Getting a background check in Delaware is a transaction that is completed for a wide range of purposes by both individuals and organizations. DE background screenings are often mandated by law. For instance, individuals will be eligible to seek employment in a nursing home or a home health agency only if they authorize a criminal history check of their own record.

Note that requestors must follow certain state laws when applying for the release of criminal history information through the State Bureau of Identification (SBI). A full background check in DE will, however, include additional information about the subject, such as his or her financial, professional, educational and driving record.

How to Get a Delaware Background Check

The available methods to get a background check in Delaware will vary based on the type of investigation that is ordered. Applicants can generally request a standard background report, such as a driving record or a credit history check via the internet.

Currently, Delaware police background checks cannot be obtained online. Criminal history data will be released only after submitting the appropriate forms in person through an authorized SBI facility.

Ordering a Delaware Background Check Online

Requestors can easily order a standard Delaware background check online through a home computer connected to the internet. To complete the process, applicants will typically be required to pay certain investigation costs and enter several details about the individual they are investigating, such as his or her:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Full legal name.
  • Date of birth.

Depending on the type of DE online background check you request, the system may ask you to submit additional information. Background check websites in DE will generally provide you with any relevant data in an expeditious manner.

Ordering a Delaware Background Check in Person and by Mail

The process of ordering a Delaware criminal record search can be completed by submitting the Authorization for Release of Information in person through one of three State Police branch offices within the state. Note that you may be required to schedule an appointment prior to your office visit. In addition to the application form, requestors will have to submit:

  • The record holder’s fingerprint cards.
  • A valid photo ID document, such as a driver’s license or a state ID card.
  • The payment for the processing fee.
  • A parental signature (if younger than 18 years of age).
    Depending on the scope of the investigation, the costs may vary.

Who needs a Delaware background check?

Delaware background checks are generally ordered by businesses and government agencies during the process of hiring new personnel.

The requirement to get a background search in DE, however, is not limited to employment purposes. Licensing agencies, for instance, will issue professional licenses only after thoroughly investigating the applicant. A DE background report may also be ordered by the holder of the record for purposes of reviewing his or her own criminal or financial history.


Ordering rental background screenings in Delaware is a procedure that is often completed when renting a housing unit within the state. Renter background reports help landlords choose a responsible tenant who will provide his or her payments on time and treat the living space with care and respect.

By ordering a background search in DE, property owners will receive valuable information that will assist them to negotiate the best rental terms as well.


One of the most common usages of Delaware background checks is to assess job applicants who are applying with a private business or a government agency. Employers often rely on the data provided by employee background checks in DE to determine whether or not a current employee or an applicant is the best fit for their company’s needs.

A clean employment history check is a strong indicator of the reliable nature of the candidate. Job seekers can order their own background check for employment purposes prior to a job interview as well.

EMS/First Responders

Medical background checks in Delaware are conducted by hospitals and other medical institutions during the employment process of EMS personnel.

The role of paramedics and medical technicians is to provide care for injured and sick patients in stressful circumstances. First responders must undergo a complete EMS background screening and allow hiring personnel to review their criminal and financial history in detail, due to the importance of the position.


Conducting a background search in DE is often a necessary step when engaging the services of a caregiver. The duty of caretakers is to tend to vulnerable individuals, such as children and injured or sick adults.

Due to the nature of the job, employers must assess potential candidates prior to entrusting them with the care of a family member. By completing a full background check via the internet, you will be able to eliminate candidates who are not the best fit for your needs.


Businesses often order Delaware employee background checks when filling out management vacancies as well. Potential managers will have to undergo a more exhaustive background investigation in DE, due to the special requirements of the position.

Applicants for a management job must be able to lead by example and put the needs of their subordinates before their own. By choosing a manager who has a clean criminal, financial and professional history, employers will ensure the future of their company.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Individuals, agencies and employers (private and public) may order a Delaware background check order a Delaware background check for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most common instances when a background search is necessary within the state include:

  • Obtaining a professional license in fields such as, dentistry, general medicine, social work and more.
  • Completing certain motor vehicle procedures through a DMV office.
  • Purchasing a lethal weapon.
  • Applying for a job with a government entity or a private employer.
  • Adopting children.

By ordering an online background check in DE, you can facilitate the process of completing the procedures listed above.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

When applying for a Delaware background report, requestors have the option of choosing between several types of investigations. Standard background checks, such as driving records and credit scores can commonly be obtained through a background check website. These investigations provide information that is not generally restricted by state law, unlike the data provided by a criminal record search.

Police background checks in Delaware focus on an individual’s criminal history. These specific investigations can be conducted through the State Bureau of Identification (SBI) by submitting the record holder’s fingerprints. Note that the use of the data contained in DE criminal history checks is restricted by state law.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.