Vermont motorists may have gone through numerous circumstances that lead them to request a driver’s license name change. However, a VT DMV name change can only take place after a resident has applied for a legal name change with the Social Security Administration (SSA). That is because the state DMV uses an online verification system updated by the SSA in order to identify the individuals who apply for a name change on their licenses.

To learn more about the necessary steps to request a VT name change on a driving license as quickly and effortlessly as possible, read the sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Vermont Drivers License

You may seek a Vermont DMV name change for any number of reasons. Perhaps you have recently gotten married and wish to change your last name to your partner’s name or hyphenate your two surnames. Maybe you are seeking advice on how to change your name on a driver’s license because you have recently divorced and want to use your maiden name again. In any case, it is typically a good idea to request this change of name promptly, which will allow you to start a new chapter in your life.

There are numerous other reasons for people to desire a change of name on a driving license. For instance, transgender residents may desire to update their names on their government credentials in order to reflect their identity. Moreover, this procedure may be advantageous to teenagers and adults involved in adoption proceedings, as well as anyone who has been court ordered to legally change their names.

Vermont Drivers License Name Change Time Limits

In Vermont, changing your name on a driving license documentation with the DMV is a time-sensitive matter. As a general rule, this request must be filed within 30 days from a circumstance that caused you to change your name. For example, this includes changing your name change with the SSA.

In addition, if you are a new bride, you may start the process to change your name on a driving license soon after you marry, so that the process is complete within 30 days from the date that your marriage certificate was filed. Furthermore, a driver’s license name change must also be requested within 30 days after a divorce is finalized, or from when the divorce decree was filed with the court.

How to Change Your Name with the Social Security Administration

To change your name on a driving license in Vermont, you must appear at the DMV in person. However, before you go to your DMV appointment, you will need to update your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA). That is because, when you request a name change with the VT DMV, the department will cross-reference your new name with the information that the SSA has on file.

Therefore, in order to be approved for a driver’s license name change with the DMV, your new requested name and your date of birth must match with the records updated by the SSA. Notifying the SSA of your name change is a service that is offered for free. To do so, you must simply submit the appropriate documentation to the Social Security Administration, which may be done by mail or in person.

This procedure will validate your necessity for a name change, and allow you to receive a new Social Security card that displays your updated name. After this procedure, you may request a driver’s license name change at a local DMV branch.

Online Drivers License Name Changes

Overall, you can only apply for a Vermont driver’s license name change in person. Thus, this procedure is not offered online or by mail. However, if you would like to save time on changing your name on a driving license, you may access the appropriate application form online and fill it out in advance. By bringing it to the DMV, you will save some time in the office.

How to Change Your Name on Your Drivers License in Person

When applying for a change of name on a driving license in VT, you must appear in person at a DMV office. In addition to your current state-issued driver’s license, you must bring original or certified copies of documents that prove your need for a name change. Acceptable Vermont DMV name change documents include the following:

  • Certificate of marriage, or marriage license
  • Certificate of civil union
  • Court order that clearly states your new name
  • Adoption papers

If you did not complete the appropriate application form ahead of time, you will need to do that during your VT DMV name change appointment. This form will ask for personal details such as your Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth, as well as any existing driver’s license information.

After completing the process to change your name with the DMV, you will receive a temporary document to use as a driver’s license. Then, your actual new license will arrive by mail within 10 and 15 business days.

Vermont DMV Name Change Fees

The fees associated with a change of name on a driving license in Vermont are the same as obtaining a replacement driver’s license. In VT, the cost to replace a driving credential is $20. Furthermore, if your license is close to reaching its expiration date, there are different costs associated with a driver’s license renewal.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.