Learner drivers who take drivers ed in Alaska can benefit from gaining a thorough knowledge of road rules and safe driving skills. While AK driver education is not a perquisite to getting a driver’s license in the state, it is an option for drivers who need a safe environment in which to learn how to drive. First time drivers courses can also benefit drivers by making the eligible for a discount on their car insurance.

Benefits of Taking Drivers Education Courses

The benefits of taking drivers ed in Alaska include the following:

  • Becoming eligible for a car insurance discount.
  • Understanding the road and the importance of safety.

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Drivers Education Course Insurance Discounts

Completing an Alaska drivers ed course may qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance. To find out if the insurance reduction course you are interested in is accepted by your coverage provider, contact your car insurance company directly.

Alaska Drivers Ed Curriculum

Driver education courses approved by the Alaska DMV are comprised of both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training. Drivers ed online classes are also available to learner drivers who wish to obtain safe driving knowledge on their own schedule. The curriculum of driving school courses will include:

  • Defensive driving skills.
  • DUI regulations.
  • Alaska traffic laws.
  • Road rules.

Did you know? Alaska residents can apply for an instruction permit beginning at 14 years of age.

Enrolling in Drivers Education Courses

How to Enroll in Drivers Ed

To enroll in Alaska drivers education classes, contact a driving school either online or by phone. Online driving schools are an option for drivers, as well as in-person classes that offer a behind-the-wheel component for learners.

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Online Alaska Driver Ed vs. in Person

Driver education courses in Alaska are available online and in person. Driving schools that offer behind-the-wheel experience require that a learner driver be 15 years of age and have held an instruction permit for driving for at least six months. Drivers ed online courses may be taken to help a learner prepare for the written driver’s test or to earn a car insurance discount.

Cost of Drivers Ed in Alaska

Alaska driving classes prices vary depending on the course provider you utilize. If you are looking for an affordable drivers ed provider, conduct an internet search for low cost driving lessons.

Alaska Drivers Ed Requirements and Eligibility

In Alaska, driver education is not a requirement to receive a license to drive. Some driving schools do, however, require learners to be at least 15 years of age and have held an instruction permit for at least six months.

Drivers Ed Certificates

Getting a drivers education certificate in Alaska is necessary for drivers who have completed a driving school course for the purposes of earning a discount on their car insurance. Though, obtaining drivers education certification does not guarantee a participant a reduction on their car coverage. Contact your vehicle insurance provider directly for further information on driving school certification.

Finding an Alaska-Approved Drivers Education Course

Alaska drivers can find a list of local driving schools that are approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles when visiting the division’s website. Each AK DMV driving school operates from an office located within the state. Drivers ed online courses are offered by select providers.

Last updated on Thursday, December 21 2017.

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