Drivers must request a drivers license name change in Oregon as soon as possible after undergoing a legal name change in the state. An OR DMV name change can only happen after the Social Security Administration (SSA) has received notification of the name change and issued a new Social Security card displaying the updated name.

Updating your DMV records is a relatively easy process in Oregon and may be initiated at any OR DMV office. For more information on how to change name on drivers license cards in Oregon, including fees and documents required, review the information in the sections below.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Name on Your Oregon Drivers License

Name change requests may happen for multiple reasons following significant life changes that result in a name being legally altered. One common reason for name changes is marriage. Many newly married couples decide to share one last name, with one spouse, usually the bride, taking the other spouse’s surname.

Other married couples seek drivers license name change requests because they have created an entirely new surname by combining elements from each person’s last name, while other DMV name changes reflect the use of both last names, hyphenated.

Many former spouses request a change of name on driving licenses and other legal documents in the event of an annulment or a divorce because they wish to return to their original names. Licensed drivers who are adopted in their late teens or adult years may also need to update their DMV documents to reflect their new family’s surname.

Transgender drivers undergoing transition can obtain a change of name on their driving license records, but changing the sex marker requires filing additional paperwork with the state. Whatever the reason for a legal name change, drivers are responsible for making sure that their identifying information reflects the changes. You must request a name change any time a marriage license, divorce decree, adoption decree or other court-ordered document is issued to establish a new name.

Oregon Drivers License Name Change Time Limits

A request for changing the name on a drivers license in Oregon should be filed soon after any name-altering life event occurs. Though the state’s DMV guidelines do not specify a time limit on updating the name, it is wise to request an update to one’s records as soon as possible in order to avoid any potential fines for driving with an incorrect license later on.

Keeping your information updated is also important in the event that you need to renew your license or sell your card, in which case you would need to perform a title transfer.

How to Change Your Name With the Social Security Administration (SSA)

As in many other states, licensed drivers may not apply for an OR DMV name change before providing the SSA with updated name change information. To change your name with the SSA, you must submit your request in person or by mail.

To process your name change, the SSA will need to see the same documents required for an NV DMV name change, particularly a photo ID and the legal document that links your old name with your new name. Depending on your circumstances, this can be in the form of a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption decree or another court-ordered record of a legal name change. You must also complete and submit an official application for a new Social Security card.

In some cases, for both DMV name changes and SSA purposes, you may need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship or legal non-citizen status by submitting a Certificate of Naturalization or another requested document. As when updating your name on other various DMV documents, including your drivers license, you cannot request an SSA name change online.

Online Drivers License Name Changes

Oregon requires you to appear in person when you want to update your name on any DMV records so that the DMV agent can verify the authenticity of your supporting documents and take a new photo for your replacement license. For these reasons, online drivers license name changes are not available in the state of Oregon.

How to Change Your Name on Your Drivers License in Person

First, make sure that you allow two or three business days before seeking an Oregon DMV name change in order to give the Social Security Administration (SSA) time to enter your new information into its system. Then, you must appear in person to begin the name change on drivers license process at your nearest OR DMV office.

Bring your current drivers license and any of the following documents that apply to your case:

  • An official government-issued marriage certificate
  • A government-issued divorce decree, annulment decree or a judgment showing the dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership
  • A court-ordered name change or adoption decree
  • An official death certificate of a spouse that shows a connection to your current legal name

Oregon DMV Name Change Fees

An official Oregon DMV name change requires completing a specific form at the DMV, as well as providing payment for the current drivers license replacement fee. Occasionally, the OR DMV will request other documents before issuing your name change on drivers license records, such as proof of U.S. citizenship or evidence of your Oregon residence.

When updating your name on any DMV document, you must pay the usual drivers license replacement fee of $26.50. The fee is payable by cash, checks or Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. After successfully completing the transaction, you will be provided with a replacement drivers license, which should arrive in the mail.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.