You will need to request a Nevada drivers license name change as soon as possible after legally changing your name in the state. However, you can only update your name on your DMV documents after you have finished updating it with the Social Security Administration (SSA), since the DMV will verify your name change through the SSA.

After obtaining a new Social Security card, changing your name on driving license records is a relatively easy process at any Nevada DMV office. For more information on how to change name on drivers license cards in NV, including fees and documents required, study the information detailed below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Nevada Drivers License

The need to update your DMV documents if you have undergone a name change can arise for many different reasons. After marriage, for example, many couples choose to use one last name, while some requests feature an entirely new surname created from a combination of each person’s last name and others feature a hyphenated last name.

In the event of a divorce, many opt to return to their original or maiden names as a way of starting a new chapter in life. Individuals who are adopted in their late teens or adult years may also need to change the name on their driving license to reflect their new surname.

Transgender drivers who have transitioned can obtain a change of sex and a change of name on driving license records, but they should be aware that changing the sex marker on their licenses requires additional paperwork. In the United States, it is legal to change your name for virtually any reason, as long as your identifying information reflects the changes. You must request to update your DMV records any time a marriage license, divorce decree, adoption decree or other court-ordered document is issued to you, establishing a new name.

Nevada Drivers License Name Change Time Limits

A request for changing the name on a drivers license should be filed and finalized as soon as possible after a name-altering life event occurs. It is wise to request a change of name on a driving license as soon as possible after the name change, as it is possible to be ticketed for operating a motor vehicle with an incorrect license.

Additionally, since a license is required in order to perform a title transfer and to complete other transactions at the DMV, you should update your documents as soon as possible. This may also make it easier once you need to complete a license renewal.

How to Change Your Name With the Social Security Administration (SSA)

Nevada’s rules for a name change on a drivers license require motorists to update their names with the Social Security Administration (SSA) first. You must submit a name change request to the SSA in person or by mail. Fortunately, either option is free. To process your request, the SSA will need to see the same documents you will need in order to complete the name update on your files at the DMV, namely a photo ID and the legal document that links your old name with your new name.

Acceptable documents include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption decree or other official record of a legal name change. In some cases, for both DMV name changes and SSA purposes, you may need to show a Certificate of Naturalization or another proof of U.S. citizenship. You must also complete and submit a name change application.

Online Drivers License Name Changes

Nevada DMV name change guidelines prohibit changing your drivers license name online. Even though address changes and other DMV requests are handled online and by mail, you are only able to update your name on your official DMV files in Nevada by doing so in person at one of the many DMV offices in the state.

How to Change Your Name on Your Drivers License in Person

Before applying for a change of name on a Nevada driving license, you must allow enough time for the SSA to process your name change request. The name change system electronically verifies your name, birth date and SSN, but it sometimes takes two or more business days for the SSA to update your information.

Once you have verified that your SSN has been updated with your new name, you are ready to visit your local NV DMV. If you want to change your name on your driving license in Nevada, you must appear in person at the DMV. Bring your current NV drivers license and the original legal documents that show your proof of name change.

If your name change is due to marriage, you must provide your certified marriage certificate. The update will reflect the full legal name listed on this marriage certificate or applicable document. The DMV cannot process a change of name on driving license records in the case of divorce or adoption without seeing an original or certified copy of the decree.

Nevada DMV Name Change Fees

All drivers requesting an update of their names with the DMV must complete the relevant application and pay the fees. When updating your records, you must pay an $18.25 fee to the DMV to obtain a duplicate license displaying your new name. Currently, the fee will be payable by cash, check, money order for the exact amount, or a debit or credit card.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.