Background investigations in South Dakota are typically performed by government or private agencies for hiring purposes. Getting a background check will examine the applicant’s financial, commercial or criminal history.

Employers may routinely check the information of prospective employees by performing South Dakota background checks for employment. Two types of background screenings are currently available in the state: State Only and a State/FBI check.

How To Get A Background Check

The process of getting a background check in SD requires you to fulfill certain requirements either in person or by mail. When applying for a background screening, the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation will require you to fulfill these general requirements:

  • Obtain either one fingerprint card for the State Only background check, or two cards for the State/FBI background search.
  • Have the following information on both cards:
    • Applicant’s name.
    • Applicant’s date of birth.
    • Applicant’s gender.
    • Applicant’s Social Security Number.
  • Sign an Authorization and Release form, in front of two witnesses.
  • Print the fingerprint card at the local enforcement agency.

Ordering A South Dakota Background Check Online

South Dakota does not offer online background checks to individuals or companies at the moment. However, you are advised to order an online background screening, as long as you have the following information ready:

  • The individual’s full name.
  • The individual’s date of birth.
  • The individual’s Social Security Number.

Who needs a background check?

South Dakota background investigations may be ordered by government agencies, private agencies or individuals. An instant background check can be conducted for employment purposes, or personal reasons, such as when leasing an apartment. For greater convenience, applicants can obtain an online background screening in SD.


Rental background checks in South Dakota are conducted by landlords for potential tenants who are interested in renting an apartment. A renter background screening can help identify a tenant’s criminal or financial history. A clean rental background record is often required, as it indicates to the landlord that the property will be treated with proper care.


Employee background investigations in SD are standard procedures for most companies. An employment history check is an official report that reveals a candidate’s criminal history, along with any offenses committed.

Consider ordering an online personal background check in South Dakota prior to your job interview in order to get prepared for any questions.

EMS/First Responders

Completing an SD medical background check is often a mandatory requirement for EMS candidates applying for emergency medical positions in clinics and hospitals.

An EMS background investigation in South Dakota is conducted by medical personnel as part of the recruitment process of first responders. A full background screening can ensure requestors that they are hiring a first responder who views safety, along with a person’s well being, as the first priority.

Care Givers

A South Dakota complete background check is important when looking for a caregiver for a family member. Requestors need to conduct a criminal record search in order to find out if the person they plan to hire has a criminal history.

Ordering a complete background investigation in SD can help you choose the right candidate to become a caregiver for a family member.


South Dakota background checks for employers are often conducted during the hiring process for a managerial candidate. A job background check is a tool that allows companies to evaluate the competence and capacity for responsibility of a potential manager for the company.

By conducting an SD employee background screening employers may collect valuable information about candidates, such as their criminal financial history.

When You Will Need A Background Check

When getting a background check in South Dakota, you must first consider the reasons behind your request, in order to best determine the type of background screening you should obtain.

Whether you are an individual, a government agency or a nationwide corporation, SD background investigations are often conducted for the following reasons:

  • To get a job.
  • To adopt a child.
  • To rent an apartment.
  • To review an individual’s criminal history.
  • To review an individual’s credit history.
  • To obtain a commercial driver’s license at the nearest DMV office.
  • To satisfy government agency purposes.

Completing an online background check in South Dakota will help you complete the process faster.

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

SD background screenings can be obtained in the following two forms: standard background check or criminal background check. The standard background screening, also known as a state-only background check, is processed for employment purposes or personal reasons.

A South Dakota criminal history check, on the other hand, is often requested by professional licensing boards or government institutions. This type of background report is also referred to as a state/FBI background check.

Note that when requesting a state-only background check, you may need to submit to a fingerprint screening. The same applies for a state/FBI background investigation.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.