Access online assistance services for help on how to get your new ID as soon as possible. In many states, getting a driver’s license or ID for the first time involves several steps. Therefore, knowing what you will need to do and which documents you will need to present to the DMV is important. Online assistance provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a new license or ID card. Take advantage of this service to simplify the process today.

  1. By Mail

Some drivers prefer to complete their DMV transactions by mail. Unfortunately, this process is generally much slower than simply dealing with the DMV online. When completing DMV transactions by mail, make sure to set aside enough time for your documents to reach the DMV. If you are on a tight schedule, be mindful that the DMV will need to receive your documents, process your request and mail a response back to you. Double-check all forms, payment methods and applications before mailing them, as any error on your part may delay the process.

  1. In Person at a DMV Office

There are DMV transactions that you can only complete in person at a DMV office. These are sometimes lengthy processes, and since DMV lines are often long and slow, preparing beforehand can help ensure your visit is as quick as possible. Knowing which documents you will need and filling out necessary forms before your visit can keep you from wasting your trip. In these cases, online assistance services can help by providing you with all the information you need to make your visit a success.

An Arkansas ID card is available to state residents who do not hold a valid driving license and to those who choose not to drive a motor vehicle. Note that a state ID credential can only be used for identification purposes and it does not grant the same privileges as a driver’s license. Nondrivers with DMV ID card credentials will be required to renew their ID’s on a regular basis in order to maintain the validity of their cards. To successfully apply for ID card credentials, applicants will be required to meet the requirements set forth by the state Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). The department issues both adult ID cards for applicants 21 years of age and older as well as for minors. Find out more about the ID card services provided by the state DFA by reading the sections below.

Requirements for an ID Card in Arkansas

Only applicants who meet the Arkansas DMV identification card requirements will successfully obtain a new state ID card. The credentials required for the application process may slightly vary based on the type of card you are requesting. For example, the DFA issues new ID card documents for veterans, which can be obtained only after providing proof of the applicant’s veteran status. The AR ID card application procedure can be successfully completed by nondrivers who:

  • Meet the minimum age requirement (varies based on the type of ID card that is requested).
  • Are able to prove their identity, legal U.S. presence and participation or exemption from the Social Security program.
  • Do not hold a standard driving license.
  • Remit payment for the applicable fees.


Before issuing an ID card in AR, the state DFA will review the credentials submitted by the applicant. Applicants will be able to prove their eligibility for a state issued ID either by submitting two primary identification documents or one primary and one secondary document. The list of primary documents includes credentials such as: a U.S. passport, an official birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship or an Employment Authorization Card. To ensure that the identification card displays the correct name, the DFA requires all applicants whose name is different from the one on the primary document to submit the appropriate name change forms. While the primary documentation is submitted as proof of legal U.S. presence, the secondary documents will be used as another proof of the applicant’s identity. As a form of secondary identification, applicants can submit documents such as driving licenses issued by other U.S. states, firearm licenses or vehicle registrations and titles.

Note: If you are applying for a veteran ID card in AR, you will also be required to submit the U.S. Department of Defense discharge document.

The Arkansas ID Card Application Process

The process of applying for an ID card in Arkansas can be completed by submitting the necessary items through a local DFA revenue office. Note that the option to get an ID card online is not currently offered by the department. Therefore, you will be required to submit all your forms at a physical location. To finalize the process of getting a state ID card, complete the following steps:

  • Submit your Social Security Number or sign an affidavit stating ineligibility for the SS program.
  • Fill out an ID card form (if required).
  • Present the necessary evidentiary documents (outlined above).
  • Have your photo taken.
  • Pay the applicable DMV ID fee.

Once the DFA verifies the submitted documents and the fee payment, it will produce a new ID card and send it to the applicant’s address. If you lose or damage your AR state issued ID, you can apply for an ID replacement for the same set fee.

Note: Applicants younger than 21 years of age will receive ID cards with a vertical orientation, instead of the standard horizontal orientation, due to the department’s attempts to provide an easily recognizable underage credential.

Arkansas Identification Card Fees

An important step in the ID card application procedure is arranging payment for the applicable DMV ID cost. Applicants can obtain a non drivers license in AR for a small fee regardless of age and type of ID that is requested. Keep in mind that DFA fees are subject to change without notice, so be sure to check the fees before you submit your application to a DFA office in Arkansas.

On the other hand, if you are interested in obtaining a driver’s license, you may be required to purchase practice tests or pay for a driver’s ed program in order to obtain a valid driver’s ID card in Arkansas. In addition to helping you obtain a driver’s license, these course and study material can help you improve your knowledge of current driving laws in Arkansas, and can even help improve your driving record should you get a traffic ticket.

Application fees for all types of ID cards in Arkansas vary slightly, but they are all affordable. No ID card will ever be worth more than a few dollars, and some residents may even get their fees reduced based on their financial situation or military status.

Last updated on Monday, September 24 2018.

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