The Georgia DMV motorcycle handbook is a full-color, 48-page operator’s manual published by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). The motorcycle handbook features important information that all motorcyclists need to be familiar with.

For those drivers who do not yet have a motorcycle endorsement, the manual includes requirements for getting a motorcycle license endorsement. And for seasoned riders, it serves as a knowledgeable safety and law guide.

If you are a Georgia driver who would like to apply for a motorcycle permit (Class MP) or a motorcycle license (Class M), the Georgia motorcycle DMV book is the best resource for studying for the motorcycle exam. Discover how the test book and other useful resources and tools can help you pass the state motorcycle exam. Below you will find a summary of this valuable manual in addition to ways it can help you before and after you receive a motorcycle license.

What topics are covered in the Georgia DMV motorcycle manual?

The Georgia Motorcycle Operator Manual offers a wealth of information for all Georgia motorcycle riders. Not only does it serve as a great motorcycle permit study guide, but it also provides details on laws, safety requirements and additional motorcycle-related topics. Some of the main topics the handbook contains are:

  • DDS Motorcycle Training
  • Motorcycle Licensing Info
  • Being in Shape for Riding
  • Motorcycle Control Skills
  • Roadway Strategies and Management
  • Special Situations for Riders
  • Group Riding, Passenger Riding and Cargo Riding
  • Three-Wheeled Vehicles
  • Trikes
  • Performance-Affecting Factors
  • Sidecar Motorcycles

Can the Georgia motorcycle manual help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

When Georgia motorists study the handbook prior to taking the motorcycle knowledge test, they have a higher chance of passing the test on the first attempt. The GA Operator’s Manual is comprised of much of the content that makes up the questions on the written exam.

Essential laws and riding techniques as they relate to motorcyclists and their responsibility as a rider are explained within the manual. Thus, it is an important component for exam preparation. Furthermore, it is not only a crucial motorcycle permit study guide, but it can be helpful when obtaining a motorcycle license, as well.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for a Georgia motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

Georgia driver’s education classes that teach motorcycle laws and special techniques can make you a better rider and help you prepare for your written test and road test are available. Motorcycle safety and an introduction to motorcycling are provided in the two-day Basic Riders Course (BRC). This in-classroom and on-cycle training course is for both new and experienced riders. Motorcycle helmet laws are covered in this course, which is one of the most important safety concepts a rider can implement. Additionally, graduates who successfully pass this course receive a 90-day license test waiver.

By participating in the BRC safety class or one of the additional classes offered, the student not only becomes more confident in taking the motorcycle knowledge test, but he or she also becomes a more confident motorcyclist. The handbook lists two additional classes that are offered, including the Basic Riders Course 2 (BRC2) and the Advanced Riders Course (ARC). Furthermore, taking an online practice test will help relieve test anxiety by better preparing drivers more so.

An important feature included in the test book is a step-by-step breakdown of the road skills evaluation. The handbook explains how to implement GA motorcycle laws while riding, as they are evaluated on the actual road skills exam.

This is useful because it explains to drivers beforehand how points accumulate against them during the examination. By studying what not to do in the evaluation, drivers can make a more conscious effort to complete the test properly and have greater success overall.

Who else can benefit from a Georgia motorcycle manual?

The Georgia DMV motorcycle handbook lists two primary goals:

  1. To assist Georgia drivers in getting a motorcycle license
  2. To help all motorcyclists become a safer rider

The Georgia motorcycle operator manual can assist new riders in becoming more experienced, law-abiding riders. It is important for experienced motorcyclists to review such topics as motorcycle helmet laws in this manual to avoid receiving a traffic ticket should the law change.  When responsible riders know the laws and best motorcycle safety practices to apply when operating their motorcycle, everyone on the road is safer.

How to Get a DMV Motorcycle Manual in Georgia

Because the Georgia DMV motorcycle handbook is an online publication, it features plenty of color photographs, as well as advertisements sold to assist Georgia’s Safe Driver program and other safety-related programs in the state. Thus, printing the entire GA motorcycle manual publication would not be economical or time worthy. However, important pages may be printed individually.

Additionally, the GA DDS has an app available for mobile devices that can provide information on the Georgia motorcycle handbook. To access the GA Operator’s Manual now, you can find it online here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.