Applying for a Washington DC motorcycle license is a simple process, especially for riders who already have a DC driver license. A motorbike license endorsement can be applied to any existing driver’s license as long as the rider meets the minimum requirements. Each rider in search of a license will need to pass the required tests in order to test their knowledge of bike safety and state regulations.

Most new riders wonder if applying for a motorbike permit is the necessary first step. A permit can be extremely helpful to riders who are inexperienced, as it provides the time and practice that many riders need in order to learn the fundamentals of motorcycle safety. However, the District of Columbia does not offer a permit to new riders. To find out about the steps are to apply for a license, continue reading below.

What is a Washington DC motorcycle endorsement?

A motorcycle endorsement in the District of Columbia is added to a driver’s existing license in order to verify he or she can legally operate a motorcycle. The driver license M endorsement will require eligibility first before a rider can apply. An applicant will need to complete the driver’s license application process before being issued a motorcycle endorsement.

The endorsement for a motorcycle license in DC requires that an applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Already have a valid D.C. license.
  • Pass the motorcycle knowledge test.
  • Complete an approved motorcycle demonstration course.
  • Pay the motorcycle license

Once the above-mentioned is complete, an endorsement will be added to an existing DC license. An endorsement can only be provided by visiting the local DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Motorcycle Permit in Washington DC

While there are some states that offer a motorcycle permit for new drivers, the District of Columbia is not one of them. A driver will not have the option to apply for a motorbike permit, but rather pursue a motorcycle license or M endorsement instead.

Washington DC Motorcycle License Requirements

A rider applying for a DC motorbike license must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Additionally, a valid D.C. driver’s license must be brought to the local DMV office location for the endorsement. If a driver license is not available, then a REAL ID may be used instead. Passing both the written knowledge test and the road skills test will be required in order to receive endorsement for a motorcycle.

How to Get a Motorcycle License in Washington DC

To receive a motorcycle license endorsement in DC requires every rider to pass the necessary exams before visiting the local DMV office. Once proof of motorcycle test completion is gathered, then an appointment can be made at the local DMV. Riders must bring a valid Washington D.C. driver’s license, proof of passing the written exam and a course completion certificate for the skills course. Drivers must fill out the D.C. Driver License or Identification Card Application form and pay the required endorsement fees in order to receive his or her license.

Getting a Washington DC Motorcycle License as a New Resident

New residents to District of Columbia will have 60 days from moving to transfer his or her motorcycle license. The following will need to be completed at the DC DMV office in order to complete the transfer:

  • Valid out-of-state motorbike license or driver’s license with an endorsement
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Washington D.C. Residency
  • A completed Driver License or Identification Card Application
  • Passing a vision test
  • Having a photo taken
  • Paying the necessary licensing fees

Note: Any new vehicles, including motorcycles, will need to be registered as well as meet the District’s minimum auto insurance requirements.

Required Motorcycle Classes in Washington DC

While some states offer the option for a motorcycle safety course to be completed, the District of Columbia DMV does not. There are third-party programs available that offer the necessary motorcycle training classes.

Washington DC DMV Motorcycle Test Details

There are type types of motorcycle tests in D.C. that must be passed in order for a driver to be eligible for a license endorsement including the written knowledge test and the motorcycle skills course. Both of these DMV motorcycle tests will need to be completed in order for a driver to successfully receive his or her motorcycle endorsement.

Motorcycle Written Test

The motorcycle written test in District of Columbia can be completed at any D.C. DMV office. The test must be completed within 60 minutes of beginning. Studying for this exam is encouraged, with questions coming from the DC motorcycle operator manual. After passing the exam, drivers will be able to print out his or her results that will need to be presented to the DMV, along with other required documents for endorsement.

Motorcycle Road Test

The District of Columbia does not offer motorcycle skills exams, however, it does require all applicants to complete a motorcycle demonstration course. Any motorbike skills course approved by the state/jurisdiction in which it is taken will be allowed. Motorcycle course lengths, curriculums and prices will vary depending on the course chosen. Once the course is completed, a driver will receive the certificate of completion that is to be provided to the DMV as proof.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a scooter in District of Columbia?

A driver in Washington DC will not need a motorcycle license for a motor scooter. Likewise, drivers operating an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) will not need to have a District of Columbia motorbike license.

District of Columbia Motorcycle License Costs

The motorcycle license cost in District of Columbia will vary depending on whether or not the rider has an existing drivers license. Most new riders wonder, “How much does it cost to get a motorcycle license?” The fees to apply for a license include:

  • Knowledge test – $10
  • DMV motorcycle endorsement – $20
  • New license – $47
Last updated on Wednesday, March 4 2020.