Drivers license reinstatement in Minnesota is a required procedure after a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. An MN suspended driving license will be issued in case motorists violate the set laws or fail to satisfy certain conditions. Also, cancelled or revoked driving licenses are handed down to drivers for more serious traffic misdemeanors.

When reinstating driving licenses in MN, applicants are required to meet a list of requirements imposed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS). The DPS maintains your driving transcript, which outlines your behind-the-wheel history, including any past traffic offenses. Explore the sections below to learn more about the reinstatement process in Minnesota.

Reinstating a Minnesota Suspended License

If you have been issued a suspended driving license in MN, you will receive a courtesy notice by the DPS stating the reason for losing your privilege to drive, as well as the requirements to reinstate. Since driving with a suspended license is considered illegal, drivers are required to restore their credential once the suspension period finishes.

In general, a Minnesota drivers license suspension, revocation or cancellation will occur for the following violations: illegal use of your current license to drive, failure to appear in court or pay a mandatory fine, failure to pay for child support, operating while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, refusal to submit to a chemical test, speeding and vehicular manslaughter, among others.

How to Reinstate a Minnesota Suspended Drivers License

The Minnesota drivers license reinstatement process is administered by the state Department of Public Safety. Motorists with a suspended or revoked driving license in MN will receive a notice of withdrawal. This form outlines the exact driving license restoration conditions that need to be satisfied by licensees.

Depending on the circumstances of the issued MN drivers license suspension, the reinstatement steps will vary. For instance, if you have been issued a revoked driving license in MN due to failure to present the mandatory proof of auto insurance, you may be obliged to do the following:

  • Take a knowledge test
  • Arrange payment for the reinstatement fees and any additional fines
  • Apply for a new Minnesota credential at a local DPS branch
  • Submit proof of liability coverage.

DUI offenses may require licensees to pass a DUI knowledge test, and submit to a chemical assessment among other criteria. Should licensees need more details about the reinstatement procedure, they are encouraged to contact the DPS.

Suspension Periods in Minnesota

To be eligible for a drivers license restoration in Minnesota, motorists will be obliged to complete a specific suspension period. The length of the MN driving license suspension or revocation will once again depend on the committed traffic violations and the corresponding penalties.

Drivers will receive a Minnesota revoked driving license for up to one year due to a no-insurance offense. The following list outlines the MN drivers license suspension periods resulting from DUI misdemeanors:

  • First offense: A minimum 90-day revocation. Should drivers plead guilty to driving while intoxicated, the Minnesota driving license suspension period will be reduced to 30 days.
  • Second violation: A minimum revoked driving license of at least one year provided the violation occurred within 10 years of the first misdemeanor.
  • Third offense: A minimum three-year revocation.

Minnesota Point System

Drivers license suspensions typically occur when motorists accumulate a specific number of demerit points on their driving records. A suspended driving license will be issued once you commit several violations and reach the said limit of negative points.

In general, most states in the U.S. have set a point system which includes various traffic misdemeanors and the negative points attached to them. Minnesota does not have a point system at the moment.

However, an immediate MN drivers license suspension or revocation may occur after serious violations of state laws and road regulations are committed. Since penalties may be even greater for any subsequent traffic offense, it is best to order a copy of your driving record and review the current status of your license to drive.

Traffic School in Minnesota

Motorists who have faced several driving license suspensions in Minnesota may be required to enroll in a state-approved traffic school to satisfy certain reinstatement requirements. If you have been issued a suspended drivers license in MN due to serious offenses, the defensive driver program may help you avoid committing such violations in the future.

Besides improving your behind-the-wheel behavior, completing such a course may also lead to an auto insurance discount. Contact the Minnesota DPS for details about locations, as well as the eligibility requirements for a driver improvement clinic.

Types of Minnesota Driver’s License Suspensions

Motorists will be penalized with a suspended or a Minnesota revoked driving license for specific driving or non-driving violations. To reinstate their drivers license in MN, they must meet the imposed requirements and provide the necessary paperwork to the DPS.

The MN driving license reinstatement procedure may require applicants to complete certain courses in addition to paying the allotted fees. If you have a revoked driving license, for instance, you must pass the appropriate examinations (the knowledge or road test) and apply for a new MN credential once the conditions have been satisfied. The most common reasons for a driving license suspension in Minnesota include:

  • Constant violation of road rules and regulations.
  • Unlawful use of your driving license.
  • Failure to pay court-ordered child support.
  • Possession of a false or altered license.
  • Failure to pay a fine or appear in court when required.
  • Operating while intoxicated (for drivers younger than 21).

An MN revoked drivers license, on the other hand, will be issued for refusal to submit to the alcohol and/or drugs test, DUI conviction, speeding, failure to provide proof of no-fault insurance, failure to stop and render aid in case of a vehicle crash, vehicular manslaughter and more. Drivers may also face a cancellation of their credential provided they are physically or mentally unfit to drive or they do not qualify for a new driver’s license per state laws.

