A motorcycle driver’s license in Georgia is required for those who wish to legally operate a motorbike or a motor-driven cycle on public roads within the state. To apply for a motorcycle license, drivers must complete a series of steps with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (GA DDS). Requirements may differ based on the method you choose to complete the procedure. For further information on applying for a motorcycle license in Georgia, continue reading the sections below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in Georgia

Prior to applying for a motorcycle license in Georgia, motorists must make sure that they meet all eligibility requirements. To receive a motorbike license, drivers must be at least 17 years of age and pass certain examinations. Applicants who are younger than 18 years of age must submit a parental or guardian consent form for this process. To begin the DMV motorcycle license application process, motorists may be required to present the following:

  • Proof of identity, residential address, Social Security Number (SSN), U.S. citizenship or proof of lawful presence in the United States.
  • An out-of-state license or permit if new to Georgia.
  • A copy of the out-of-state DMV driving records.
  • A Certificate of School Enrollment (form DS-1) dated within the last 30 days, or a High School Diploma, or GED, for applicants under 18 years old.
  • A completed application form.

After providing the above-mentioned documents for a Georgia motorcycle driver’s license, motorists are expected to pass examinations and submit payment for the applicable fees.

Georgia Motorcycle License Training Courses

Riders who want to obtain a full bike license in Georgia may take a Motorcycle Safety Program Basic Course and receive a License Test Waiver valid for 90 days beginning the day the course ends. If motorists complete this alternate licensing method successfully, they may have to present the test waiver card at a local GA DDS branch to be exempt from taking both the written and the on-cycle test. The GA DDS offers different motorbike license driver’s safety courses, depending on the driver’s skill level. For more details on Georgia motorcycle licenses and courses, contact the Georgia DDS.

Georgia Motorcycle License Tests

One of the Georgia motorcycle license requirements is to take and pass the DDS examinations. Motorists who want to obtain a bike license need to pass a knowledge test, a road skills exam and a vision test. However, applicants may also choose to enroll in a Motorcycle Safety Program Basic Course and get a 90-day license test waiver card that will enable them to avoid taking both the knowledge and the skills exams. However, to complete the application process, drivers must pass the vision test and pay the applicable fees.

The Georgia Motorcycle License Application Process

To obtain a Georgia motorbike driving license, riders can either apply directly at a GA DDS Customer Service Center or take the state-approved motorcycle safety course and earn a License Test Waiver card. Although you cannot get a motorcycle license online in Georgia, you may be able to begin the application process on the website. If you have questions about replacing your license, be sure to contact the DDS.

When applying for a motorcycle license, motorists must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years of age.
  • Take and pass the following DDS examinations:
    • Knowledge exam
    • Road skills test
    • Vision exam
  • Provide a parent or legal guardian’s signature on the application form for a driver’s license, if under 18 years old.
  • Submit the required documentation.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

Applicants younger than 17 years of age have the option to obtain a Georgia Class M permit in order to learn how to ride a motorbike on public roads. To do so, minor riders may be required to stay in accordance with Joshua’s Law and successfully complete a DDS certified driver’s education course which entails 40 hours of instruction, six of which should involve practical training at night. Prior to applying for a full license, riders may not be mandated to obtain a permit. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to contact the GA DDS before beginning the procedure.

Note: Applicants for a Class M license under 18 years old may earn a 90-day License Test Waiver. However, to get licensed, they must be at least 17 years old before the license waiver card expires.

Georgia Motorcycle License Fees

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) charges a motorcycle license cost of $32 for an 8-year license. Should you choose to pass the state-approved safety course, you will have to arrange the appropriate payment for this service as well. Before applying for a motorcycle license and paying the applicable cost, motorists are encouraged to contact a local DDS office, as fees are subject to change.

Last updated on Thursday, September 27 2018.

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