Riders must complete the procedure to renew motorcycle license in Wisconsin on a regular basis since the state Department of Transportation (DOT) issues motorcycle licenses with a limited validity. Failure to finalize the motorcycle license renewal may lead to certain fines and penalties, such as traffic citations. Note that the process of motorcycle credential renewal is identical with the standard driving license renewal process, since the state DMV adds riding privileges to existing Wisconsin drivers licenses in most cases. Motorcyclists can complete the process of renewal by mail and in person. However, the mail-in renewal is an option that is currently only available to riders living outside of the state on a temporary basis. To learn how to renew motorcycle license in WI, motorists can continue reading the sections below.

When to Renew Motorcycle License in Wisconsin

If you are wondering when to renew your motorcycle license in Wisconsin, note that the division manufactures its standard driving credentials with a validity of eight years set to expire on your birthday. To remind you to complete the motorcycle endorsement renewal on time, the state DMV will also mail you a renewal reminder about six to eight weeks prior to your deadline. Alternately, you can sign up for electronic notices through the DOT website. Note that the expiration date of your WI motorcycle endorsement is the same as the expiration date of your standard drivers license issued by the DOT. You can initiate the process of renewing your motorcycle endorsement up to 12 months prior to its expiration.

Note: Riders can also complete the motorcycle permit renewal in WI for their six-month permit credentials on two separate occasions.

How to Renew Motorcycle License by Mail in Wisconsin

Renewing a motorcycle license by mail in Wisconsin is a renewal method that can only be utilized by riders who are temporarily absent from the state. If you would like to renew by mail while outside of Wisconsin, you must first ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a U.S. citizen.
  • The state DMV has your Social Security Number on file.
  • You are within your renewal period.
  • Your license has not been expired for longer than eight years.
  • You have a valid photo license.
  • You have completed your last license renewal in person.

To finalize the process to renew your motorcycle license in WI by mail, you will be required to send the standard driving license application along with your vision screening results, proof of state residency and identity and the fee payment to the DMV Driver Eligibility Unit in Madison. Prior to mailing your motorcycle license renewal packet, however, ensure to include a letter explaining your absence from the state, the date of your departure and return and a valid out-of-state address. After processing your request to renew a motorcycle endorsement by mail, the state DMV will mail your renewed credential to the out-of-state address that you have entered on the application form.

Note: The division does not yet implement a comprehensive online motorcycle license renewal option. Contact the state office for further information regarding online DOT services in Wisconsin.

How to Renew Motorcycle License in Person in Wisconsin

The standard method to renew motorcycle license in Wisconsin includes submitting the necessary paperwork and cost payment in person through a DMV customer service center. To finalize the in-person bike license renewal, you will be required to submit the application form, present your existing license, have a new photo taken, pass the vision screening and pay the renewal fee. Depending on your circumstances, additional steps will also apply. For example, if you are completing the drivers license name change process when renewing your motorcycle endorsement in WI, you will also have to submit the corresponding name change proof. If you are a non-U.S. citizen, on the other hand, you will need evidence of your legal presence.

When completing the procedure to renew motorcycle license in person, you also have the option of upgrading a standard credential to a REAL ID-compliant card. In such cases, you will be required to submit the full set of documents, including proofs of name, date of birth, citizenship, Social Security Number and state residency. To expedite the WI motorcycle license renewal process, you can also schedule your visit through the division’s website. Once your DMV agent processes your renewal application, he or she will forward a request for the manufacturing of a new credential and issue you a 45-day temporary driving license. Your renewed card will be mailed to your address on file within 10 business days.

Wisconsin Motorcycle License Renewal Fees

To finalize the process of renewing motorcycle endorsement in Wisconsin, riders will be required to pay the applicable renewal costs. Note that the total motorcycle license renewal cost may include both the renewal fee for the standalone driving license and the endorsement fee, since the division adds riding privileges to standalone licenses to drive. Therefore, to renew a motorcycle license in WI, riders may be required to pay both the renewal fee of $18 and the $34 driving license renewal cost. Motorcyclists who are renewing a motorcycle endorsement that has expired will be required to pay an additional $5 late fee.

Note: To learn more about the fees that apply when license renewal for motorcycle credentials and the cost to renew motorcycle permit documents, contact the division.

Last updated on Wednesday, September 26 2018.

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