Minnesota DUI Suspensions

Licensees will have a revoked driving license in Minnesota after a DUI conviction or refusal to take the chemical test under the Implied Consent Law. To reinstate your drivers license in MN following a DUI offense, you will be required to pay the driving license restoration fee, pass a DUI knowledge test, and complete a license application, as well as a chemical assessment.

In addition to the administrative sanctions, motorists may also face rigorous criminal penalties imposed by the court. Penalties will be even more severe in the event of previous DUI convictions or refusals.

Drivers Older Than 21

A Minnesota driving license revocation will be issued to drivers with an alcohol concentration of .08 or more. Note that you may have an MN revoked drivers license for a BAC as low as .04 and receive a DUI conviction if a police officer proves that a violation was committed due to the alcohol in your system.

The driving license revocation period and the corresponding penalties will differ depending on prior DUI offenses. A first violation will result in a 90-day revocation and jail sentence and/or a $1,000 fine. Drivers will have a revoked driving license for at least one year provided the second misdemeanor occurred within 10 years of the first offense. Also, you will be required to serve a one-year jail sentence and/or pay a $3,000 fine.

The third DUI violation will result in drivers losing their credential for a minimum of three years, one-year imprisonment and/or a $3,000 fine. The MN drivers license reinstatement requirements, in this case, will include a mandatory substance use treatment assessment and completion of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Program. A Minnesota driving license revocation for a period of one up to six years will also incur due to refusal to submit to testing.

Note: The Ignition Interlock Device is installed in motor vehicles to prevent the engine from starting if it detects a BAC of .02 or more. Enrollment in the IID program is optional for first- and second-time DUI offenders.

Drivers Younger Than 21

DUI regulations and the corresponding drivers license suspensions in Minnesota are much more severe for motorists younger than 21 years of age. You will be handed down an MN suspended drivers license if you are caught with any amount of detectable alcohol in your system.

Minors convicted of operating while under the influence for the first time will lose their driving privileges for a period of 30 days. A Minnesota suspended driving license for 180 days will be issued for a second DUI violation.

Car Insurance Suspensions in Minnesota

Reinstating drivers license in MN is also mandatory for licensees who failed to purchase and maintain the required vehicle insurance coverage. Per state law, drivers are obliged to carry valid proof of liability insurance at all times and present one if asked by a law enforcement officer. Failure to do so will result in an MN revoked driving license and car registration for up to one year.

In addition to the administrative action, you may be penalized with a $1,000 fine and a 90-day jail sentence. The Minnesota drivers license restoration will require motorists to take a knowledge test and apply for a new license to drive. Also, you must arrange payment for the $30 driving license reinstatement fee and any additional fines, and file proof of the mandatory insurance obtained by an authorized insurance company.

Traffic Summons or Failure to Pay

Another violation which may lead to a drivers license suspension in Minnesota is the failure to arrange payment for the issued traffic citations or court fines. To avoid having an MN suspended driving license and additional fines in such instances, you will have to pay the outstanding ticket or fine within 30 days upon entry into the court’s system.

Several payment methods, including online, by mail, by phone or in person may be used, depending on where the citation was first issued. To reinstate their driving license in MN, applicants may be obliged to pay a restoration fee to the DPS, in addition to the fines owed to the court handling their case.

Minnesota Hardship Drivers License

Upon the issuance of a suspended or an MN revoked driving license, you may be eligible for a hardship (restricted) credential before completing the drivers license suspension period. The limited license restricts drivers to operating their motor vehicles only under the following circumstances:

  • Driving to and from work.
  • Driving to and from substance dependency treatment/counseling.
  • For medical, educational or nutritional needs.
  • For school-related matters.

Applying for a Minnesota Hardship License

During the completion of the Minnesota driving license suspension period, motorists may have the option to request a limited license to drive. The eligibility requirements and application steps may differ based on the type of misdemeanor committed. For instance, if you have an MN suspended drivers license due to failure to pay for child support, you may complete an application form and mail it or present it in person at a nearby MN DPS office.

Drivers will be required to provide proof that payment for the restricted license fee set at $20 has been arranged as well. This type of credential is only valid for 90 days. To avoid more severe driving license suspensions in MN, you must adhere to the imposed limitations.

Fees to Reinstate a Minnesota Drivers License

To finish a Minnesota driving license restoration, applicants must pay the mandatory prices set by the state DPS. The total amount of the MN drivers license reinstatement fees will generally depend on the type of misdemeanor committed. For example, to reinstate driving licenses in MN from a DUI-related offense, motorists are obliged to pay a fee set at $680.

To restore your revoked drivers license following other offenses (including a lack-of-insurance revocation), payment of the $30 fee must be arranged. In case your driving privileges are temporarily taken away, the cost to reinstate is set at $20. Since prices are subject to change without notice, it may be best to contact a nearby DPS office in MN for the exact amount prior to reinstating.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.