Receiving Louisiana traffic citations may require you to pay certain driving fines and bring you serious consequences on your driving record, such as driver’s license suspension or revocation, higher car insurance premiums, and costly reinstatement fees.

Drivers who wonder how to get traffic fines reduced may fight their tickets in court by pleading “not guilty”. However, failure to dismiss traffic tickets in Louisiana may increase the driving fines. Learn more by reviewing the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Louisiana
  • Louisiana traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Louisiana
  • Dismissal of charges in Louisiana
  • Lost tickets in Louisiana

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Louisiana

Louisiana traffic tickets payments must be submitted when drivers plead guilty or when they fail to dismiss traffic citations in court. The state offers various traffic tickets payments to drivers such as: online, by mail, by Western Union or in person at Traffic Court.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Online

Paying traffic tickets online in Louisiana is the fastest and most convenient method for drivers who want to complete the payment procedure immediately.

Regardless of whether you have failed to dismiss traffic citations or have pleaded guilty from the beginning, you will be required to pay traffic tickets in LA. Therefore, drivers can use the online speeding ticket payment if they have committed offenses that do not require court appearance.

To pay traffic ticket online in Louisiana, drivers need to know their citation number and to prepare their credit cards. Note that you will be charged an additional $5 fee for the processing of credit card payments.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket via Other Methods

Drivers may not be allowed to pay traffic tickets online in Louisiana, if they are required to appear in court on a predetermined date.

Additionally, drivers can pay traffic tickets by mail or by Western Union to the city or county court that handles their case. In such situations, motorists need to read their traffic citations for more detailed instructions about how and where to pay traffic fines in LA.

Louisiana Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Before contesting a traffic ticket in Louisiana, drivers are encouraged to hire a traffic attorney who has experience with citation laws and regulations.

The traffic ticket attorneys may help you avoid driver’s license suspensions, high car insurance premiums and even harsher consequences that come as a result of driving a motor vehicle under the influence. Since drivers in Louisiana accumulate traffic violations on their driving records instead of demerit points, a traffic attorney may help them dispute traffic tickets.

Traffic attorneys may be hired by phone or in person at a big law firm. However, this will require a significant amount of work. An easier way to hire a qualified attorney is simply to do so online by submitting an image of the ticket and answering questions about the citation.

Pleading Not Guilty in Louisiana

A Louisiana traffic ticket defense procedure may be completed by drivers who believe that they are innocent. They can easily dispute traffic citations by pleading “not guilty” in front of a judge on or before the due date written on their tickets.

Drivers are required to take traffic tickets to court and prove their innocence on the date when they are requested to make a mandatory court appearance. Failure to dismiss traffic citations in Louisiana will result in higher traffic violation payments and harsh penalties such as suspension of driving privileges, or an increase in the car insurance rates.

To avoid these penalties, it is important to hire an attorney who can serve as a guide through complicated court proceedings. You may find an attorney online who specializes in fighting traffic citations in court.

Dismissal of Charges in Louisiana

Drivers who want to dispute traffic tickets in Louisiana need to read carefully their citations in order to find possible errors that may lead to higher driving fines.

The time and place of the issue date of the traffic citation, as well as the make and model of the motor vehicle, are some of the details written on your ticket that you must make sure that are written correctly.

Drivers can dismiss their charges at a Louisiana traffic violation court, even if their ticket details have errors. In addition, drivers can dismiss traffic tickets in LA by enrolling in a state-approved traffic school.

Lost Tickets in Louisiana

Losing a traffic citation in Louisiana may be a big problem for drivers who need to settle their tickets in order to continue enjoying their driving privileges.

Before contesting a traffic ticket in Louisiana, make sure to have your ticket prepared. Being unable to find your traffic ticket may prevent you from paying driving fines on time. Therefore, you must contact the Traffic Court that issued your citation and request the information written on the ticket.

Failure to contest a traffic ticket in Louisiana prior to the due date of the citation will result in additional late fees and penalties such as suspension of driver’s licenses and increase in car insurance rates.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.