The Alaska disability placards issued by the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are only available to disabled individuals who have a qualifying condition certified by a licensed medical care professional. The state DMV issues both a permanent handicap placard and a temporary one. Regardless of whether you obtain a permanent or a temporary disabled person parking permit in AK, you can utilize it to park in certain marked spots.

Organizations also have the option of obtaining handicap placards if their business involves transporting individuals with disabilities. Find out more about applying for an AK disabled person parking sticker by reading the following sections.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Alaska

The division will issue a permit only to applicants who meet the qualifications for disability placards as set forth under current law. Therefore, in order to obtain an AK disability parking permit, you must have a temporary or a permanent disability emanating from one or more of the following conditions:

  • A lung disease that restricts your ability to breathe properly
  • A serious Class III or Class IV cardiac condition
  • Arthritic, orthopedic and/or neurological conditions that severely restrict your ability to walk
  • The inability to walk a short distance without making rest stops
  • The inability to walk properly without the assistance of a crutch, brace, cane or another individual

Note: You will either be eligible for a permanent disabled person permit with a validity of five years or a short-term placard that will be valid for up to six months, depending on the nature of your disability.

One of the disability placard requirements in AK is submitting the proper paperwork to the state DMV. When applying for a handicap parking permit, drivers will need the DMV Application for Special Disability Parking Permit (Form 861) and a valid driving license or a state ID.

However, the handicap parking permit requirement to have an official DMV credential only applies in situations in which the applicant is requesting the permanent placard. A separate document that proves the customer’s disability is not required since a licensed physician can provide the necessary certification on the original application form.

Note: Organizations applying for a disabled person placard in AK will be required to use the Application for Organization Disability Parking Permit (Form 861-O).

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Alaska

Individuals with disabilities can complete the Alaska disabled placard application in person or by mail. You can easily obtain the AK application for disability stickers via the division’s website or through a local DMV office.

Regardless of the method chosen to obtain a disability parking permit, you will be required to meet the same requirements. When applying for a placard in person, however, the issuing agent may ask you to present a DMV credential or another proof of identity.

Applying for an Alaska Disability Placard By Mail

The most convenient method of obtaining an Alaska disability tag is to mail the DMV 861 form to the division’s Special Disability Parking Permit unit in Anchorage. Prior to mailing the application for disabled car permits, however, the applicant must check the accuracy of the information in order to avoid submitting an incomplete and/or fraudulent form.

To avoid any delays in the mail-in application procedure, customers must also verify that their physician has properly completed and signed the certification section. After receiving your request for an AK disability parking permit, the state DMV will verify the provided information prior to issuing your placard.

Applying for an Alaska Disability Placard in Person

Instead of mailing the Alaska application for a handicap placard, disabled individuals can deliver it in person through a nearby DMV location. Note that when applying for a DMV disability parking permit in person, the applicant will be required to meet the same requirements as those that apply for the mail-in method.

Therefore, the AK disabled sticker application must contain a valid physician’s certification and the customer’s personal data. However, prior to processing a request for a badge, the DMV agent may ask the applicant to furnish an official photo ID as well.

Since the division issues permanent handicap badges only to disabled individuals who possess a DMV-issued license to drive or ID card, customers who do not have one of these credentials will be required to obtain it prior to applying for a disability parking permit.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Alaska

Renewing a DMV handicap parking permit in Alaska is a process that must be completed on a regular basis, since the state DMV issues placards with a set expiration date. While the AK handicap placard renewal for permanent permits must be finalized on a five-year basis, temporary placards must be renewed after a limited six-month period. Note that when renewing a disability parking placard, you will be required to obtain a new physician’s certification only if you are obtaining a new temporary permit.

Renewing an Alaska Disability Placard By Mail

Disabled individuals who submit the Alaska disabled placard renewal request by mail will successfully extend their disabled parking privileges without visiting a DMV office. To renew an expired or expiring placard by mail, applicants will be required to send the standard DMV 861 form to the corresponding DMV office in Anchorage.

If you are renewing a six-month disability parking permit, ensure that your application form contains the necessary medical doctor’s certification. Once the division receives your AK handicap sticker renewal request, it will verify your data and manufacture a parking placard with a new expiration date.

Note: Since you do not need a new physician’s certification when renewing a permanent disabled person placard, contact the state DMV prior to mailing the renewal request to inquire whether other special requirements apply.

Renewing an Alaska Disability Placard In Person

Completing the Alaska disability placard renewal through a local DMV site is an option that is always available, regardless of whether you are renewing a temporary or a permanent permit. To successfully renew a disabled parking hanger in person, applicants will be required to follow very similar steps as those applying for the in-person application process for a first-time permit.

Therefore, in addition to submitting the standard handicap car permit request form, disabled customers may also be asked to present an official form of ID. The state DMV will issue the renewed permit after the applicant’s data and physician’s certification is verified.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Alaska

In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged disability placard in Alaska, drivers can apply for a disability parking permit replacement through the state DMV. While the procedure to replace a permit varies from state to state, motor vehicle departments typically utilize the same form that was used to apply for the original placard.

The disabled placard replacement procedure can also be completed in person through a nearby DMV office in most cases. When replacing a placard, drivers will be required to furnish their personal information, the number of their previous placards and the reason for the replacement.

Alaska Disability Placard Fees

If you need information on how much is a disability placard in Alaska, note that the state DMV does not impose any handicap placard fees when issuing, renewing and replacing parking permits. However, while the DMV placards are available free of charge, applicants who have obtained handicapped license plates will still be required to pay the car registration and plate costs when obtaining their second or subsequent set of plates.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.