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Suspended License Information for New York

Information Related to License Suspensions

Causes for Drivers License Suspension in New York

There are a number of ways that you can end up with a suspended drivers license in New York, and while they include traffic violations, they also extend beyond them into other aspects of life. Here are some of the driving mistakes that can result in suspension:

  • Drug-related violations
  • Alcohol-related violations, DUI
  • Vehicle-related homicide
  • Vehicular assault
  • Vehicular criminal negligence
  • Racing on the highway

Automatic driving licenses suspensions are caused by:

  • Too many traffic violations
  • Moving violations during a probationary period
  • Driving while ability impaired drugs and/or alcohol

This means that the period of time that you will have a suspended driving license is predetermined. However, there are also indefinite suspensions, which can result from:

  • Not paying traffic fines
  • Not responding to a court summons
  • Not paying child support
  • Not filing an accident report

Furthermore, you can also end up with a revoked drivers license in New York if you:

  • Are caught driving while intoxicated
  • Are caught driving impaired
  • Refuse a chemical test
  • Fail the chemical test

Refusal to take Chemical Test Penalties

If you refuse to submit to a chemical test, such as a Breathalyzer or a blood test, the following consequences will result:

  • One-year driver's license suspension, if this is your first offense
  • Civil penalty fee
  • Re-application fee
  • Other possible penalties

If you are a repeat offender, your driver's license can be suspended for up to 18 months.

Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License

If you choose to disobey the law and operate a vehicle with a suspended license, you will most likely have to face any of the consequences below:

  • Additional jail time
  • Community service
  • Higher fees
  • Felony charges
  • Alcohol and substance abuse program enrollment

Hardship Licenses

The state of New York allows certain drivers to obtain a conditional or restricted license. Drivers who are eligible will receive a letter in the mail from the DMV indicating if a hardship drivers license is an option.
If you would like to see if your drivers license is suspended, visit the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to look up your driving record.

New York Traffic School

One of the most common ways to get a suspended drivers license is by being a persistent traffic offender. That means that you accumulated 11 violation points on your driving record in 18 months. By enrolling in a defensive driving course with an accredited institution, you will be able to remove some points from your drivers record. Since passing online traffic school wipes away some of your past driving mistakes, you won't have to worry about suspension.

NY Suspended Drivers License Reinstatement

Reinstating suspended drivers license privileges can be done as soon as you wait out the entire suspension period, but you cannot begin the process before that. In order to reinstate your license, you will have to present proof of identity, such as a passport or permanent resident card, if you are a non-U.S. citizen.You will also have to worry about paying outstanding fees and the termination fee associated with suspended drivers license reinstatement.
In the event you incurred a definite suspension from the DMV, you will be able to pay your fees online, up to 10 fees per day. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the New York DMV website.
  2. Provide your Client ID NY driving license number or full name.
  3. Type in your birth date and gender.
  4. Give the last four numbers of your Social Security number, which must be on file with the NY DMV.
  5. Type in your credit card number for reinstatement fees.
  6. Provide your e-mail address for confirmation.

Once you have completed the process, your New York drivers license will be reinstated within two business days of your submission.

Fees to Reinstate Suspended Drivers License

The fees that you will have to pay in order to reinstate revoked drivers license or suspended privileges will vary depending on the violation you committed. Furthermore, some offenses will carry multiple fees. And there are also civil penalties, traffic fines, and ticket prices that must also be paid. The breakdown of suspension termination fees is as follows:

  • $25 for out-of-state driver suspensions
  • $50 for definite suspension
  • $70 for indefinite suspensions
  • $100 for zero-tolerance law violations

Responsibility Assessment and Civil Penalties

If your suspended drivers license was the result of a traffic conviction, you will have to pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment fee. Fortunately, you can pay this fine online, in person, or by mail to the local DMV location.

How to Pay
If you decide to pay the fine online, you can follow the same process that is used to pay suspension termination fees:

  1. Access the NY DMV online portal.
  2. Put in your Client ID NY driving license number or full name.
  3. Provide date of birth and gender.
  4. Type in the final four numbers of your Social Security number, which must be on file with the NY DMV.
  5. Add your credit card number to pay for fees.
  6. Type in your e-mail address for confirmation.

