Background verification in Nevada mainly includes information about an individual’s criminal history, but in some cases it may also involve financial or credit records. Any person in the state may obtain a copy of his or her own Nevada criminal history check or proof that such record does not exist.

In case employers or other requestors ask for a subject’s background investigation, they must comply with the Nevada Revised Statutes and federal regulations. Third parties can request an NV background investigation if they possess a signed waiver or they are authorized to complete the procedure. Note that, you can send a request without an approval, but the information received will only include conviction records.

How to Get a Nevada Background Check

Currently, an NV background search is available by mail. Phone requests are not acceptable, as the request needs to be presented in writing to the state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS). Individuals may ask for a personal background check by submitting the following documentation:

  • A complete ten print fingerprint card.
  • A completed Request for Nevada Records of Criminal History.
  • A money order made payable to the General Services Division at the DPS.
  • A signed waiver (if required).

Ordering a Nevada Background Check Online

Online background check in Nevada is not provided by the state’s Department of Public Safety at the moment. Note that, it may be more convenient for individuals to order a Nevada background search instead. For an online search, requestors may need to provide the below vital information:

  • First and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Social Security Number.

Who needs a Nevada Background Check

Nevada background verification may be conducted depending on the requestor’s particular needs at a given moment. Typically, employers may request a background search on applicants for employment, so long as they stay in compliance with state law.

NV background investigation may also be performed on subjects who offer caregiving services. Private or public housing agencies may submit a request for a background report for a future tenant to be released as well.


Renter background search in NV may be necessary in case you apply to live in a residential property. Landlords may require a rental background check on a subject, to find about his or her criminal past and obtain any details which may be relevant for the renting procedure.

A clean background record will only confirm to the property owners that they entrust their house or apartment to the best qualified candidate. In case you believe that a past misdemeanor could become an issue for the completion of the process, you can order your own background check online beforehand, to prepare for the results.


An NV employee background investigation may be essential during the recruitment process.

A clean background report of the prospective hire will show that he or she is a dependable and responsible person, and will prove to be a great asset to the organization.

Note that, when requesting an employment background screening in Nevada, recruiters must stay in compliance with state and federal laws. In case employers ask for a background check, they must first obtain a written authorization from the subject of interest, prior to the request been sent.

The state’s DPS has created a Civil Applicant waiver which meets the requirements for a candidate’s consent.

EMS/First Responders

Requesting a Nevada medical background verification is typical for subjects who apply to work in clinics or hospitals. An extensive EMS background search may show the employee’s criminal actions in the past, which can lead to exclusion from the selection list.

In case you wish to work in this type of environment, but you are worried about any previous criminal offenses, order your background report and prepare for the interview on time.

Care Givers

Often, subjects of a background search in Nevada may be individuals who tend to work as caregivers to children, older individuals or people with disabilities. In such cases, a personal background check may prove essential for choosing an applicant who satisfies the requestor’s standards.

If the NV background search shows any past criminality, it will be easier for an individual to narrow down the search for a potential caregiver.


An employee background search in NV is also required when applying for a management position. If an employer considers you as qualified for the workplace, he or she may additionally request a Nevada criminal history check.

A clean background report will verify the seriousness of the applicant for such working position. It may also confirm that you will not adversely affect the image of the corporation.

When You Will Need a Background Check

To order a background check in NV, agencies, organizations and other requestors may list several different reasons, depending on their current needs. Generally, a Nevada background screening is done on an individual applying for a certain position. The following situations are the most common:

  • To check an applicant’s background for employment.
  • Prior to sale of a firearm.
  • To review an individual’s criminal history.
  • To receive a commercial driver’s license at an NV DMV office.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

In Nevada, a criminal history check may differ from a standard or complete background search.

An NV full background check may include the individual’s educational, professional or financial history, but a criminal background report may show notations of arrests, detentions or information of other formal criminal charges. Note that, only conviction records are considered a public matter, and can be released without a signed waiver.

A complete criminal background check in Nevada may be obtained by law enforcement agencies, or authorized entities. Records of traffic violations are not included in the report, so you may need to request a Nevada driving record to gain access to this type of information.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.