Traffic tickets payments in Washington DC are processed by the District Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Note that drivers who fail to pay speeding tickets or other types of traffic tickets in DC within 30 days of receiving them will be required to pay a penalty fine.

If you attempt to dispute traffic tickets in DC through the court system and you lose the case, then you may also be required to pay additional court-set costs. Learn how to pay a ticket online in Washington DC and via other payment methods by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Washington DC
  • Washington DC traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Washington DC
  • Dismissal of charges in Washington DC
  • Lost tickets in Washington DC

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Washington DC

Paying driving fines in Washington DC is a procedure that can be completed online, in person, by mail and by phone. Note that drivers who pay driving tickets in DC are effectively declaring their guilt and the conviction will be entered on their driving records.

While fines for minor traffic violations can be paid via any of the above methods, major moving violations will require you to appear in person at the DC Superior Court.

Paying a Washington DC Ticket Online and by Phone

To utilize the option to pay traffic ticket online in Washington DC, drivers will first have to access the Online Ticket Payment service through the official DMV website. Then, to proceed with the ticket violation payment procedure, they will be asked to submit their DC traffic ticket number.

After following several prompts, the system will ask the driver to provide credit card information for payment purposes. In the final step, the system will generate a confirmation page of a successful traffic fine transaction, which you can be printed and saved for your records.

Note: Motorists can also pay traffic citations in DC by calling the DMV and providing their ticket number and credit card information.

Paying a Washington DC Ticket in Person and by Mail

If you are unable to remit your traffic citation payment in Washington DC via the internet or by phone, or you prefer to pay driving fines via more conventional methods, then you can complete the procedure in person and by mail. The process of paying traffic tickets in DC in person, for instance, can be completed by visiting the DMV Adjudication Services Office.

After arriving at the Information Desk, you will be asked to present your ticket, show an official ID document and pay the traffic fine with an acceptable form of payment, such as cash check or credit card.

Paying a DC traffic citation by mail is a procedure that can be completed by sending a check or money order to the DMV Adjudication Services address within 30 days of receiving the driving fine. You must also write your traffic ticket number on the check or money order.

Note: If you mail your ticket violation payment within the last seven days before the deadline, your packet may arrive late and you will be required to pay a late fee.

Washington DC Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Drivers who choose to fight traffic tickets in Washington DC can increase their chances of successfully contesting a traffic ticket by hiring a lawyer. Hiring a traffic attorney is a relatively simple process, particularly if done online.

To find a qualified lawyer online, simply input some information about your citation and submit an image of the ticket. An experienced traffic citation attorney can help you avoid the following negative consequences of a traffic violation conviction:

  • The accumulation of demerit points on your driver’s record.
  • Paying the driving fine and/or receiving other penalties.
  • Suspensions or revocations of your license to drive.
  • An increase in your vehicle insurance premiums.

Pleading Not Guilty in Washington DC

Fighting traffic tickets in Washington DC is a procedure that can be initiated in person, by mail, by phone and via the internet. In order to avoid paying a double traffic fine, you must plead “not guilty” and request a hearing within 30 days of receiving the traffic ticket.

After you submit your decision to dispute traffic citations in DC, the DMV Adjudication Services Office will schedule your hearing date.

At your traffic citation hearing, the DMV examiner will allow you to present your DC traffic ticket defense and submit any relevant evidence. If the examiner renders a decision of “guilty”, you will be required to pay the applicable traffic fine and suffer any additional penalties, which vary based on the severity of the offense.

Note that the process of fighting traffic fines in DC outlined above pertains to minor moving infractions. Major moving violations will require you to appear at the DC Superior Court in person. To avoid the hassle of appearing in court, you may choose to hire an attorney online who can represent you in court.

Certain minor traffic violation tickets can also be settled by mail. If you choose to contest your ticket via this method, simply mail your traffic citation, a written statement and any supporting documents to the DMV Adjudication Services Office. The department will inform you of its decision within six months of receiving your packet.

Dismissal of Charges in Washington DC

Drivers who were incorrectly issued a traffic ticket in Washington DC have the right to initiate the procedure to dismiss traffic tickets. A traffic citation which contains incorrect information regarding the traffic violation and/or the driver is invalid since it does not correctly reflect the circumstances surrounding the offense.

Motorists can also attempt to dismiss a DC traffic fine and/or the resulting penalties by admitting to the offense with an explanation. To dismiss driving fines via this method, provide the DMV with any evidence that supports your testimony.

Note: Even if you may not be eligible for a traffic ticket dismissal by completing a traffic school program, you can still do so in order to avoid the accumulation of demerit points and an increase of your car insurance rates.

Lost Tickets in Washington DC

The most convenient method to monitor your Washington DC traffic citations is to sign up for the DMV Ticket Alert Service (TAS). By doing so, the department will email you a notice after you receive a traffic ticket which will contain information regarding the citation and the deadline by which it must be settled.

Drivers without TAS accounts can recover lost traffic citations in DC by calling or visiting the Adjudication Services office and submitting the required identifying information to a DMV representative.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.