A lost car registration in Vermont can be replaced through a few different methods, all of which are conducted through the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Overall, car registrations represent that a vehicle owner has maintained the appropriate auto insurance coverage and that he or she is up-to-date in regards to property tax payments. It is important to note that having a copy of a vehicle registration at all times is as important as having a valid drivers license while operating a car.

A VT DMV lost registration is a significant concern, as you will not be able to legally drive the vehicle in question without a proper proof of registration. However, by preparing all of the right documents and pieces of information, you can work with the DMV to get all of your documents back in a fast and efficient manner. This article will focus on replacing these important documents as Vermont drivers, and making sure that you are prepared for this unique registration process in the state.

When do you need to get a copy of your vehicle registration in Vermont?

You may find yourself in need to replace a car registration in Vermont after your credentials were lost, damaged, destroyed or even stolen. In these cases, getting a VT DMV copy of registration is important so that you can maintain your privilege to legally drive your vehicle in the state. If you fail to provide a valid registration while you are being pulled over by a law enforcement officer, you could face traffic fines and other penalties. Furthermore, obtaining a vehicle registration copy can be useful for:

  • Moving to another state, thus needing to re-register your vehicle with a different DMV.
  • Providing proof of insurance in the instance that you are under criminal investigation or trial.
  • Selling your vehicle without having to worry about obtaining additional paperwork to prove your ownership rights over it.

How to Obtain a Replacement Vehicle Registration in Vermont

Completing your Vermont DMV registration replacement will require you to prepare a few different pieces of information, which will be submitted to the DMV via any of the application methods below. Choosing the method that works best for your needs can be simple, as the DMV has designed this process to be intuitive, convenient and fast. Before choosing your application method, you should prepare your:

  • Vermont drivers license number, vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number.
  • Information about the registered vehicle, including its make, model, year and mileage.
  • Method of payment for the applicable replacement fee.
  • Vermont DMV “Corrected or Replacement Registration” form.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration Online

You can get a copy of a vehicle registration online in Vermont as long as you are able to follow the prompts displayed for this procedure on the DMV’s official portal. By inputting the mandated information, VT motorists can complete their replacement process from the comfort of their own home. Upon the completion of this process, you will receive a temporary registration that can be printed out and used until your official document is mailed to you, often within one week.

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration by Mail

If you have lost car registration papers in VT and need to replace them, you may do so by mailing in your request form and copies of your documents to the DMV. However, due to delivery and processing times, make sure that you give yourself enough time to request this duplicate credential. Furthermore, your application must be sent to:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603

How to Replace a Vehicle Registration in Person

You also have the option of applying for a Vermont DMV duplicate registration in person by bringing all of your documents to the nearest DMV office. There are many of these offices throughout the state, and you can use the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about this or other DMV procedures. If the information you provide is correct and up-to-date, you may be able to walk out with your duplicate registration document during that same day.

Vermont Stolen Car Registration Requirements

Having a stolen car registration in VT can be particularly troubling if your credential is used for identity fraud purposes. Because your registration contains some of your personal details, thieves may use them for fraudulent activities to be done under your name. Therefore, if you believe that your registration has been stolen, you are encouraged to contact local law enforcement officers promptly and file a report.

Vermont DMV Sticker Replacement

A Vermont DMV sticker replacement may be required as part of replacing your registration credentials. While your physical registration card signals to law enforcement officers that your vehicle is up-to-date, your DMV sticker is also another relevant credential that must be placed on your windshield or license plate.

Generally, when you complete a standard registration replacement procedure, you will also receive a new sticker along with your duplicate card.

Vermont Vehicle Registration Replacement Fees

You can only get a copy of a car registration in Vermont after you pay for the applicable fees. However, different costs may apply to your circumstances depending on your type of vehicle and plates. Overall, the most common cost that you should be aware of is the $16 standard vehicle duplicate fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.