Many Arkansas drivers wonder, “How do I change the name on my car registration following a legal name change?” Vehicle owners need to change car registration information when their name and address change. To change a name on car registration, motorists will be required to submit their requests to the Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) of the state Department of Finance and Administration (DFA). The process requires residents to submit certain documents and pay fees for replacement material.

The Arkansas car registration name change is a mandatory procedure that must be completed as soon as possible by vehicle owners who have legally changed their name. However, before residents submit a request to change car registration information, they will be required to complete the name change transaction for their Social Security card and a drivers license. Therefore, drivers will need to be aware and prepare for the required time restraints to apply to both the Social Security Administration (SSA) and OMV in Arkansas. To get more information on how to change your name on car registration in AR, continue reading the following sections.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Arkansas Car Registration

Changing name on car registration after marriage and divorce are the two most common instances where you must update your name with the state DFA.

Many car registration name changes after divorce and marriage proceedings result in replacement documentation with the marital or previous surname.

If you are wondering when to change your name on car registration under different circumstances, then note that you will also have to inform the DFA of your new name if you legally change it through the state courts.

In addition to the procedure to change your name due to court orders, you will have to get corrected vehicle documents in the rare cases that you are issued a car title and/or registration with a typographical error as well.

To learn why changing your name on car registration in AR is important under other circumstances as well, contact a local DFA office.

Arkansas Name Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

If you are wondering, “How long do I have to change my name before having a penalty in Arkansas?” then it is important to note that state law requires you to obtain replacement documents in your new name as soon as possible.

Failure to abide by the time limits to change your name on car registration may lead to several detrimental consequences. For instance, one of the penalties for not changing name on car registration in AR is receiving a traffic ticket for driving with outdated documentation.

To learn more about the exact timeframe for updating your car registration and the potential consequences of failing to do so, contact the department.

Steps to Take Before Updating Your Registration in Arkansas

If you need information on what to do before updating your registration in Arkansas, then note that you will first have to ensure that you have the official proof of your new name, such as a divorce document, a marriage certificate or a name change court order.

One of the first things to do before updating your registration is applying for a revised Social Security card with the Social Security Administration. Once you update your SSA record, you can proceed with applying for a driving license name change with the state DFA.

After obtaining a revised photo ID, you can initiate the DMV registration update process for purposes of obtaining a replacement car registration and title that display your new name.

How to Change Your Name on Your Arkansas Car Registration

Changing your name on your car registration in person in Arkansas is currently the standard method of updating your name with the DFA since you will be required to deliver verifiable paperwork to a DFA agent.

When completing the procedure to change name on vehicle registration in person, you will also be required to obtain an updated vehicle title.

If you are wondering how to change your name on your car registration in person in AR, then note that you may be required to fill out an application form and submit your current vehicle documents and proof of your name change and identity.

In order to obtain updated vehicle paperwork reflecting your name change, you may also be required to pay a certain fee.

Note: The option to change car registration name online in Arkansas is not currently available.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Arkansas

The state DFA will inform you when to renew your car registration in Arkansas by mailing you a renewal reminder several weeks prior to your registration expiration date.

If you would like to update your name and renew your car registration name change documents, then you submit the request in person since a DFA agent must verify them prior to processing your request.

To successfully update your name and complete the AR vehicle registration renewal name change paperwork must be submitted prior to meeting the standard requirements for completing the car registration renewal process.

Arkansas DMV Name Change Fees

Paying certain DMV name change fees in Arkansas when updating your name with the department is an important step since the state DFA must manufacture new documents with your new name.

In addition to the DMV name change price for an updated driving license, you will also have to pay certain AR vehicle registration name change fees for both a new registration card and a vehicle title.

Car owners who choose to renew their license plates after changing their name will also have to pay the DMV registration renewal fees.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.