If you are wondering, “How do I change the name on my car registration in Wisconsin?” you should understand how and when to complete these tasks. Vehicle owners may perform by using the available methods for name update offered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the state Department of Transportation (DOT). Changing car registration to another as a result of a marriage, a divorce or a received court order is a common occurrence.

Moreover, drivers who want to perform a procedure of adding name to a car registration may be also required to update their names with the WI DMV records and on all of their credentials. Motorists who are still wondering how to change your name on car registration, may continue reading the sections below for more detailed information.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Wisconsin Car Registration

If you are asking yourself when to change your name on car registration in Wisconsin, you need to know that whenever you make a slight change in your full name, you will have to inform the WI DMV of the change and update both your records and start the duplicate registration process that shows your correct name.

In most cases, you may be required to perform a process of car registration name change after marriage or after divorce. Moreover, you may also change your name by court order, which will require you to begin a procedure of name update immediately.

Wisconsin Name Change Time Limits for Updating Your Car Registration

Wondering, “Is name change notification mandatory in Wisconsin?” if so, you should know that although the WI DMV have not determined a time limit by which you must perform a name update, you are required to perform a name update procedure as soon as possible.

If you are wondering “How long do i have to change my name before having a penalty?” you may be required to update your name with the DMV from few days up to several weeks in order to avoid penalties for failing to update on time.

Steps to Take Before Updating Your Registration in Wisconsin

If you are wondering “What to do before updating your registration?”, you need to begin by changing your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you are still trying to find out the answer to the question “How to update your car registration in WI?”, you should understand that the DMV registration update in Wisconsin is a procedure that motorists need to perform when they make a change in their full names.

Once you obtain a new social security card (SSC), you may continue with updating your name with the WI DMV records and your state driver’s license and photo identification card.

How to Change Your Name on Your Wisconsin Car Registration in Person

Changing your name on your car registration in person at a local WI DMV branch is one of the offered methods for a name update. When changing your name on your car registration in person, motorists may be required to submit their current car titles or a confirmation of ownership over the motor vehicle.

The WI DMV will not mandate you to obtain a corrected vehicle registration, title or confirmation of ownership documents, because the new names will be written on the subsequent issue of these credentials. In addition, when you change your name on a vehicle registration in person, you may be required to pay a certain fee if you want to obtain a corrected credential prior to the renewal date.

Note: If you are interested in changing your name on your car registration online, you must know that currently the WI DMV website does not offer an online service for a name change.

How to Change Your Name on Your Wisconsin Car Registration by Mail

Motorists also have the option to change car registration name by mail in Wisconsin as soon as they make a change in their names.

Changing your name on your car registration by mail will also require you to send a current car title or a confirmation of ownership to the WI DMV mailing address. Note that when you decide to change vehicle registration name by mail, you may not be required to submit payment for any fees.

When to Renew Instead of Update Your Registration in Wisconsin

When you are to renew your car registration name change requests may be submitted to the WI DMV and both procedures may be performed at the same time. Vehicle owners may be able to perform a process of vehicle registration renewal name change in Wisconsin when they want to change their names during the renewal period of their credential.

The WI DMV does not require you to change name on car registration immediately after you update your DMV records and allows you to get a credential with updated name when you perform a car registration renewal procedure.

Wisconsin DMV Name Change Fees

Wisconsin DMV name change fees may be required from vehicle owners as the final step of the name update procedure. Motorists may be mandated to pay a certain DMV name change price when they want to obtain a replacement credential immediately after updating the DMV records.

When wondering “How much is to change name at DMV?”, motorists must be aware that the fees may vary based on the update method and on whether they want a duplicate credential or not. It costs $5 to change your name on your Wisconsin registration. A duplicate Wisconsin title and registration costs $20.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.