You are required to process a motorcycle license renewal in Idaho before your license reaches its expiration date. If you have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license, that endorsement is set to expire at the same time that your regular driver’s license expires. Therefore, both need to be renewed together through the Idaho Transportation Department.

It is crucial that you understand the steps involved to renew a motorcycle license so that the process can be completed smoothly and effectively. In Idaho, there is only one method available for renewing a license, and that is in-person. After you have completed the steps for the renewal, you will be provided with a new license with a renewed motorcycle endorsement. If you are interested in learning more about how to complete this renewal and how much it will cost, read the sections below.

When to Renew a Motorcycle License in Idaho

Renewing a motorcycle license must be done before the license expires in order to avoid facing any penalties. Most driver’s licenses are valid for a period of four or eight years depending on your age and the length you prefer. The motorcycle endorsement included in the license is valid for the same period that the regular license is valid. A few of the options are as follows:

  • Younger than 18: Expires five days after 18th
  • Ages 18 to 20: Expires five days after 21st
  • Ages 21 and older: Expires after four years.
  • Ages 21 to 62: Expires after eight years.

If you are between the ages of 21 and 62, you have the option to obtain an eight-year license or you can obtain a four-year license if you prefer. However, motorists who are younger than 21 or older than 62 are unable to get an eight-year license and must instead adhere to shorter and more specific license validity periods.

If you are 21 years of age or older, there is a specific time before and after the license expires where a renewal can be completed. This time period includes 25 months before the expiration date and 25 months after. A renewal cannot be completed outside of this time frame.

If you opt to renew after the license has expired, ensure that you do not drive or operate a motorcycle until the license is renewed. Driving with an expired license can cause you to receive a ticket from law enforcement.

Eligibility for Motorcycle License Renewal in Idaho

There are a few different Idaho motorcycle renewal requirements that must be met before a renewal can be processed successfully. These requirements include being within 25 months before or 25 months after the expiration date and having a valid license that was issued in the State of Idaho.

In addition, there are certain documents required to renew a motorcycle license in some situations. If you wish to renew your motorcycle license and turn it into a REAL ID-compliant “Star Card” so that it can be used when boarding a commercial flight or entering a government facility, you must provide additional documentation. This includes documents for proof of identity, date of birth, lawful presence in the United States, Social Security number and physical residence.

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Motorcycle License in Idaho

There are a few different situations where an ID bike license renewal is not possible. A few of those instances include:

  • If it is earlier than 25 months before your license expires.
  • If it is later than 25 months after your license expires.
  • If your license is revoked or suspended.
  • If your license has been stolen, lost or damaged – if this is the case, you must complete a license replacement instead of a renewal.

Ensure that you are aware of whether you are able to renew your license or not before you make a trip out to the DMV.

How to Renew an Idaho Motorcycle License in Person

If you are wondering where to renew a motorcycle license in the state, you must note that the only method currently available is in-person. To do so, you must visit your local Idaho DMV office and do the following:

  1. Fill out the renewal application if one is provided.
  2. Present your expiring license.
  3. Pass a vision test.
  4. Pay the renewal fee.

After your application is approved, you will be provided with your new license. Ensure that you make note of when your new license is set to expire so that you are prepared.

How to Renew a Motorcycle Permit in Idaho

A motorcycle permit expires 180 days from the date it was issued. You can renew a motorcycle permit in ID only one time without needing to retake and pass the motorcycle written knowledge test only if you took that test within the past 12 months. To renew the permit, visit your local Idaho DMV office and provide proof of identity and your expired permit.

Idaho Motorcycle License Renewal Costs

If you are curious about, “How much does it cost to renew a motorcycle license?” it is important that you are aware of all of the fees associated with getting your license renewed in the state. These fees must be paid before the renewal process can be completed.

Keep in mind that the costs vary depending on your age and the type of license you qualify for or choose. The motorcycle license renewal fees in Idaho are as follows:

  • Younger than 18 (3-year license): $25.00
  • Ages 18 to 21 (3-year license): $25.00
  • Age 20 (1-year license): $15.00
  • Age 21 and over (4-year license): $30.00
  • Age 21 to 62 (4-year license): $55.00
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.