In addition, if you were convicted of breaking the Zero-Tolerance Law, you will have to pay driver civil penalty fees as well. You will be able to do so online, in person, or by mail.

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Reviews of Suspended License Information for New York

I got a suspension 18 yrs. ago for a DUI. I haven't broken the law or had a single legal issue since. I paid my fine at the time of suspension. I assume it had been lifted, since I had gotten a license in two other states since! Lo and behold, when I went to renew a year ago, it was mysteriously suspended again...for not paying the fee when it was suspended - which I paid, of course. So, I paid it again. $300. I was told it was lifted and all was fine. Nope...NY never lets go once they get their claws in you. Turns out, I needed to send a $25 check, by mail, to Albany, and ask Driver Improvement for my license back. I did that two months ago, at which time I was told the process would take two weeks. HAH! Today, after sitting on hold for over an hour, I was told they're a month behind, still, and to try back in another 30 days. Is there any recourse for this ridiculous pee-pee dance!? I can't drive, so I can't work. I have a family and this is absolutely devastating for us. Does anyone wonder why people are fleeing NY State by the millions!? HELP, PLEASE!

Can you appeal a suspension due to non-payment of child support when there is a very good reason for the non-payment? In this case, the child was abducted to another country by the other parent several years ago, and the other country ordered support for the same child. A prior motion for modification of the U.S. child support order was denied without reason, and in violation of the law requiring the NY court to show full faith and credit to the subsequent order for support of the very same child in the other country, causing multiple liability to support the same child in two different jurisdictions. None of which has anything to do with driving in NY, yet NY has suspended my license because of unpaid child support in N.Y.

I received a refusal in another state that now requires a SR-22. My license was suspended in that state but my NY drivers license was not affected. I travel a lot in that state and want to get my license re-instated. First, if I get a SR-22 in NYS will my NY license get suspended? Another thing is I don't even own a car, can I get a SR-22 without owning a vehicle?

My New York license was suspended around 1970, I was living in New Jersey when I got stopped in NY and received a court summons. It was there that I was informed that I couldn't drive in NY because I had a suspended NY License. I moved to Puerto Rico in 1975 and been living there since. After 43 years is this information still active in the New York DVM Records?

I have idefinately suspended license and i no longer live in the state of ny. i was in a acar accident that no one else was involved in and i paid the fine for it. i got a letter in the mail stating that i haveto get the doctors paperwork or something like that to fix my license. what paperwork do i need to fix this so i can get a new drivers license? i have tried calling the ny dmv but i cannot get a real person on the phone. anyone that can give me some answers would be greatly appriciated. thank you very much

It's simple people.


I am now a virginia resident. I have been here for 9+ years. In August 2011 I had to renew my Va license. i had trouble due to me not turning in my ny plates after i change my ins to Va. ok. I paid the fee and after a week i was able to renew my license. Last week I was in a bender fender to discover I was driving without a legal license. New York had placed me as a "not able to be licensed" (by the way the police officer on the scene took my license away from me). I went to VA DMV just for them to say I'm okay and NY had cleared my issue and there isn't anything wrong. I had to re-apply with paying a 10.00 fee. i am very upset over this. Most of all, I have to go to court about this issue of driving with no license. Can someone help me solve this issue?????

Bring proof it was already paid to court with you. The judge should drop it because it was miscommunication between states

Where is the mention of a surcharge for driving someone else's (or your own) vehicle without proof of insurance??

Does anyone know how long it takes to hear from the DMV about a Drug & Alcohol Evaluation to get your license back??

3-6 months

I got a DWI and waited the 6 months of revocation. I then sent in my new license application MD-44 and waited another 2 1/2 months to hear from that. Then , the DMV made me get a Drug & Alcohol Evaluation. So I did. I sent it in last week. Anyone know how long it takes to hear about one of these from the DMV???

i would like to knw if my license is on a verge of suspension

You like to beat NYS at their own game, do what me and my friends do, have your girlfriend insure the car under her insurance or your mothers or fathers, and drive under there insurance. This is what I done for 4 years and my friends done over for 5 years. When they scan the plate your name doesn't pop up on the plate. I got caught once, because I did something sort of stupid, but learned from that. But my father removed me from his insurance and his insurance dropped so now I'm under someone else's. FU** YOU NYS, you spend thousands on police scanner guns which is invasion of privacy and brakes our constitution, but they don't do SH** for you when people like me (Many out there) still drive around without licenses because we use others insurances.. LOL

For those that are driving while susp (like the poster above). Make sure you are aware of this new technology!!!!

