About Arkansas Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving schools in Arkansas teach drivers the importance of following traffic laws of the state. Drivers may take a defensive driving course for several reasons, including to dismiss a traffic ticket, fulfill a court order or to simply learn better driving habits. Drivers can also take a driver improvement course to qualify for a safe driving discount on their car insurance premium.

Drivers in Arkansas must be approved to take defensive driving courses by their local jurisdiction for the purpose of dismissing a traffic ticket from their driving record.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses in Arkansas

Drivers who take Arkansas driving school classes will benefit in a variety of ways including:

  • Reducing a number of points accumulated on your AR driving record.
  • Dismissing an Arkansas traffic ticket.
  • Earning an auto insurance discount.
  • Becoming a better driver.

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What defensive driving courses are offered in Arkansas?

Arkansas drivers can take defensive driving classes in the following instances:

  • To a dismiss a traffic ticket.
  • To fulfill a court order.
  • To prevent the accumulation of driving record points stemming from a traffic ticket.
  • To qualify for an insurance premium reduction.
  • For personal education.

Where to Take a Driver Improvement Class/Traffic School

Arkansas traffic school courses can be taken either online or in the classroom. Arkansas defensive driving courses are administered by third-party providers who operate via the web or locally. AR online traffic school is an option for drivers who prefer a quick and convenient approach to obtaining their driving school certificate. Others who learn best from the face-to-face interaction between instructor and students can locate an Arkansas traffic school in their area.

Why do I need traffic school?

Drivers should attend traffic school if they wish to avoid the accumulation of points on their driving record or if they want to qualify for a discount on their car insurance. Driver safety courses can also be taken by drivers to meet personal educational goals.

Did you know? Upon accumulating 14 or more points on their driving record, drivers are at risk for a driver’s license suspension. To find out your chances of getting a driver’s license suspension, get a copy of your Arkansas driving record today.

Who can take a defensive driving course in Arkansas?

Arkansas licensed drivers of all ages can take defensive driving courses to improve their knowledge of traffic safety laws. To qualify for traffic ticket dismissal, requires drivers to receive permission from a county court judge. In other cases, drivers may be mandated by the court to complete a driver improvement course as a requirement of a traffic probation program.

Dismissing Traffic Points

Arkansas defensive driving for ticket dismissal classes are available for drivers who receive permission from the courts to take the course to prevent the points from accumulating on their permanent driving record. Taking a traffic school course does not, however, qualify Arkansas drivers to have points dismissed from their driving record. To find out if the traffic ticket your received qualifies you for a dismissal, speak with the judge in your case.

Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Defensive driving class insurance discount programs are an option for drivers who receive prior approval form their car coverage provider. Drivers of all ages, though especially teenagers and mature drivers, may qualify for a discount on their car insurance for taking part in a compressive driving school course.

Did you know? Driving school insurance discounts are most often available to teen or mature drivers. However, drivers of all ages can benefit from additional driver training. To find out if you are eligible for a safe driving discount with your insurance company, contact them today.

Enrolling in Defensive Driving Courses

How to Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course

Prior to enrolling in an Arkansas defensive driving school course, get permission from the Arkansas county court in which your violation occurred to find out which courses for which you are eligible to apply. To register for traffic school, drivers should contact a driving school by telephone or by conducting an internet search for a certified driving school.

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Online Arkansas Defensive Driving Courses vs. in Person

Arkansas online traffic school and classroom-based course options abound for drivers. Residents who want to take Arkansas driver improvement classes to dismiss a traffic ticket must have their course provider of choice approved by the judge in their case. There is a chance the court may require a driver to take a classroom based defensive driving course instead. After you are equipped with the proper information, proceed by clicking here to find a traffic school provider.

Cost of Traffic School in Arkansas

The traffic school cost of attendance in Arkansas is mostly determined by private defensive driving school providers. Drivers must also factor in the county court fee when calculating how much is driving school going to cost them.

Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

Drivers who plan to enroll in an Arkansas driving improvement course must hold a valid AR driver’s license and fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Have not received a traffic ticket for a moving violation within the previous three years.
  • Have received a traffic ticket that does not require a mandatory court appearance.
  • Want to become a better driver.

Arkansas drivers who have a not completed traffic school in the last three years may qualify to take a defensive driving training class to dismiss a traffic ticket. Residents should be mindful that specific traffic school eligibility requirements are determined by the jurisdiction in which their violation occurred.

Defensive Driving Course Certificate

Arkansas traffic school certificates are handed out to drivers who successfully complete a defensive driver course, whether it be online or in person. The driving school certificate of completion must be presented to the county court judge in your case in order for you to receive credit for taking a traffic ticket diversion course. Drivers taking a defensive driving course to receive a safe driver discount form their vehicle insurance company must present the driving school certificate to their provider.

Defensive Driving School and Point Reduction

Does an Arkansas defensive driving school course remove a ticket?

Yes, attending traffic school for ticket diversion in Arkansas is allowable in certain cases. Before registering for defensive driving school, drivers must be sure to get approval from the court in their case. Traffic school eligibility is dictated by the county court in which the violation originated.

How many times can I take a defensive driving course in Arkansas?

Arkansas drivers can complete defensive driving once every three years for the purpose of dismissing a traffic ticket from their driving record.

Does a ticket still have to be paid after taking a defensive driving course?

Completing an Arkansas defensive driving course may qualify a driver for a reduced traffic fine. To find out the specifics concerning your responsibility for traffic ticket payment, consult with the judge in your case.

Can I remove a parking ticket if I take a defensive driving course?

Taking a defensive driving class in AR does not qualify a driver to have parking ticket dismissed. Arkansas traffic school ticket dismissal courses apply only to moving violations.

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DUIs and Defensive Driving School

Taking a defensive driving class in AR is not a corrective action for a DUI arrest. To regain their driving privileges due to a DUI conviction or BAC test refusal suspension, drivers must complete a state-approved substance abuse education or treatment program. Those convicted of a DUI must also attend a Victim Impact Panel as a condition of their driver’s license reinstatement.

Last updated on Thursday, December 21 2017.

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