The Delaware DMV Motorcycle Handbook is the most important resource for motorists who wish to get a motorcycle license in the state. The motorcycle handbook is essential to motorcycle license holders, as well as those looking to get a motorcycle endorsement. Every section in the DE motorcycle test book is represented in the motorcycle license permit test, which makes it a necessity for passing the test.

Below you will learn what is covered in the Delaware motorcycle DMV book, how it is an important resource for all motorcycle drivers and how to obtain a copy of your own. The manual, along with other supplementary materials, can help you better prepare for your permit test, as well as for the road skills test you will have to pass to receive motorcycle driving privileges. Learn how to take a well-rounded approach to studying for your motorcycle permit below.

What topics are covered in the Delaware DMV motorcycle handbook?

The Delaware motorcycle operator manual includes information motorists need to know if they are driving a motorcycle in the state. The motorcycle permit study guide covers important laws about riding such as required safety gear, careful driving tactics and how to earn a motorcycle license. Motorists will find advice on what to do in certain dangerous situations that come up often for motorcycle drivers.

The guidebook also includes a section on the shape a driver must be in, physically, to safely drive. This includes being free of drugs and alcohol. A section on hand signals is located at the end of the book, and a pre-ride checklist is included as well.

Can a Delaware motorcycle handbook help applicants prepare for a motorcycle exam?

The Delaware DMV motorcycle manual is an important tool to use when preparing for a motorcycle license exam. To pass the motorcycle knowledge test, motorcyclists must be familiar with all topics covered in this handbook. Therefore, the guidebook is the best motorcycle permit study guide available.

The handbook is also a good resource to study when preparing for the motorcycle skills driving test. A full understanding of DE motorcycle laws, as well as the ability to apply them while driving is required to receive a motorcycle license endorsement.

What other materials can help applicants prepare for a Delaware motorcycle knowledge test or road exam?

The importance of driving laws is expressed in detail in the handbook, from motorcycle helmet laws to laws defining group riding. But when preparing for your exam, there are other resources you can use to help you study. Taking an online practice test is a great way to prepare for your permit test.

Additionally, Delaware motorcycle safety classes can help you not only learn laws pertaining to riding a motorcycle, they can also help you understand how they are implemented on the road. These types of classes are sometimes required by state DMVs.

Delaware requires motorcyclists under 18 years of age to participate the DE Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course before a permit is granted. Motorists can register for motorcycle driver’s education courses online.

Additionally, since riders are graded on their knowledge of Delaware motorcycle safety when taking the road skills test, classes are also an important resource for preparing for the driving portion of the test. However, drivers can waive the knowledge and road skills test if they meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a Class D drivers license
  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Have completed an approved motorcycle rider education program

Studying the manual is just one component of being fully ready to take the motorcycle permit test. By supplementing the DE motorcycle handbook with driver safety classes, in addition to taking a practice test, motorists have a better chance of passing the written knowledge test.

Who else can benefit from a Delaware motorcycle manual?

The handbook is not just a motorcycle permit study guide; in fact, it is a useful resource in various other situations. There are several benefits to reviewing the manual, such as the following:

  • Educating yourself on motorcycle laws can improve your overall riding experience, even if you already have a license. It is important to understand the relationship between a motorcycle driver and a regular vehicle driver. The motorcycle safety handbook can help you know what your rights as a motorcyclist are.
  • Policies such as the motorcycle helmet laws in DE tend to change over time as technology and research advances. Motorcycle safety laws change regularly, so it is important to review laws.
  • Motorcycle permit holders who are motorcycle drivers in training will also need to review DE motorcycle laws before taking the road skills test for a motorcycle license endorsement.
  • All motorists are expected to know motorcycle parking laws and other important rules of the road. Thus, it is a good idea for all motorists to read the updated handbook or print it out and keep a copy on hand for reference and general knowledge of DMV laws and policies for motorcycle drivers.

How to Get a Delaware DMV Motorcycle Manual

The Delaware Motorcycle Operator Manual is available online here. The manual is offered in an online PDF format and can be downloaded and viewed on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Alternatively, the motorcycle license manual can be printed if a hard copy is preferred.

Last updated on Friday, February 28 2020.