encouraged to contact the Alabama Department of Revenue in order to find out the exact cost.

Vintage vehicle owners who violate the rules contained in The Code of Alabama will be subject to a fine of at least $100, their classic vehicle registration and license plates will be forfeited. In addition, drivers will be mandated to pay regular registration fees and taxes for their vehicles and they will be prohibited from applying or holding a vintage car registration for the following three years.

Note: In addition to obtaining registration documents, it is also mandatory to renew car registration for your regular passenger vehicle prior to the expiration date.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.