When dealing with a lost car registration in Idaho, vehicle owners are required to perform a replacement procedure in order to obtain a duplicate card and carry it when operating a motor vehicle on public roads. Moreover, a copy of vehicle registration may be also issued in situations when the registration card or certificate has been stolen, mutilated or illegible. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) issues replacement registration cards or certificates to vehicle owners who are facing one of the above situations.

However, in order to obtain a DMV registration replacement in Idaho, motorists may need to provide specific information as mandated by the ITD and to submit payment for the applicable replacement fees. After satisfying the ITD requirements for replacing a car registration card or certificate, the department will issue a duplicate credential. For more information on how to replace car registration in Idaho, continue reading the following sections.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Idaho?

Motorists need to perform an Idaho DMV registration replacement procedure in various situations. In most cases, a replacement is needed when vehicle owners lose their registration cards or certificates. Moreover, replacing a registration credential is mandatory when suspecting that the card or certificate had been stolen. Furthermore, a process of getting a DMV copy of registration is required when the registration credential has been mutilated or illegible.

After purchasing a motor vehicle, motorists must obtain car registration and title that they need to possess in order to legally operate their vehicles. Driving a car without proper documentation may lead to various penalties and violations. To avoid receiving penalties for operating a motor vehicle without a registration card or certificate, motorists are required to obtain a duplicate credential prior to driving their vehicles on public state roads.

Note: When facing a lost or stolen car registration, motorists need not only to replace their registrations, but are also encouraged to file a police report in order to avoid identity theft or fraud.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Idaho

Motorists are required to get a DMV copy of registration in Idaho in situations when their registration cards or certificates are lost, stolen, mutilated or illegible. Moreover, a replacement procedure may also be performed for lost, mutilated or illegible license plates. Vehicle owners who want to replace car registration in Idaho may have to visit a local ITD office to perform the required procedure. In order to obtain a copy of their registration cards or certificated, motorists need to do the following:

  • Make an application for replacement.
  • Provide the necessary information.
  • Submit payment for the applicable replacement fees.

The information that motorists provide to the ITD must be satisfactory to the department in order to get their replacement processed. When getting a DMV duplicate registration, motorists in most cases need to provide information about their vehicle, such as vehicle identification number (VIN), or other details about the make, model, or year of the vehicle. In addition, drivers whose registration card is mutilated or illegible are recommended to submit their current card or certificate to the ITD at the time of the application for a replacement.

Idaho Stolen Car Registration Requirements

Facing a stolen car registration in Idaho may raise various serious issues regarding the identity safety of the vehicle owner. For instance, motorists whose car registration cards or certificates are stolen may easily become victims to identity theft or fraud. Therefore, vehicle owners are encouraged to replace car registration immediately when they suspect that their credentials might have been stolen. In order to do so, they need to visit a nearby ITD location and perform the procedure in person. However, some of the local offices may allow sending written requests for replacement registration cards or certificates.

Note that prior to replacing their credentials, motorists may choose to file a police report for the stolen registration card or certificate. That way, the police department will be informed of the incident and the vehicle owner will be protected from identity theft or fraud.

Idaho DMV Sticker Replacement

Vehicle owners who are performing an Idaho DMV registration replacement procedure may also replace their license plates and stickers, in case they are lost, stolen, mutilated or illegible. Upon receiving a car registration, motorists will obtain their license plates issued by the ITD. Vehicle owners may choose from a variety of license plates, according to the type of their vehicles and based on their personal preference. Note that in most states motorists need to get license plates and a sticker that they need to have it placed on the plate.

Vehicle owners will have to perform a DMV sticker replacement procedure or to obtain duplicate license plates when losing a sticker or license plate. To do so, they need to go to the ITD and apply for a duplicate sticker or plate and pay the applicable DMV replacement sticker fee or the cost for license plates. To discover more about this procedure, motorists are encouraged to contact their local ITD and inquire details about the plate or sticker replacement procedure.

Idaho Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

As the final step of the Idaho DMV registration replacement procedure, vehicle owners will be required to provide payment for the applicable fees for a duplicate credential. To replace car registration, motorists must first discover the exact cost that they will have to pay. Since the general registration fees may vary based on the length of the registration and on the type of vehicle, the replacement fees may also range.

Note: Motorists who are replacing their license plates or stickers may be also required to pay a lost or stolen registration sticker fee, as well as a license plate replacement cost.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.