A Minnesota defensive driving course can help drivers reinstate their driving privileges, earn insurance discounts and most importantly help drivers become more responsible drivers. In the state, Driver Improvement Clinics are traffic school programs available to anyone that has been convicted of a traffic violation and has entered a plea. Those who have not entered a plea may participate in a Driver Diversion Program (DDP) that allows them to keep driving as long as they complete the requirements of the training.

Courses are available in both an online and classroom setting. The online option is great for those who seek flexibility in their schedule. A classroom setting is ideal for drivers who are looking for a more guided approach to learning. In the program, drivers learn about rules of the road, how to avoid accidents and how to handle dangerous weather conditions. Keep reading to discover how a defensive driving course can help you regain your driving privileges.

Who can attend traffic school in Minnesota?

The MN defensive driving course is available to any driver who currently has their license revoked, suspend, cancelled or disqualified. The state provides two traffic school options for traffic violations.

Driver Improvement Clinics

The Driver Improvement Clinic is for adult drivers who have entered a plea and have been charged with a traffic violation. There is also a separate Youth-Oriented Driver Improvement Clinic which is for drivers under 18 years of age.

Driver Diversion Program (DDP)

Drivers may be eligible for the DDP training if they have been charged with Driving after Suspension (DAS) or Driving After Revocation (DAR). Also, to attend DDP traffic school, the person must not have entered a plea.

Beyond state-mandated driver safety courses, there are a variety of traffic school programs for drivers 55 years of age and older to get an auto insurance discount.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Minnesota

By state law, MN defensive driving courses must be at least 8 hours in length. Classes may be taken online or in person. Drivers who have already taken the 8-hour training may opt for a 4-hour refresher class that may be used to renew their auto insurance certificate.

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Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Minnesota

Drivers may elect to take a MN defensive driving course online to satisfy the requirement of their violation. With online classes, drivers have access to the material 24-hours per day 7-days per week. Thus, they have the flexibility to study the material at their desired pace. While the training may be eight hours, drivers can decide to take it all at once, or over a period of several days. Drivers must pass a quiz at the end of the class.

Some drivers may feel more comfortable attending the defensive driving class in-person. The classroom setting requires drivers to attend the program at dates and times specified by the education provider. Drivers may find the intimate classroom setting more appropriate because it gives them the chance to study alongside other drivers and interact directly with an instructor.

How to Enroll in a Minnesota Defensive Driving School

Drivers can register for a MN defensive driving school online although some may require registration by phone. Drivers will need to provide their full name, drivers license number and contact information. Those electing to take the training online will need to create an account on the provider’s website. They will need to create a username and password to access the training material. Drivers must pay an enrollment fee for their class.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Minnesota

Drivers receive many benefits from attending a MN driving safety course, many of which impact their driving record and driving privileges. Some drivers may even be able to get discounts on their insurance premiums. Below are specific benefits a driver may see upon completion of the program.

  • Dismissal of a traffic ticket
  • Obtain a car insurance discount
  • Reinstatement of a drivers license
  • Learn safe driving knowledge and skills

Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

In the state, all DAR and DAS citations are reported on a person’s driving record. However, it the motorist completes an approved safety class, the state will dismiss the original DAS or DAR citation.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

Drivers 55 years of age and older may qualify for a driver safety course insurance discount for taking the class. The discount is 10 percent and applies for a three-year period following class completion.

Reinstate a Drivers License

Motorists may not operate a vehicle if their license has been suspended or revoked. If they wish to regain driving privileges, they must complete a state-approved driver rehabilitation program.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

Aside from the legal benefits, those who participate in the program walk away with valuable skills that help them become more responsible drivers. They learn important lessons that help them avoid harm or injury to themselves or others while driving.

Minnesota Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

Drivers can expect to learn a great deal from a MN defensive driving course. Each class covers information on state traffic laws. Drivers also learn the rules of traffic signs and signals, defensive driving techniques and incident avoidance techniques. Courses are either four or eight hours in length and participants will receive a workbook for the class contains valuable exercises and quizzes to help them understand the material.

Minnesota Defensive Driving Certificates

Drivers receive a MN defensive driving certificate after completing the training. The document serves as proof they completed the program. For many, the certificate serves as a sense of accomplishment for completing the task. Aside from personal accomplishment, motorists may need to submit the document when applying to have their license reinstated.

Minnesota Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

MN Traffic school is a rehabilitative program aimed at improving a person’s driving skills. The training is often mandated as a requirement to comply with a court order for traffic violations. Once a person completes the training, they may regain their driving privileges or have a ticket dismissed. There is no driving component to the class and all information is presented in lecture, online or workbook format.

Unlike traffic school, drivers education is for new and unlicensed drivers. The state requires drivers education for anyone seeking to obtain a drivers license. The class includes in-depth classroom study as well as several hours of supervised driving time.

Minnesota Defensive Driving Course Fees

Defensive driving course fees in MN vary between education providers. Drivers should contact each provider for specific costs and fees. Some of the lowest price traffic schools start at just $24.95. Anyone who participates in the DDP program may also be required to pay a one-time processing fee as a part of their agreement with the court.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.