Disabled drivers may apply for a handicap placard in Vermont by performing an application procedure through the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In general, a disability parking permit may only be issued to motorists who are able to prove that they have a temporary or permanent disability. Moreover, each applicant may request one or two disability placards upon applying.

Prior to submitting a VT disabled placard application, motorists are required to satisfy certain eligibility criteria and prepare the mandatory paperwork established by the DMV. In addition, a handicap placard renewal will be required on a regular basis, every time that a disability credential approaches its expiration date.

Nonetheless, drivers will also need to learn how to replace a handicap placard in the case that their current document is lost, stolen or destroyed. For more information about how to apply, renew or replace these DMV credentials, continue reading the sections below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Vermont

Motorists may apply for disability placards in Vermont only after they successfully meet a set of requirements. As such, in order to qualify for a VT handicap placard, disabled drivers must be mindful of the eligibility criteria established by the DMV that they will need to satisfy. As a general rule, applicants may only comply with the imposed qualifications for disability placards by proving the need for such credential.

These qualifying disabilities include visual impairments, being unable to walk without the assistance of another person or the use of an object such as wheelchairs, braces and crutches, relying on portable oxygen or having a cardiac condition categorized as Class III or IV by the American Heart Association. Eligible physical impairments may also be the result of neurological issues.

Drivers may submit a disabled placard application after being able to prove that they have at least one disability that qualifies under the guidelines established by the Vermont DMV. Then, motorists will have to satisfy disability placard requirements such as completing an application form and providing the required paperwork.

Note: Drivers who have been issued a disabled person parking placard in VT are allowed by a state law to receive gasoline at the self-service price and a full service by a gasoline station attendant.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Vermont

All disabled motorists may apply for a Vermont disabled person placard by completing an application form. When filling out a disabled placard application form, drivers with a permanent disability will be required to state whether they want to obtain a blue or an orange placard. However, applicants who want to get a temporary handicap placard need to complete a different application form.

Furthermore, motorists who have not filed a medical form to the VT DMV within the last four years will be required to provide these statements in addition to the application form. Failure to submit a medical evaluation report on time may result in a driver’s license suspension, which may be reinstated only when the report is submitted to the VT DMV.

In any case, motorists may begin the VT disabled placard application procedure once they collect the required documentation and bring it to a local DMV office.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Vermont

Holders of disability placards in Vermont are required to renew them whenever they are close to approaching their expiration dates. Moreover, a handicap placard renewal procedure may be performed after the validity period of the placard is over, which varies based on the type of placard drivers hold.

For instance, a permanent disabled person placard is valid for four years and must be renewed after the end of those periods. On the other hand, a temporary handicap placard has a validity period of up to six months and cannot be renewed. Instead, drivers would be required to re-apply for a new one. Therefore, drivers who are wondering how to renew disability parking permit in Vermont are recommended to follow the steps listed below:

  • Complete a Disabled Parking Placard Application (form VD-120).
  • Complete a Universal Medical Evaluation/Progress Report (form VS-113).
  • Complete a Temporary Disabled Parking Placard (form VL-038), applicable for temporary placards.
  • Submit the documents to a nearby VT DMV location.

Note: The orange handicap placard in Vermont has no expiration date. Thus, drivers are not required to renew it.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Vermont

Disabled drivers are required to perform a Vermont disability placard replacement procedure when dealing with a lost, stolen or destroyed placard. Motorists who want to replace their disability placards need to complete the designated application form by providing the reason for replacement and the previous parking placard number.

Once applicants properly fill out the disabled placard application form, they need to submit it to the VT DMV. Note that when replacing a handicap placard drivers are not required to complete and present a medical evaluation report.

Vermont Disability Placard Fees

A Vermont disabled person parking placard may be issued to drivers with disabilities to operate a motor vehicle without requiring them to pay handicap placard fees. Moreover, motorists who are performing a handicap placard renewal or replacement procedure are not mandated to pay fees. On the other hand, drivers who want to apply for disabled license plates will be required to pay certain fees.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.