The DMV motorcycle handbook of New Hampshire is the state’s top resource for riders to learn about safely operating a motorcycle and adhering to NH road laws. The New Hampshire motorcycle handbook covers a wide array of topics that are important to both new motorcycle riders and those riders with years of experience.

The manual covers basic safety standards for operating a motorcycle in a number of conditions and how riders can best prepare to get on the road. The handbook also highlights New Hampshire-specific riding laws that can affect new and visiting motorcycle riders riding in the state.

The New Hampshire motorcycle manual contains all of the information riders need to know to be able to pass the state’s motorcycle licensing knowledge and road skills exams. Riders who choose to carefully review the NH motorcycle DMV book should have little difficulty passing at least the knowledge portion of the licensing exams. Interested riders can enroll in rider education programs and seek out further material if they would like more study material.

Riders who are already qualified can use the manual to become familiar with state-specific guidelines and review safety standards. Read on to learn more about the handbook for motorcycle riders in New Hampshire.

What topics are covered in the DMV motorcycle handbook in New Hampshire?

The DMV motorcycle manual was created with the purposed of offering riders a singular, comprehensive source of relevant information that riders can easily reference as needed. To meet these ends, the motorcycle test book includes a significant amount of up-to-date information about best practices for safely operating a motorcycle and how to prepare to get on the road.

It also goes over any unique aspects of state laws concerning motorcycle riders and the qualifications all riders must meet in order to receive a motorcycle license or endorsement in New Hampshire. The NH manual has four principal parts:

  1. Preparing to Ride
  2. Ride within Your Abilities
  3. Being in Shape to Ride
  4. Earning Your License

The safety topics found in the motorcycle operator manual are the basis for all NH education material and courses teaching motorcycle riders in the state. These sections of the motorcycle permit study guide are intended to help riders maintain control of their motorcycle at all times, avoiding accidents or crashes of any type. The following safety standards are discussed in detail in the NH manual for motorcycle riders:

  • Basic Vehicle Control
  • Keeping Your Distance
  • SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute)
  • Intersections
  • Increasing Conspicuity
  • Crash Avoidance
  • Handling Dangerous Surfaces
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Animals
  • Flying Objects
  • Getting Off the Road
  • Carrying Passengers and Cargo
  • Group Riding

Can a motorcycle handbook help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam in New Hampshire?

Riders preparing for the NH motorcycle knowledge test are encouraged to use the state’s handbook as a basis for their studies since all of the information that will be on the state licensing exams can be found in the manual. To demonstrate that a rider is familiar with NH motorcycle laws and safety standards, all riders in New Hampshire must either enroll in and pass an approved driver’s education program or take and pass the state’s motorcycle licensing exams directly to apply for permission to operate a motorcycle in the state.

Reviewing the state’s handbook can help riders who choose to pursue a motorcycle qualification through either method.

Another incredibly helpful aspect of the NH motorcycle manual is the inclusion of information about the state licensing exams. The manual goes over the types of questions that will be on the knowledge portion of the test, the amount of time the driver will have to complete the exam and the process to follow if the rider fails his or her test. Riders can also find sample questions in the manual to help them gain real practice with the sort of material that will be on the real exam.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for an NH motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

Learning about motorcycle helmet laws and related information is possible in other ways than simply reviewing the state’s handbook. In collaboration with the MSF, the DMV promotes a variety of motorcycle safety courses to riders of all experience levels that can be taken in-person at locations around the state.

The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is popular with new motorcycle riders, especially those under the age of 18, who would like to learn the fundamentals of operating a motorcycle with a trained instructor. These courses involve a least 5 classroom teaching hours and 10 on-the-road training hours. Students in the BRC will learn about defensive driving strategies, various basic and evasive maneuvers, clutch-throttle control and more. Successful completion of this course by a rider can be used to apply for an NH motorcycle endorsement instead of taking and passing the state licensing exams (if the rider already has a basic driver’s license).

Drivers can also learn more about motorcycle permit rules and other necessary information by conducting some online research. Interested riders of all levels can find plenty of motorcycle guidebook information by searching online for their specific type of motorcycle and skill level. Riders can also find more sample questions and even practice tests to help them prepare for the state’s motorcycle licensing exam on the web.

Who else can benefit from a motorcycle manual?

The NH motorcycle handbook is essential reading for all types of riders operating motorcycles in New Hampshire, not only those who must pass the state motorcycle licensing exam. In fact, the DMV motorcycle manual is a great review of relevant state-specific information for riders visiting from out-of-state or for those who have not ridden on a motorcycle in a long time. The handbook also gives a good overview of what it will take to own and operate a motorcycle for those drivers who are still on the fence about becoming a rider or not.

How to Get a DMV Motorcycle Manual in New Hampshire

The motorcycle license manual was produced by the NH DMV for the benefit of all drivers operating a motorcycle within the state. To make it as easy as possible to find a copy of the manual, NH residents can contact a local DMV office to request a paper version of the handbook or help to get some other accommodation.

Most riders are advised to download their own copies of the manual for free from the state’s web portal to be printed or read off of a device at the convenience of the rider. An online version of the New Hampshire Motorcycle Operator Manual can be found here.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.