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How to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in New York

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Like most other motor vehicles, custom-built and antique vehicles must be properly registered and titled in the state of New York. However, the process of registering an antique or custom-built vehicle is different from registering a regular vehicle. If you have brought an antique or custom-built vehicle into New York for a first time registration, or if you have custom-assembled a vehicle in the State, you will be referred to a DMV office near you.


  • In New York, an antique vehicle is called a vintage or historical vehicle. It is defined as any motor vehicle that was manufactured at least twenty-five years ago.
  • The State defines a custom-built vehicle as any homemade vehicle including electric-powered vehicles not certified by the DMV as well as vehicles made from kits or any other vehicles with special parts or characteristics.


You will have to contact the DMV to send you a registration application for your specially constructed vehicle at:

NYSDMV Technical Services Bureau
Vehicle Safety Services
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany NY 12228    

(518) 474-5282

  1. Once you receive the application, which will also include instructions for its completion, mail it back to the DMV with all the required documents as listed in the checklist provided with the application.
  2. Once you receive the registration approval, the DMV will send you a Notice of Registration Acceptability (Form VS-103).
  3. The next step is to get a VIN assigned if your custom vehicle does not have one. Fill out the Application for Vehicle Identification Number (Form MV-272.1) and along with the $25 fee, mail it to:
    VIN Assignment
    Division of Field Investigation
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    6 Empire State Plaza
    Albany, NY  12228    
  4. Before the DMV can assign you a VIN, they will conduct a safety inspection. You must take the Notice of Registration Acceptability with you for the inspector to complete.
  5. After completing the inspection, you will be assigned a VIN.
  6. The final step will be to visit the DMV office near you to register your specially constructed vehicle. You will need the following documents:
    • Completed Form MV-82.
    • Proof of ownership.
    • Proof of New York state insurance for the vehicle and proof of all sales tax paid on all the parts used and for the purchase of the vehicle.
    • Weight certificate.
    • The completed Notice of Registration Acceptability.
    • Proof of identity and proof of age.


When registering a specially constructed vehicle, you will be required to pay the appropriate registration and titling fees. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles accepts cash, money orders or checks.


Your custom-built or antique vehicle's registration will clearly indicate when it will expire. The process for renewing the registration on a custom or antique vehicle is the same as renewing the registration on a regular motor vehicle.


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