In Tennessee, drivers ed is never required to obtain a driver’s license within the state, regardless of age. However, a course can still provide a variety of benefits, including safe driving knowledge and skills, collision prevention techniques, a greater understanding of Tennessee traffic laws and potential car insurance discounts. Therefore, it is worth taking the time to review the types of courses available within your area, expected fees and course curriculum.

Drivers ed online and classroom courses are available within the state due to a lack of educational requirements. This can make attending a course easier than ever as online coursework is typically completed at a student’s own pace. To learn more about drivers education in Tennessee, including the types of courses that are available and how to enroll in a course, review the information found within the sections below.

Who needs to take drivers ed in Tennessee?

In TN, drivers ed classes are not required when applying for a driver’s license within the state, even when it comes to the issuance of teen licenses. However, there are still numerous benefits to completing a course regardless of state requirements.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in Tennessee

In Tennessee, both adult and teen driving school is available within the state. However, the state does not administer any of these courses, so courses can only be taken through third party providers. Additionally, courses are offered both in an online setting and a classroom setting.

Online classes are generally cheaper, but some insurers will not recognize online courses for an auto insurance discount, if one is offered. Additionally, some of the classroom courses will include behind-the-wheel instruction while online classes will not.

What will you learn in a Tennessee drivers ed school?

In a Tennessee driver education course, you will learn how to operate a motor vehicle safely as well as become familiar with Tennessee traffic laws and regulations. While curriculum can vary from one provider to the next due to the lack of state regulations, you can expect to receive information such as:

  • Safe driving knowledge and skills
  • Collision avoidance techniques
  • Tennessee traffic laws
  • Tennessee DUI regulations
  • The importance of vehicle safety equipment, such as seatbelts and airbags
  • Crash statistics
  • Defensive driving skills

In some cases, a test is presented at the end of the coursework. This test must be completed in order to successfully complete the class.

Tennessee Drivers Education Requirements

To attend drivers ed in TN, you will be required to meet the requirements that each provider may set. In most cases, students must be at least 15 years of age to attend a course. However, other requirements can vary between providers. It is important to always review requirements for a particular provider as well as the attendance policy prior to completing your enrollment.

Benefits of a Tennessee Driver Education Course

Tennessee drivers education provides numerous benefits to students of any age. Through course completion, you could receive benefits such as:

  • Safe driving knowledge and skills
  • Crash avoidance techniques
  • Car insurance discounts related to course completion, reducing insurance premiums for first time drivers

How to Enroll in a Tennessee Driver Ed School

Tennessee drivers ed is not state required, regulated or administered. Therefore, you will need to enroll directly with a third party provider. These courses can be applied for online and, in some cases, over the phone.

Tennessee DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

After completing a drivers ed course in TN, you will receive a certificate of completion. If interested in an auto insurance discount for the course completion, you must submit the certificate to your insurer. Generally, insurers can accept the certificate in person, by mail, online or by fax. Check with your insurer to inquire about certificate submission.

Drivers Ed for New Tennessee Residents

If you attended drivers ed school in a state outside of Tennessee, it is important to understand that the completion of an educational course is not required within the state, regardless of age. However, if you are seeking an auto insurance discount, it is worth knowing that your insurer may accept an out of state completion certificate, so long as it meets the insurer’s standard requirements.

Tennesee Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

Tennessee drivers education classes are designed to teach teens and adults how to operate a motor vehicle and become familiar with Tennessee traffic laws and regulations. Courses are designed for individuals who have never held a driver’s license before.

Traffic school, also referred to as a defensive driving course, is provided to experienced drivers who need a refresher on safe driving practices or state traffic laws. Traffic school is taken for a number of purposes, including insurance discounts and driving record point reduction, but it does not prepare you for obtaining a license.

Tennessee Driver Education Fees

TN drivers ed prices will vary by the provider. Classes are not required or regulated by the state of Tennessee, and therefore there are a number of both online and classroom courses within the state. Online courses are typically around $25 and classroom courses are about $50-100 on average, based upon whether or not behind-the-wheel instruction is included within the course.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.