Drivers education in Louisiana is necessary for all young motorists wishing to receive their learner’s permits. This course is designed to inform new drivers of traffic laws and rules across the state. The Graduated Licensing Program allows new drivers to build their experiences over time. Motorists must participate in approved drivers ed classes in order to receive a Louisiana learner’s permit. Specific requirements vary depending on the driver’s age.

Teens and adults may enroll in drivers ed in locations throughout the state as well with approved third-party providers. The state does not currently offer online education formats. The education requirement varies depending on the age of the driver. For more information about driver education, including formats offered and how to enroll, continue reading the topics below.

Who needs to take drivers ed in Louisiana?

Drivers education in Louisiana is part of the Graduated Licensing Program, or GLP. The program aims to ensure a smooth learning experience for new motorists. Anyone who has never obtained a learner’s permit must receive this education, including adults. Although it is often called teen driving school, new adult drivers must complete this education before getting behind the wheel. The specific amount and length of training differs depending on the age of the motorist.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in Louisiana

In Louisiana, drivers ed classes are only offered in a traditional classroom setting. Drivers receive instruction at a location nearest them from a secondary school or through a third-party provider. Motorists must choose a provider that has been approved by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS) Office of Motor Vehicles.

Drivers ed online is not currently offered in Louisiana. Motorists must enroll in an approved classroom program. Motorists can access a list of approved driver education courses online to find one that works best for them. Louisiana also accepts an official transcript from the student’s school that states the student earned high school course credit toward a driver’s education course.

What will you learn in a Louisiana drivers ed school?

A standard driver education course in Louisiana covers all the essential driving topics. Students will learn about Louisiana’s traffic laws and rules, including speed limits, lane changes, parking rules and fines for committing violations. Students also learn about the dangerous consequences of driving while intoxicated and driving while distracted. This includes cell phones, loud music and driving with other passengers.

The goal of teen and adult drivers ed is to provide motorists with a complete set of driving skills to stay safe on the roadways. This is one reason why all driving education courses approved by the state include mandatory behind-the-wheel experience. The drivers ed test does include a road exam, so student drivers learn valuable skills during on-road training.

Louisiana Drivers Education Requirements

Louisiana drivers ed requirements vary depending on the age of the driver. Before they can receive a learner’s permit, all motorists must complete an approved training program which includes behind-the-wheel practice. As such, parent taught drivers ed is not necessary when the driver enrolls in an education course.

Teen drivers ed for new drivers between 15 and 17 years of age consists of a 38-hour training course. 30 hours are spent in the classroom learning about the various traffic laws and rules, while the remaining eight hours are spent behind the wheel.

Adult drivers ed for new motorists age 18 or older includes a pre-licensing course. This consists of six hours of classroom learning and eight hours of behind-the-wheel practice.

Benefits of a Louisiana Driver Education Course

Participating in a drivers education class in Louisiana may be required, but the benefits are still are vital for all new motorists. The mandatory education requirement for new drivers helps limit the number of accidents and violations across the state. Parents can feel confident in knowing their teen driver is receiving the best driving education possible.

Finishing driver ed school also helps motorists feel confident in themselves. Nervous drivers are more prone to accidents, so after completing the education course, motorists feel prepared to take on the roadways safely.

How to Enroll in a Louisiana Driver Ed School

Motorists must enroll in a drivers ed course that is approved by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS) Office of Motor Vehicles. A list of acceptable driving schools can be found online. To enroll, drivers must call the number of the third-party provider or sign up for classes through their website (if applicable).

Some high school drivers ed courses are available. Before enrolling in a third-party school, student drivers should ask their school if any courses are offered.

Louisiana DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

Upon completing a drivers education school in Louisiana, drivers will receive a certificate of completion. They must retain this document and forward it to the Office of Motor Vehicles in order to proceed with the licensing process. Some driving schools may automatically forward this letter on behalf of the driver. Otherwise, drivers should forward their completion form to the following address:

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

Drivers Ed for New Louisiana Residents

All new drivers in Louisiana must complete drivers ed, regardless of their age. Drivers between 15 and 17 years of age who have recently moved to Louisiana with an out-of-state permit must transfer their permit in the state. However, those who completed drivers education in another state may be able to receive credit in Louisiana. The Office of Motor Vehicles will evaluate the out-of-state transcript to determine if it is reciprocal.

Louisiana Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

Louisiana motorists should note that a driver education course is not the same as traffic school or defensive driving. Whereas driving school is required of all new motorists, traffic school is voluntary to remove points from a record. However, some drivers may be required to complete defensive driving courses to avoid suspension, depending on the type of infraction they committed.

Louisiana Driver Education Fees

Louisiana drivers ed prices vary between driving schools. Costs generally vary between $250 and $400, depending on which type of instruction a motorist receives. Most schools provide packages with or without the on-site driving practice. However, drivers who elect to purchase a package that does not contain behind-the-wheel training must complete it outside of the classroom instruction.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.