There is a new system out installed on some patrol cars "LPRS License Plate Readers". It scans 5000 plates an hour so a cop can tell in "seconds" if your are suspended when you drive past him. and he will pull you over to check your license.

Basically how it works is if you get suspended for any reason, the dmv will put your license plates in the NCIC national database and this new LPRS system will download the latest updates from them everyday. The cop will get an audible alert in his car along with a picture of yoiur plates and your car that tells him that you are on the "hot list". google for more info on the license plate readers.

Curious to know if anyone has ideas on how to beat this system????

why is everyone asking and giving their drivers license # out online to see if your license is suspended? this website has nothing to do with the NY DMV so they can't check...

where can i go on line or in person to find out if my licence is still suspended?

My ex bf had his license suspended for a lapse in insurance coverage. He has insurance now but he never truned in his drivers license or plates like you are suppose to. So once the suspension period is up and he is suppose to have his license reinstated what happens? I mean does his license get reinstated or more fines or does the suspension get extended till he turns that stuff in?

this happened to me a while back and i had to pay a fine for each day i didnt have insurance it was like $10 per day or something or the other option was to turn in my license for the number of days i didnt have insurance

this site is nothing but bull

I am looking for some information on the status of my drivers licsense??? Any help out there????

please tell me if i can get a NC state licsense with my previous driving record

You people have to be retarded. Look at how you write sentences. Why would you idiots give your I.D #, like the computer is going to look your # up or someone else is going to do that for you. LMFAO

i couldn't agree more, lol people are retarded

how do i find out if my license is suspended

I Martine Macdonald would like to find out if my License are suspended or reinstated my DL# is 682 949 002 exp 09/15/18 please email me back at personalmeal @

Thanks You

Martine Macdonald

I would like to know if my DL is presently current or if it's suspended.

My DL # is 562888832.

Please respond to my email:

Thank you VERY MUCH!

Wow you really put your info out there.. I'm sure all the hackers in the world thanks you. And people wonder how it is their identity gets stolen. Just by you putting your name, drivers license number and the expiration date on here are you aware of what people can obtain with that information??? If I were you I would delete this asap.


i would like to know my lisence status

i would like to get my lisence back


yes it is you idiot!!!

my license was suspended for un a unpaid ticket , id like to know if its been reinstated n if i have to pay a fee

i would like to know my lisence status

i would like to know whats going on with my LICENSE whats the status

my license was suspened for 2 DUI's my license was suspened for 6 months with a fine for $750 for each DUI making it a total of $1500. I what i want to know is I completed my time with the classes they ask me to take,my court fees are paid up but i need to pay motor vehicle's fee the court orginally gave me a conditional license but motor vehicle's said no and i waited out my time. Now that I've done my time can i at least get a condition license for work if i havent paid my fee's yet? and is their any was I can contest the fee charge if your in a crisist or in poverty?

Child support suspended my license how much will I have to pay to get my license back. Even if they are garnishing from my check.

sorry i don't have a answer for you I would like to know if you lose your license for child support can you get a conditional license

Thank you

I would like to know if my license was or is in effect to be suspensed regarding an accident on June 22,2009. Police made out a report, however I was not informed that a report/form had to be filed with DMV, within ten days as I have never been in an accident before, however the forms have now been filled out as of July 10th,2009 and is being mailed in. I would appreciate a response as soon as posible.

how can i check when i get my licences back i got it suspended for 30 days but i mailed it in around june20-26

i would like to check if my license is suspended.

Just using to keep up with my License



i would like to see if my license is suspended

is my license suspend?

hey drivers

I was driving without license about 2 to 3 years ago and I got couple of tickets what can I do to get my driver permit and be able to get my license? And also is my license still suspended or when I turn 21 will it clear from my record

i would like to know if my driver's licence is suspended ,how to check it ? lic#725128686 CHRISTOPHE HENRY O